Is dit allemaal toeval?? Volgens sommige Bijbel-“leraren” dus wel!

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Is This Just Another Coincidence?

Last month a reader shared with me that exactly 726 days transpire between the last of the four “Blood Moons”, which was a supermoon visible over Jerusalem, and the Revelation 12 Sign on September 23rd.

It just so happens that Strong’s 726 is harpazó, which is the Greek word for “rapture”.  It’s the exact word used to describe the catching away of the saints in 1 Thessalonians 4:17 and Revelation 12:5.  What are the chances of that?

Yesterday another amazing “coincidence” was discovered: September 23, 2017 has 726 minutes of daylight (see here).  In fact, it is the only day in all of 2017 with 726 minutes of daylight.

When you begin compiling all of these “coincidences” it starts to defy the laws of probability.

Next, I want to point your attention back to an article I wrote a few weeks ago in which I demonstrate that the Blood Moon tetrad wasn’t for nothing.  It was pointing to 9/23 all along.  The first and third Blood Moons occurred in Virgo and the Sun was in Virgo during the second and fourth Blood Moons.  Next week’s Great American Eclipse occurs in Leo.  Think about that for a minute.  There are twelve constellations in the Mazzaroth and these eclipses were all pointing at the two specific constellations that compose next month’s Revelation 12 Sign.

But that’s not all.  I derived what might be a message if you take these eclipses in order:

Blood Moon #1: All eyes were fixed on Virgo.

Blood Moon #2: 1,079 days until the Feast of Trumpets in 2017 and 1,081 days until the Revelation 12 Sign.  Strong’s 1079is genete, which means “birth” and Strong’s 1081 is gennéma, which means “child” or “offspring”.

Blood Moon #3: All eyes were again fixed on Virgo.

Blood Moon #4: 726 days until the Revelation 12 Sign.  Strong’s 726 is harpazó, which means “rapture”.

Great American Eclipse: All eyes will be fixed on Leo.  31 days until the Feast of Trumpets and 33 days until the Revelation 12 Sign.  Strong’s 31 is aggelia, which means “a message” and Strong’s 33 is age, which means “Come!”

In other words:

Look at Virgo give birth to her offspring.  Look at Virgo again.  Look at Leo.  A message: the rapture has come!

Skeptics will quickly chime in, questioning what Strong’s Numbers have to do with anything.  Trust me – I get it.  They are not in Scripture and they don’t rise to the level of Scripture.  We’re only speculating on meaning here and you have to take it with a grain of salt, but keep in mind that Strong’s Numbers are the only system of fixed numbers assigned to biblical words (at least that I’m aware of).

So here is the question I want to pose to the skeptics, especially Christian skeptics: what kind of universe do we live in?  Is it one where nothing has meaning, some things have meaning, or everything has meaning?  I used to live my life believing some things have meaning and most things God gave over to probability, but as I’ve grown in my faith I’ve begun to see that we worship a truly sovereign God who has orchestrated all of creation in very precise fashion.

You have to be careful and choosy when researching things that are outside of Scripture, testing everything, but dismissing them out of hand seems foolish to me.  God created all things – not just the Bible and you can find His fingerprints everywhere if you’re willing and humble enough to look.