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B17, Abrikozenpitten en Kanker [link]

Uitleg omtrent B17(Laetrile) en de dosering

Informatie over Abrikozenpitten [link]

Uitleg over diverse therapiën

Kanker en laetrile in luchtgedroogde Abrikozenpitten [link]

Hoe de B17, Laetrile werkzaam is in het menselijk lichaam

Mocht u nog meer willen weten, bel ons gerust: 038-4549300 ( Wel graag tussen 11.00 en 20.00 uur )

Zie ook het Nederlandstalige boek over dit onderwerp van Carine Franssen ( Herboriste ) : “Hét Antwoord op Kanker?!”,

Het geheim van de abrikozenpit. Verkrijgbaar via onze boekensite:  Klik:> www.moeilijkverkrijgbareboeken.com 

Thousands Turned Away From Donald Trump Rally As Crowds Swell To Near Record Levels Of Attendance

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Aangeleverd door: It’s Me

New post on Now The End Begins


Thousands Turned Away From Donald Trump Rally As Crowds Swell To Near Record Levels Of Attendance

by Geoffrey Grider

In his first public appearance after the Presidential debate at Hofstra University on Monday, Donald Trump was welcomed by tens of thousands of enthusiastic supporters to a Florida airplane hangar.

If you want to see who won the first presidential debate, forget the polls. Look out your window, and you will see the line of people who want to come and listen to Donald Trump speak stretching out so far you really cannot see the end of it or even close.

Donald Trump Holds MASSIVE Rally in Melbourne, FL 9/27/16

Democrats, take a long hard look at this rally. This is who the American people want. You would have had such a better shot with Bernie Sanders, but thanks for conspiring to nominate Hillary. Deplorables everywhere really appreciate it! Bernie sure had some big crowds, too. Glad he’s not the nominee! (lololol).

Crowd fills a massive airplane hanger at Trump rally in Melbourne Florida, thousands still waiting in line outside pic.twitter.com/a23Hdnu97V

— Dustin Stockton (@DustinStockton) September 27, 2016

Thousands more were unable to get inside after the fire marshall blocked further entrance as a safety hazard. Trump’s supporters waited in long lines in the rain and lightning for hours to cheer on Trump. Even after the hangar had filled up, it took more than six minutes to video the whole line.

Part 1 line outside Trump rally pic.twitter.com/cK6GAIlLcU

— Dustin Stockton (@DustinStockton) September 27, 2016

When police and secret service announced that the venue was at capacity, a group of enthusiastic supporters surged towards the entrance trying to get in.

This is history in the making, people, this is how our democracy and the rule of order works.

Make America Great Again. It’s time.


Geoffrey Grider | September 28, 2016 at 11:11 am | URL: http://wp.me/p1kFP6-c44

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Wat is het doel dat Turkije vecht in Syrië? Antwoord: Dat heeft niets met IS(IS) te doen maar het verzwakken van de Koerden

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Bron: Al Monitor


Turkish armored personnel carriers drive toward Syria in the Turkish border town of Karkamis in Gaziantep province, Aug. 27, 2016.  (photo by REUTERS/Umit Bektas)

What is Turkey’s military strategy in Syria?

Flying back from New York, where he addressed the UN General Assembly’s annual meeting, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told reporters on his plane that Turkey would participate in a US-led operation against the Islamic State (IS) stronghold of Raqqa, provided Syrian Kurdish fighters from the People’s Protection Units (YPG) are not involved in it.

Summary⎙ Print Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s recent statement once again revealed that Ankara’s priority in Syria is not fighting against the Islamic State, but rather stopping Kurds’ advances.

His remarks revealed once again that stopping advances in Syria by the YPG — whose fighters form the bulk of the US-supported Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) — remains Ankara’s main priority.

Erdogan nevertheless continues to row against the current with regard to the YPG and its mother organization, the Democratic Union Party (PYD), both of which Ankara says are terrorist groups linked to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

Washington has consistently refused to accept Turkey’s position, making it clear that it considers the YPG to be its ally in Syria and the most viable force against IS. Much to Ankara’s annoyance, the United States is also continuing to arm the YPG as preparations to liberate Raqqa gather steam.

Erdogan’s remarks show once again that Ankara’s Syria policy is still based on unrealistic conditions that have left Turkey largely isolated as it tries to cope with negative fallout from this crisis. Insisting fruitlessly for a long time that toppling Bashar al-Assad — and not fighting IS — should be the main focus, Ankara ended up by painting itself into a corner that it is still trying to get out of.

