Bijbelse tekens in de lucht, hebben niets van doen met astrologie

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More Ominious, ‘Biblical’ Signs In The Sky | WND

Mark Biltz believes ‘tribulation could begin soon’

WND posted another article yesterday about 9/23/17 which is heavy on quotes from Pastor Mark Biltz.  This is encouraging because this is a prominent site (around 7 million unique visitors each year) and they are taking it fairly seriously and there is no mocking tone.  They also make a very clear and much appreciated distinction between Biblical Astronomy and astrology (a false claim that is still being repeated by some ill informed pastors).

Here is the link to the WND article: 

Here is an excerpt:

But why should believers care about what is happening in the sky? Isn’t looking for such signs uncomfortably close to the practice of astrology?

Biltz points out Scripture itself speaks of the importance of signs in the sky. He also says there is a critical distinction between astrology and what he calls “biblical astronomy.”

“Biblical astronomy has nothing to do with astrology,” Biltz said. “The devil likes to pervert everything God does as a way of sidelining believers. In astrology, it’s all about you and interpreting the signs in the sky about how it affects your life. In biblical astronomy, it’s all about God. It’s an entirely different focus. God even stated the heavens are declaring the glory of God.”