Eclipse Identities, ( From: Heavenly Sign )

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August 17, 2017.  37 days until the Rev 12 alignment occurs
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Eclipse Identities

Past Total Solar Eclipse Date & Strong’s # Relations

I have to admit that when I set about to look at these eclipse date/Strong’s # coordinations, I believed it would be a total waste of  time, and that I would probably wind up going down a rabbit hole.  I was wrong. 

So I want you to look at these 7 past solar eclipses from the years two thousand 1,3,8,12,15,16, and 17, the eclipse coming up on August 21 of this year. 

Past Total Solar Eclipse (TSE) Date Strong’s # Relations. Calculated from the eclipse date to September 21, 2017.

To date this century there have been 11 TSE’s. The following analysis is based on 7 of them.

June 21, 2001 TSE to 9/21/17 = 5937 days. Strong’s # 5937 is alaz, meaning “exult.” To become jubilant, rejoice. 

November 23, 2003 TSE to 9/21/17 = 5052 days. Strong’s # 5052 is τελεσφορέω, meaning  “I bring to maturity.” From 5056 /télos, “end-consummation” and 5342 /phérō, “to carry over”) – properly, to bring to completion (maturation, consummation), emphasizing the “eternal carry-over” of this life into the afterlife.

August 1, 2008 TSE to 9/21/17 = 3339 days. Strong’s # 3339 is μεταμορφόω, meaning “to transform.” “A metamorphosis.” “I transform, transfigure.” From 3326 /metá, “change after being with” and 3445 /morphóō, “changing form in keeping with inner reality”) – properly, transformed after being with; transfigured. 

November 13, 2012 TSE to 9/21/17 = 1774 days. Strong’s # 1774 is ἐνοικέω, meaning “I dwell in, am settled (stationary) in; met: I am indwelling.” 

March 20, 2015 TSE  to 9/21/17 = 917 days.  Strong’s # 917 is βαρέως, meaning “heavily, difficulty”, “disinterested”, “dull of hearing.” “Unperceptive.” 

March 9 2016 TSE to 9/21/17 = 196 days. Strong’s #196 is ἀκριβέστατος meaning “most exact, precise; the most accurate of all.” Strong’s #198 (9/23 Rev 12 Sign calculation) is ἀκριβόω, Meaning I learn carefully, inquire with exactness. ” 

August 21, 2017 TSE to 9/21/17 = 31 days. Strong’s # 31 is  ἀγγελία, meaning “a message, announcement, thing announced.”

Thus the following Strong’s # relations to these seven past total solar eclipses occurring in this century read progressively as follows.  

Rejoice (2001) I bring to completion and maturity (2003) To transform after you being with (2008) I am indwelling and settled (2012) Heavy difficulty, disinterested, unperceptive dull of hearing (2015) most exact and precise (2016) message or announcement (2017).

I single digit typo/number created this error. I see the Strong’s # 561 is “in the presence of something opposite.” So it would then read….

Rejoice (2001) I bring to completion and maturity (2003) To transform after you being with (2008) I am indwelling and settled (2012) Heavy difficulty, disinterested, unperceptive dull of hearing (2015) before you in present opposite contrast  (2016) message or announcement (2017).

Or to be concise, it reads somewhat like a telegram..

Rejoice. Complete. Transformation I indwell. Unperceptive. Exact. Message.

Of course, I knew that this would not really be as meaningful or significant without cross checking it with another date, so I did that with September 23, the day of the Revelation 12 Sign. When I decided to do this I was expecting it to be a motley mismatched mess of mutt words. ….Boy was I was wrong. 

By simply adding two days to the calculations, using September 23 as the date instead of September 21, I got the following Strong’s # associations:

Dark (2001) End of life; death (2003) Repentance; change of mind (2008) I disturb, cause trouble (2012) False Prophet (2015) Investigate diligently (2016) Come now (2017).

This was 7 out of 11 eclipses. Let’s look at the other four.

July 22, 2009
March 29, 2006
December 4, 2002
July 11, 2010

 July 22, 2009 to September 21, 2017 = 2983 days. Strong’s # 2983 is lambano meaning  “to receive.” 

March 29, 2006 to September 21, 2017 = 4194 days. Strong’s # 4194 is a Roman name  “Pontios.”

December 4, 2002 to September 21, 2017 = 5405 days. Strong’s # 5405 is phenice meaning “palm tree.”

July 11, 2010 to September 21, 2017 = 2629 days. Strong’s # 2629 is katakapto meaning “to cut up to pieces.” 

So all together, considering all 11 total eclipses, it would read like this in progressive order:

Rejoice oh Palm tree to receive. I bring to completion and maturity Pontius. To transform, after you being with Me. I am indwelling and settled. Cut to pieces, Heavy difficulty. Disinterested unperceptive and dull of hearing. Most exact and precise. Message or announcement. 

How do we explain that? Well….we don’t. I think it did a great job of explaining itself. The thing I want you to understand about all this is that the words are not manufactured, or contrived. It could have been a string of garbled nonsense, but it wasn’t. It actually speaks to the time in which we are living. And is formulated by celestial events in the heavens numbers and meanings of words that a supremely sovereign God designed.

Remember when Jesus was welcomed with palm branches? Remember the prefect of the Roman province of Judaea who had Jesus crucified? Pontius Pilate? Could cut to pieces be speaking of the Body not being fully united with it’s Head? Or could it be referring to our being cut to pieces via persecution or the potential loss of loved ones? Or even those who are asleep? That seems to be a heavy difficulty, but then our lives in Christ in a world that rejected our Lord is a heavy trial every day of our lives. 

From a biblical point of view, a solar eclipse is meant as a sign from God. In Genesis 1:14, God declared this to be the case. It is a sign that is beyond man’s control, something he can’t manipulate. Neither can we manipulate the date of these occurrences, nor can we manipulate Strong’s #’s, or play around with the math. 

Be encouraged. Be blessed.

Heavenly Sign




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