Pastors Are Starting To Get It!!

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Pastors Are Starting To Get It!!

We are starting to see multiple American pastors finally waking up to the signs in the heavens.  Below are 3 examples of pastors who are taking the Rev12 Sign and this eclipse extremely seriously.  Additionally, the Hear the Watchmen Conference kicks off tomorrow and there will be many pastors in attendance from across the country.  This year the title of there conference is called “The Sign in the Heavenlies”.  Scott Clarke will be speaking at that conference on Sunday Morning for 90 minutes.  A pastor from my church is actually in attendance and I am excited hear back how it was.  I also believe you can live stream the conference for a small fee if you are interested.

1. Pastor Mark Biltz Interview on Jim Bakker

I am not the biggest fan of some of these ministries which try to sell so much stuff to their viewers like the Jim Bakker show… but this video is worth watching.   Pastor Biltz is taking these signs extremely seriously and apparently the his church is at Defcon 5 with all the excitement surrounding this!

They have spilt the segment into about 5 clips (6 minutes each).  
Here is a link to watch all 5 in a row.

2. Pastor Troy Brewer Facebook Video

For some reason Facebook is not allowing the video to be shared or embedded (go figure), but as far as I know the link below still works.  This Senior Pastor from Open Door Church did an urgent video about the Rev12 Sign and Eclipse.  It’s about 18 minutes long…. AND WELL WORTH YOUR TIME!  I wish all churches were taking this so seriously!

Here is an amazing quote from the video:

This is as big of a deal as Israel becoming a nation again.

Here is the link:

3. Letter from a Pastor sent to Daniel Matson

Daniel shared this on his Facebook page earlier today:

Here is a letter from a pastor who is standing with the Revelation 12 Sign. We all know we need more of these people leading the Church. Please pray for this man and his witness. I hope this motivates us to stand firm as well upon the Scriptures.

Good morning Daniel,
Just wanted you to know what’s happening out here in the battle field…
Since the Revelation 12 sign was revealed to me, I have been excited… excited that WE, of all people, would be here to see what generations upon generations have been eager to see… Naively, I had no idea in my head that there would be anything but joy at the revelation… I was concerned mostly about how I was going to get a hold of enough pastors to let them know – if they hadn’t already – to prepare their flocks to discipleship and action in these remaining days for the sake of Christ. Since this was a revealed sign straight out of Scripture, it never crossed my mind that it would be ever taken by other pastors as heresy. Yes, I knew there might be some objections and they would need to be addressed, but I also understood that we are supposed to be a Christ-centered church bound in the uniting bond of perfect completeness with grace, kindness, gentleness, noble conduct being a part of our character in Him. I’m not generally a naive guy, but good grief, did I miss this one.
I had prayed that I would be able to reach enough pastors… and sheep as well.
About a month ago, a pastor whom I thought friendly, but had not had a chance to talk to yet about all this, turned me into the District office of whom I am a licensed minister as a “false teacher.” They had got my comprehensive notes from my teaching to the church, obviously had not read them, but saw 23 September and accused me of date-setting.
I had a meeting with two top officials of the state district. I was only able to give a brief summary of the sign and it’s context. One recognized a very vague possibility in the revelation, the other outright accused me of damaging the reputation of the church by date setting and so forth (no matter how often I calmly appealed to The Word as providing the date, it made no difference to this fellow). Not to go into details, but I am “under investigation” until I meet with the executive board – the “governors and kings” of the district – to explain the Rev. 12 sign to them the week the sign takes place.
I had asked God to help provide people to talk to about it and He nominated me of all people to talk to nine “governors”… just thought I’d share that with you from the trenches… it’s been a tough time out here, thank God for my church family of watchman, or it would be tougher still.
I hope all is well and thanks for your recent work on the Days of Noah. Just want you to know that I’m praying for you and your family in these wild last days; our discipleship comes at a cost, of course, and it’s certainly costing our family and I’m sure yours is not without that as well.
By His Grace,
Pastor __________

This is great news…. my hope and prayer is that as we approach these finally few Sundays before these events more and more Godly men will be willing to preach what they believe to be the truth.  This message is critical…. It seems that Anne Grahm Lotzspeaking out a few days ago was a great start.


  1. Thanks for sharing this,. Each day is a bonanza of sharing, finding, and hoping for one of the greatest events in history. I hope more pastors use caution and not quickly discredit what is forming in the heavens as we speak.