Niet op 23 september, dat is het teken voor Israël, maar de wegrukking zal daarvóór plaatsvinden

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Important Update

Our timeline begins on Tishrei 1.
Sept 21 sunset, to Sept 22 sunset.
The alignment should occur on Tishrei 2.
Sept 22 sunset to Sept 23 sunset.


If the rapture occurs at the time of the alignment, the Church will still not have seen it, the sign being a message to Israel as to what occurred.

If the alignment occurs, and nothing happens by sunset on the 23rd, the Feast of Trumpets will have ended according to my time zone. If nothing happens by sunset the 24th, we have several choices. Believe the rapture does not have to occur on a FOT, or believe it may occur on the following FOT, September 10/11, 2018. Not believing it will occur is not a biblically sound option. This would be a violation of Scripture.

Let’s look at a 2018-2025 Timeline. I am sure I have mentioned this before. Using the same calculations of 2625 days. It has to be 2625 days. There is not another number. This number of days is based on Scripture.

Based on a 1290 then 1260 model this is what we are looking at.

1290 days from Sept 10, 2018 to 3/23/22 brings us to the midpoint. This is the 5th Day of Month 13, with nothing significant on the calendar. In contrast, our current timeline has this day landing on a Passover Sabbath, the historic anniversary of our Lord’s crucifixion. Let’s continue on.

1260 days forward would be the return date of Jesus Christ. September 3, 2025. This is the 11th day of Month 6. Also nothing significant. In contrast, our current timeline has this day landing on a Day of Atonement. .Let’s continue on.

We have to go 75 more days forward to reach the Kingdom date which would be the required 1335 days from the midpoint. This brings us to November 17, 2025. Day 3. Month 8. Nothing significant on the calendar.

So all three dates, the midpoint, the return date as well as the Kingdom date, all fall on dates with nothing significant listed on the Hebrew calendar, except that we began on a Feast of Trumpets, with the Rev 12 alignment having occurred 11 months and 18 days, or 352 days earlier. Which makes no sense to me whatsoever.

Two strong indicators casting doubt on a 2018-2015 model. One being that the dates don’t fall on anything significant, and the sign occurred nearly a year earlier.

Is our calendar off? I don’t think so. Multiple sources confirm Rosh Hashana as being September 21. Hebcal. Torahcal and others. So does the rapture have to occur on a FOT? I believe so. The facts are strongly suggestive that it will. So when we eliminate the unlikely factors, we are left with what we have presented as overwhelming evidence for a September 2017 Rapture. There is actually no getting around it that I can see. Not that I would like to get around it. But I made up my mind a year ago that if I was going to do this, I was going to go where the facts led me. But I’ve done more than that. I have in a very real sense tried to debunk my own research. I haven’t been able to. And we are 10 days away from Rosh Hashana.