Een WAARSCHUWING aan onze lezers: Second Large-Scale Cyber-Attack Is Underway Now! May 18, 2017

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Second Large-Scale Cyber-Attack Is Underway Now! May 18, 2017

by Pamela Williams

Here we go again.  We are under Version 2 cyber-attack.  This one is different from the first WannaCry attack.  The experts are saying this attack will be worse. The new attack targets the same vulnerabilities as the WannaCry ransomware worm exploited, but there will be no freezing of files this time.

This Version 2 will use hundreds of thousands of computers believed to have been infected to mine virtual currency.  I cannot wrap my mind around this…it gets deeper and more complex by the  minute.

The joy of discovery:  researchers at Proofpoint discovered a new attack linked to WannaCry called Adylkuzz, said Nicolas Godier.  “It uses hacking tools recently disclosed by the NSA, which have been fixed by Microsoft.”  We are suffering such a betrayal as we are targeted by our own Intelligence.

Researchers remained on high alert for new variants that could lead to a fresh wave of infections. Researchers from three security firms dismissed initial reports on Saturday that a new version of WannaCry/WannaCrypt had emerged, saying this was based on a rushed analysis of code data that proved erroneous.

The MalwareTech researcher warned on Twitter on Sunday: “Version 1 of WannaCrypt was stoppable but version 2.0 will likely remove the flaw. You’re only safe if you patch ASAP.”

Bryce Boland, Asia Pacific chief technology officer for FireEye, a cybersecurity company, said it would be straightforward for existing attackers to launch new releases or for other ransomware authors to start copying the way the malware replicated.

The US government on Saturday issued a technical alert with advice on how to protect against the attacks, asking victims to report any to the Federal Bureau of Investigation or Department of Homeland Security

This Version2 of the virus Adyilkuzz uses machines it infects to “mine” in a background task virtual currency, Monero, and transfer the money created to the author’s of the virus.

I still cannot wrap my mind around this, but I do know governments are in a cyberwar.  No one can tell me we are not at war!

Virtual currencies such as Monero and Bitcoin use the computers of volunteers to record transactions. They are said to “mine” for the currency and are occasionally rewarded with a piece of it.

Proofpoint said in a blog that symptoms of the attack include:

  1. Loss of access to shared Windows resources,
  2. Degradation of the PC,
  3. Degradation of server performance,
  4. And some users may not notice this immediately.

I am seeing a slowing of the Internet right now.  One of the search engines I use was so slow I lost patience.

“As it is silent and doesn’t trouble the user, the Adylkuzz attack is much more profitable for the cyber criminals.  It transforms the infected users into unaware financial supporters of their attackers.”quoted an expert.  I don’t like to play the role of a victim, but these criminals are raping my mind!

Proofpoint said it has detected machines that have transferred several thousands dollars worth of Monero to the creators of the virus.