Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines – 5/19/2017

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Tracking Bible Prophecy Headlines – 5/19/2017

Trump told Abbas he’ll be able to reach a deal within a year, says Palestinian minister

White House official: No Trump-Netanyahu-Abbas meeting planned for visit,7340,L-4964173,00.html

Egypt’s Sisi: Trump vital to resolving Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Pro-Israel US right starting to feel unease with Trump

White house twitter video showing Trumps Middle East tour shows map of Israel without the Golan Heights, the West Bank, or Gaza

Religious Zionists of America: ‘If there’s anything that unites, it’s Jerusalem’

Palestinians to ask Trump for economic stimulus package

Israeli Fires on Palestinian Protesters in the West Bank, Killing One

Gazan woman charged with smuggling explosives as cancer medicine

NY court drops suit against Facebook over Palestinian incitement

ADL survey: Anti-Semitism down in France, UK, Germany

Ukraine urged to act against general who threatened to ‘destroy Jews’

Like Israeli counterparts, US spymasters ‘frustrated’ by Trump leak

Saudis Have a Red Carpet Ready for Trump, and a Steep Wish-List

US aircraft strikes pro-Assad forces in Syria–abc-news-topstories.html

U.S. Airstrikes Hit Syrian Military Vehicles for Violating ‘De-Confliction Zone’

ISIS Video Shows New Weapons, ‘American’ Urging Attacks in U.S.

With latest airstrikes, US signals to Iran: Containment is back

Polls open in first Iran presidential vote since atomic deal

Chinese jets intercept U.S. radiation-sniffing plane, U.S. says

Flashback: Special Counsel Mueller Conspired With Radical Islamic Groups During FBI Tenure

Trump erupts on Twitter, blasts special counsel probe as outrageous ‘witch hunt’

Trump denies Comey allegations, collusion with Russia

Trump: special counsel appointment ‘hurts our country terribly’,7340,L-4964245,00.html

Democratic Leaders Try to Slow Calls to Impeach Trump

We Asked These Dems Why Obama Offering Intel To Russia Was OK