Zuid Afrika: De regering van zwarten kocht 4.000 boerderijen van blanken – Slechts 10% funktioneert nog!

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South Africa: Black Govt bought 4,000 white farms – Only 10% are still functioning!

Jan Lamprecht — History Reviewed Aug 17, 2017

Retweeted Ernst Roets (@ErnstRoets):
About 4000 farms have been acquired by the dept of land reform since 1994 at cost of R10 Billion, of which only 10% are productive.

This is the first time I’ve seen an actual figure. The figure still seems a little low. I once saw the land claims in the TAU (Transvaal Agricultural Union) head office (many years ago when I visited Jack Loggenberg). The blacks have put in MASSES of land claims everywhere.

I can believe that only 10% of the farms taken over are functioning. The failure rate is very high. But the reason for seizing the farms is nothing economic. The blacks are doing it for political reasons. It’s to destroy the white farmers probably because the white farmers will form the CORE of the RESISTANCE to BLACK RULE. That’s the real issue.

As always they lie about the real reasons. In Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) the white farmers nearly unseated Mugabe by creating the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change). Those 5,000 farmers nearly destroyed Mugabe and his power structure. In South Africa there used to be 60,000 white farmers and no doubt they were seen as a BIG THREAT to the ANC.

Farmers resisted Jewish communism in Bolshevik Russia too.