Turkey’s “conditional” approach to Syria, which is now revealing itself over the question of the Syrian Kurds, remains the main obstacle preventing it from working much more closely and effectively with its NATO allies under a viable strategy.

“Our foreign minister and other officials are discussing Raqqa [with the United States]. But it is not possible to say anything at this stage because we can’t see the US position clearly yet,” Erdogan told reporters en route from New York over the weekend.

“Of course, if the United States wants to do the Raqqa operation with the PYD and YPG, we as Turkey will not take part in this operation. But if they exclude the PYD and YPG from this affair, then of course we can join this struggle togetherwith the United States,” Erdogan added.

According to Abdulkadir Selvi, a columnist for the daily Hurriyet who was on Erdogan’s plane, Ankara is proposing that Turkish-supported fighters from the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which Turkish officials maintain is around 65,000 strong now, should replace YPG fighters, and that Turkish jets should fly alongside US jets to free Raqqa.

The FSA, however, has not proved itself to be a viable replacement for the YPG. Its speedy liberation of the town of Jarablus with Turkish military support, after Turkish forces entered Syria on Aug. 24, and rapid advances along the Turkish border had more to do with the withdrawal of IS from the region to the town of al-Bab than with the military successes of the FSA.

Analysts also say that the rapid advance in the region by Turkish forces and the FSA would not have been possible if the United States had not provided air support, and had Russia not decided to allow this to happen, because Washington and Moscow also wanted the Turkish border region to be cleared of IS.

Erdogan says Turkey’s next target is al-Bab, another IS stronghold south of Jarablus that the YPG is also trying to get to before Turkey and the FSA. Military analysts, however, indicate that liberating al-Bab will require serious fighting that the FSA is not capable of doing on its own.

This is why Ankara is seeking US support for this operation, but appears not to have secured it yet. US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has made it clear that they do not want to see Turkish forces and the FSA moving south toward al-Bab.

Washington suspects that Turkey’s intentions here have more to do with blocking the YPG than fighting IS. Ankara, for its part, is aware that it can’t take al-Bab on its own without heavy losses. Tellingly, Selvi also reported that Ankara is in no hurry to move on al-Bab.

Washington and other members of the US-led coalition are also cool toward Turkey’s participation in the operation to liberate Raqqa. Turkey’s recent rapprochement with Russia does not provide Ankara with any advantages on this score either.

Moscow is also not keen to see Turkish forces and the FSA advancing farther south in Syria, especially toward Aleppo, which Russian and Syrian jets have started bombing relentlessly again.

Retired Turkish Ambassador Ali Tuygan, a former Foreign Ministry undersecretary, believes Turkey is caught again without a clear strategy in Syria. “It is not clear what its plans are and how it hopes to achieve these,” Tuygan told Al-Monitor.

Pointing out that “Turkey did not have a PYD problem five years ago,” Tuygan said Ankara’s main problem was to convince the United States and Russia about its intentions in Syria. “It says it is fighting IS but it is not clear how it will do this. There are limits to what it can do by itself. It does not have a magic wand with which it can realize its aims,” Tuygan said.

Retired Ambassador Faruk Logoglu, whose former posts include Washington and who has also served as Foreign Ministry undersecretary, is also unclear about Ankara’s aims.

“When Turkey first went into Syria, its declared target was to clear the border region from IS. This was understandable. Its operation also prevented the PYD from establishing a Kurdish corridor along the Turkish border,” Logoglu told Al-Monitor.

“It is uncertain, however, what it aims to achieve when it says it will move farther south by 45 kilometers [28 miles]. Is its intention to prevent the PYD or to establish a safe zone? And if it moves south, how does it hope to hold on to territory there, even with 100 tanks, given that this is an asymmetric war,” Logoglu asked.

Logoglu also expects Turkey to meet opposition from the United States, Russia and Iran if it insists on pushing southward. “We are dealing with an open-ended situation that is fraught with many risks,” Logoglu said.

Meanwhile, the call by US Secretary of State John Kerry at the United Nations last week for what amounts to a no-fly zone in key areas of Syria in order to de-escalate the fighting and facilitate aid to beleaguered civilians was latched on to by government circles in Ankara. They said this showed that Washington is coming around to Turkey’s position on Syria.

Turkey has been demanding a safe zone in Syria for civilians and as protection from regime aircraft. It was quick to maintain a “we told you so” attitude after Kerry’s suggestion, but there is little in this suggestion that Ankara can rely on, since the Assad regime and Russia are likely to reject it.

