Het fenomeen Putin, wie en wat is Vladimir Putin

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Aangeleverd door: Luitjen Westra

Putin Appointed “King of Jews”, i.e. the World, by the NWO Pharisee Top?

Putin666I have several times surmised that Vladimir Putin is Jewish born, under the name of Epstein. This post could confirm that.

Left: Putin making the Illuminati 666 signof  the Antichrist

his post reports the apparent appointment in 2014 of  Vladimir Putin as the Luciferian and here NWO King of Jews,  and thus  of the world by the authority of the NWO Pharisee High Priests of the Illuminati – the real rulers of the world.
As the presumable kabbalistic  ben Yosef (Video – German) , his task will be to pave the road for the Jewish Messiah, ben David, through “Armageddon“.

This may explain this: The Washington Post 20 Jan. 2016: Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to members of the European Jewish Congress, that Jews facing a rising tide of anti-Semitism and bigotry farther west should move to Russia, where he said they would be better accepted. Readers of the Jerusalem Post have chosen Putin as their person of the year

Arutz Sheva 10 July 2014: Vladimir Putin met with a delegation of rabbis, led by Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, former Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar (Chabad Lubawitsh, and rabbis of the Rabbinical Center of Europe (RCE).
Rabbi Yosef began by saying “according to the Jewish tradition, your leadership is decided by the kingdom of G-d, King of the world, and therefore we bless you:Blessed is the One who gave of His glory to flesh and blood.”
This formula is not mentioned by Y-Net

Clearly, Putin is among submissive friends on this occasion

So what does this unique formula mean?

The Australian Journal of Jewish Studies. Jewish Prayers for the Government:  The Talmud (TB Berakhot 58a) reported that in ancient times the people were agog to see the king, Jew or gentile. A benediction was required by halakhah (Jewish law): On seeing a Jewish king and his court, it was Barukh.shenathan mik’vodo levasar vedam, “Blessed be He … who gave some of His glory to flesh and blood”

On seeing a gentile king, Barukh…… shenathan mik’vdo liv’ru’av, “who gave some of His glory to His creatures”.
Some authorities, reflected in Artscroll 1984:228, limit the benediction for a monarch to “a gentile king who rules lawfully”.”

But there may be more to Putin, much more than that.

The Scarlett Blog is run by John Scarlett, former boss of the MI6 and teacher of  Richard Tomlinson  and here and his KGB colleague,  Vladimir Putin – all of them Royal Arch Masons. MI6 and KGB –  same master, same spy school. 

Putin-datan-hornsThe John Scarlett Blog 9 Febr. 2007 at 1:57 o´clock: An anonymous former MI6 pupil writes:  “I was recruited into British Intelligence in 1979. I was then used and abused as ‘zygote’ from that point on. I was also programmed by this Masonic cult (Royal Arch Freemasonry)  to annoint the anti-Christ and then Messiah.
They chose their ‘anti-Christ’ in 1979. A young Russian officer from the KGB called Mr Putin.

He was ‘anointed’ in 1993 and rapidly rose up the ranks of the KGB to become spy chief. Later on to become acting Prime Minister of Russia and finally the President.
Mr Putin was programmed as the ‘anti-Christ’ to attack Israel in the Ashkenaton  (Azhkenazi?)  cult’s endgame. (They have been planning this for so many years). Luckily, Mr Putin broke free from the Royal Arch Freemasons in 1994″.
Comment: But  that Putin is still a Freemason is obvious.
The Azhkenazi plan is the attack of Gog, Prince of Rosch, and Magog on Israel in the end time (Ezekiel 38-39).

Arutz Sheva 13 Nov. 2013An historic agreement was signed by European and American rabbinical councils, in which world rabbinic leaders declared that the Chief Rabbinate of Israel leads the Jewish world. Deputy Minister of Religious Services Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan (Jewish Home/Bayit Yehudi) also signed the treaty.

The rabbis who met Putin in 2014  represent the very top of the Pharisaic NWO pyramid Jewry: Rabbis Yosef and Lau represent the Rabbinate of Israel

Provided that these top rabbis know the fornulas  the High Priests of Judaism have anointed Vladimir Putin to be King of the Jews,
thereby declaring 1) Putin is Jewish – not just by heart, as he has always shown, but also genetically 2) he is either to rule the  “pious Talmudic” Rothschilds,  the Jewish Supreme Court  of whom in Jerusalem is the supreme Temple of Masonry – or rather take his orders from them. Putin lives like a king.

supremecourtThe Supreme Court in Jerusalem  was donated by Dorothy de Rothschild and opened in 1992. On the roof of the court building, the Illuminati pyramid with Lucifer´s all-seeing eye is seen

Below: Masonic/Illuminati  pyramidin front of the Supreme Court of Israel,  flanked by the pillars of Jachin and Boaz, originally found in front of the Temple of Salomon. Inside it is full of Masonic symbols.

Supreme Court Jerusalem_ front

So, the Illuminati have already built the “temporary 3. temple of the Antichrist” in Jerusalem.

Christ was accused by the Pharisees/Talmudists of calling himself King of the Jews – and that was what the label  INRI on his cross means.

Now Vladimir Putin is apparently being given that very title by the Pharisees. That is blasphemy – it is as antichristian as he is to be, if the Scarlett comment is true.
None of the other Scarlett commentators have debunked that statement.

I do not really know how to interpret this rabbi phrase: … decided by the Kingdom of G-d, King of the world,…
I see this title as an apposition, although the impersonal  “Kingdom of G-d” does not fit with the following personal noun. But it was probably said in Hebrew or Russian.
However, it could also be a style of Putin.
In the former case, one is taken aback; Christ said that his kingdom was not of this world – that the Prince of the world  would come after him (John 14:30) – his opponent: Satan. So Satan/Lucifer is here declared the King of  the world.

This  fits in with the fact that the God of Judaism is Lucifer, and he is also  God of non-Jewish Judaists, the Masons.
I.e. Putin has either been appointed King of the Jewish NWO world on behalf of Lucifer or the Pharisee rabbis do see Putin as King of the World – in case all these top erudite scribes know the meaning of the formula, which they must do,  or they would be incompetent

Thank you, Michael K, for the links to the meeting and address of the rabbis.