De V.S. moeten spoedig een beslissing nemen – Een oorlog met Noord Korea te beginnen – of wat anders te doen

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The United States Must Make A Decision Soon – Go To War With North Korea – Or To Do What?

by Ruby Henley

The clear and present danger we are facing may have jokingly been referred to as a “a chubby brat,” “this crazy fat kid,” and a  “total nut job.”  First impressions sometimes are deceiving.  Many who have known Kim Jong-un say the 33 year old leader of North Korea has long been underestimated.  I agree with that statement, as he has been interested in making North Korea a nuclear power for a very long time.  He has encouraged his military and nuclear scientists by giving them special housing and privileges the rest of the population do not have. Kim is determined that his country be accepted as a nuclear power, as he feels this is necessary for economic growth.

We must realize Kim Jong-un is a ruthless killer, and he is willing to kill to have what he wants.  South Korean intelligence officials say Kim has executed close senior officials, including his own uncle, who had been seen as his mentor. It is also assumed the he ordered the assassination of his half brother, who was poisoned by VX nerve agent at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia in February.  Chilling, isn’t it?

Kim is a paradox, who simply defies explanation. He loosened state controls on the economy and engineered modest growth.  In fact, the middle class in North Korea are growing.  Kim succeeded in regaining some of the public confidence that the regime enjoyed under his grandfather and lost under his father, whose rule is remembered for a devastating famine.

“Smart, pragmatic, decisive,” Andrei Lankov, a North Korea expert at Kookmin University in Seoul, said of Mr. Kim. “But also capricious, moody and ready to kill easily.”  This observation by someone who has studied Kim Jong-un must be taken seriously by the United States, for it is an indicator of what steps we must take to either start or stop a war with North Korea.  Serious actions await, and unfortunately we do not have time to falter.

I am very concerned for President Trump, as he is being confronted with an alien agenda of life and death.  He is walking on ground he has never stepped on in his life, but he is acting as a confident leader of this Country.  How can we criticize his demeanor or his words?  I remember praying for some type of leadership from Barack Obama, but I never received it.  Do not listen to the back stabbing words of the Deep State, as that is what they want you to do.  Praise the leadership we are seeing from basically an exiled President.  He is not in the White House at this time.  Do we really know why he is not there?

We know that a rumor was started that he called the White House “a dump.”  However, President Trump says in his tweet he did not talk badly about the White House.  It will be up to you to decide what you believe, but I choose to believe our President over his enemies.  Unfortunately, at this time in the United States of America we are witnessing a coup against our chosen President.  You cannot convince me otherwise.