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2016/09/turkey-syria-government-military-strategy.html#ixzz4LZUKFLyF

Diverse nieuwsfeiten verzameld door: Nico Talma

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Wat is de volle waarheid omtrent de MH17 ? Komen we dit ooit nog te weten ?

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Bron: RTL

Rusland: ‘MH17-onderzoek vooringenomen en politiek gemotiveerd’

De conclusies van het Openbaar Ministerie rond MH17 ‘bevestigen dat het onderzoek vooringenomen en politiek gemotiveerd is’, zegt het Russische ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken. “Rusland is teleurgesteld dat de situatie rond het onderzoek van de MH17 niet verandert.” Volgens correspondent Jeroen Akkermans is Rusland ‘verwarring aan het stichten’.

Het OM maakte vandaag bekend dat het toestel is neergehaald met een Russische BUK-raket. Die raket werd gelanceerd in een gebied dat onder controle stond van pro-Russische separatisten, concluderen de onderzoekers.

Correspondent Jeroen Akkermans deed veel onderzoek in het rampgebied naar de herkomst van de raket. “De resultaten zijn een bevestiging van vermoedens die al lang bestonden. Dat Rusland elke betrokkenheid ontkent wordt op basis van de nieuwste gegevens nog ongeloofwaardiger”, zegt Akkermans.

Bewijs vervalsen

Maar woordvoerder Maria Zacharova van het Russische ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken verwerpt de conclusies. “Het aanwijzen van schuldigen en het verzinnen van gewenste resultaten de norm is geworden voor onze westerse collega’s.”

Rusland vindt het onterecht dat Moskou is uitgesloten van deelname aan het onderzoeksproces. “Maar Oekraïne werd wel een volwaardig lid van de JIT”, zegt de woordvoerder. “Het klinkt als een boosaardige grap. Zo kreeg het de mogelijkheid bewijs te vervalsen en de zaak in zijn voordeel te wenden.”

Producent BUK

Volgens de Russische blijft het onderzoek ‘de onweerlegbare bewijzen van de Russische kant negeren, hoewel Rusland feitelijk de enige is die betrouwbare informatie stuurt en steeds weer met nieuwe gegevens komt’.

Ook de Russische fabrikant van de BUK-raket verwerpt de conclusies van het OM. De raket is vanuit door het Oekraïense leger gecontroleerd gebied afgevuurd, stelt raketproducent Almaz-Antey. De bevindingen van het door Nederland aangevoerde internationale team van onderzoekers worden niet ondersteund door technisch bewijsmateriaal, vindt de fabrikant.

Rusland kwam begin deze week met een eigen presentatie van radarbeelden. Daaruit zou ook al blijken dat de raket niet vanuit rebellengebied is gelanceerd.

Klopt niet

Het OM liet vandaag tijdens de persconferentie weten kennis te hebben van de Russische theorie over de aanval op MH17. “Dat klopt niet”, zei officier van justitie Westerbeke tijdens de bijeenkomst.

Woord Vandaag, door: Date Gorter

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Aangeleverd door: Nico Talma

Klik:>Woord vandaag

Geplaatst op 28 september 2016

‘Ik ben stil van wat we zien.’

Ja, gister kwam het woord van onze ge-
liefde Heer tegen Pilatus naar voren. 
Pilatus zei eerst tegen de Heer Jezus:

Weet U niet, dat ík volmacht heb U los
te laten en volmacht U te kruisigen?

                                     Johannes 19:10

Dat legde Hem niet het zwijgen op. In-
tegendeel. Hij antwoordde het voor 
Pilatus én ons verbluffende:

U hebt geen volmacht tegen Mij, be-
halve dat het U gegeven werd van
boven af                        Johannes 19:11

‘Opmerkelijke woorden, bijzonder.’

Dit is een van de illustraties in de Schrift 
van de grote waarheid, dat God alles be-
werkt in overeenstemming met de raad
van Zijn wil
. Pilatus had zijn positie nooit 

kunnen bereiken wanneer God het hem
niet gegeven had. Dat was ooit ook zo
bij de Farao, die Israël verdrukte.

‘Maar het is ook bij ons zo.’

Je kunt niets zonder Hem. De Heer zei 
dat ook tegen Zijn leerlingen:

zonder Mij kunnen jullie niets doen
                                      Johannes 15:5

Dat zei Hij onder het prachtige voor-
beeld van de wijnstok en de ranken.
Zij konden slechts vrucht dragen wan-
neer Hij het gaf. Zo is het ook bij ons.
Vrucht van de geest zal pas in ons leven 
zichtbaar worden als God groei geeft.