Community Discussion – Expectations and Encouragement

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Community Discussion – Expectations and Encouragement

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And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.
Hebrews 10:24-25

As I write this we are now less than 6 days away from what I am convinced is an alignment in the sky written about in The Book of Revelation.  Let me say that again…  In six days I believe a prophecy from the Bible will be fulfilled, a great sign, written in the greatest Book, which could point to the soon return of the Greatest Person ever to come into our lives.  Because of that I am excited about the possibilities and filled with such HOPE!

For those of you wondering why we do this, simply read those words above again and ponder the  implications.  I doubt anyone who believed as we do (that this is a legit sign from God Almighty) would stay quiet.  Obviously I could not.  God would not let me, and I am sure many of you reading this feel the same.

The traffic to this site and the associated Facebook page blew past my wildest hopes.  Four months ago I gave Him my two measly fish…  Since then He has fed thousands.  I am humbled beyond words that this site has become such a valuable resource to you all.  Every prayer, positive comment, every helpful tip has been SO appreciated and helped strengthen me to keep this site going.  This is not my site… this is His….  And every one of you is a critical reason why this place has become so special.

Looking to reconnect, I went outside this morning before sunrise to look at the stars, read the Word, and pray to Him.   It was just what I needed.  It was right before my eyes… the moon is fading away, in a few short days it will be a tiny sliver at the foot of the woman.  The crown of twelve stars are already above her head, but Mercury, Mars and Venus have yet to obtain their perfect spacing.  Soon we will see the sign… its hard not to imagine our Savior close behind.  Even if He delays just a bit longer than we’d wish, we know He is close and in control.  That simple fact is a great comfort to me despite the scoffing we have seen come our way.

I cannot tell you how comforting it has also been to have so many of you on this journey as well.  Your comments, emails, phone calls and messages have all been so encouraging, often received at the very moment they were needed most!  I have told others that there is so much to share I could easily spend full days working on it all…  but I pray this material is enough to help you see and grow closer to Him and long for His return.  But evidence can only go so far, we must also walk by faith and trust in God’s perfect plan with all that we don’t know. We are all in the same boat, waiting together to see what happens next.

As for me I am working on one more personal post which I plan to get out in the next day or so (Lord willing of course).  But besides that I plan to step back a bit from this site and others in an effort to spend more time with family and especially Him.  I humbly suggest you all do the same.  I will repost some of the more critical articles during the week and surely try to share any huge news or essential reads… but I think we all need to focus on our personal relationship with Jesus during this time.  God seems to gone through quite the trouble to point to this time from long ago…  We are now getting very close to finding out exactly what it means and hopefully heading home.

But in balance to time alone with Him as we wait there is the need for fellowship.  Hebrews 10:25 is clear about that and instructs us to continue meeting together as we see THE DAY drawing near.  That verse clearly implies that we will be able to see the day approaching (we think we do) and therefor directs us to encourage one another during this time.  What better way to do that than opening up this post to all of you? What better time than now?

So please share your thoughts.
Give encouragement.
Share your expectations.
Build each other up… or let us know how you are struggling so we can strengthen you. 

What are you feeling?
What’s on your heart?
Are you afraid?

You are among brothers and sisters here.
We have all have seen the same info.

We have all studied God’s Holy Word.

We all have the same Holy Spirit working inside of us.
And we all have a sense of what this means…
Even if the timing remains unclear.

So please share your thoughts below, they are valuable.  If you have been waiting, wait no longer.  Reading your thoughts is often the most encouraging part of this site.  Share your heart freely (but please try not to derail the discussion if at all possible).  Make it easy on yourself and comment using the anonymous tab (but to aid in the fellowship please add your name to the bottom of your comment).  I cannot wait to read what you guys have to share and I know countless others will be blessed by them as well!  Thank you in advance and Maranatha!

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Final Note for Skeptics or Scoffers:  If you are commenting from a place of a hard heart looking to ‘set us straight’, please do your research before commenting or perhaps leave us be (your harsh words will promptly be deleted anyway).  If you have a genuine question go ahead and ask, but please respect our time and fellowship and read these articles first as I am SURE your answers can be found there.  God Bless you all….  May The Lord Jesus Christ be glorified through this fellowship.