3 Articles You May Have Missed

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3 Articles You May Have Missed

Here are a few links from the day I didn’t get to post on, although most of these were shared on Facebook. I cannot believe we are almost halfway through September… the days are going by so fast! Anyway I hope you all are doing well and growing closer to Christ each day.  Please check out these links but also feel free to post your feelings below and we can fellowship with each other and encourage each other here as we see The Day approaching (Hebrews 10:25).

Link #1  – The child is the Church.

Douglas Woodward, a prominent prophecy teacher and author of countless books, bucks the trends of his peers and says flat out that the Male child is the Church… and thus the Revelation 12 Sign is related to the rapture in some shape or form.  He also gives a much deserved endorsement to Gary and the crew at Unslead.org!


Link #2 – Board the Ark Now

Speaking of Unsealed, Gary put out another article pleading with people to stop dismissing the signs and focus on making sure are saved before the door on the Age of Grace closes.  God will shut the door on this time relative peace very quickly, and when the rain starts falling its too late to escape.

Get On Board The Ark 

Link #3 – Australian Chip Implants Are Exploding in Popularity

Our brother Tim from the land down under reported in that the mainstream news has been all over microchipping hands lately.   He says they are making it out to be the greatest thing “since sliced bread” and the lost sheep are sadly “lining up for it”.  Here is one article he from one station.

Microchips being inserted into people’s hands to make life easier