I’m Optimistic About Harveygate

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November 11, 2017

(Some of the accused)
My colleague Tim Fitzpatrick tweeted yesterday, 
“Is the overarching reason why all these sex scandals 
are coming out now due to some anti-male agenda 
for the long term?”
These scandals might do some good. 
The collapse of this sexual system of oppression
could undermine Freemasonry, our veiled political tyranny. 
by Henry Makow Ph.D. 
There may be an “anti-male agenda” behind these sex scandals but they threaten a power structure that depends on sexual decadence
and blackmail.
Sexual harassment in the entertainment industry has been tolerated for a long time because the perpetrators were considered
untouchable. This is no longer the case as the careers of men like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Louis CK have been destroyed overnight.
This sexual exploitation and oppression mirror and overlap the political oppression of society by the Illuminati (Freemasonry, Organized Jewry).
Often it is the same people.
The dam burst when two Illuminati house organs The New Yorker and the New York Times broke ranks with the other msm and published the  allegations of numerous women. (Reporter Ronan Farrow had a motivation. He has accused Woody Allen of preying on his sister Dylan when she was six.)
Sexual decadence is both a requirement for membership in the Illuminati and a means by which the Illuminati controls its members. However, this decadence might spread to many Illuminati pawns functioning in politics and government as well. This might be the beginning of a societal cleansing and a swing back to morality.
There is nothing “anti-male” about prohibiting sexual exploitation based on a position of power. Women are plenty approachable
on a civilized basis.
Harveygate has given rise to dozens of accusations ranging from unwanted groping to rape dating back decades. The latest is directed at George Takei from 36 years ago!  (For Chrissakes, this is what gays do!) We will be inundated with these stories unless we focus on this key question, “Is this man (or woman) a sexual predator now, or recently? Is there a long-term pattern?” 
In the case of Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey, the answer is clearly yes.
I have no use for liberal comedian Louis CK, or his new movie “I Love You Daddy.” (When did filthy become synonymous with funny?) However, if after exposing himself to two female comedians 16 years ago, has he reformed?  If he hasn’t, he deserves his fate.


If Judge Roy Moore fondled a 14-year-old girl almost four decades ago, that certainly is reprehensible. He denies he ever knew this woman. It is quite possible that the CIA-owned and run Washington Post concocted this story. After all their false flags, this would be a piece of cake. The Washington Post is the Deep State.
But for argument’s sake, say they didn’t. People make mistakes over a lifetime. They change and deserve a second chance. Moore is not being accused of rape. We know the Washington Post cares nothing about the harm done to this girl’s innocence. These allegations are all about the balance of power. Liberals are “outraged” by Moore but in favor of teaching much younger children about “fisting” in public school. They praise Lolita (1962) as a work of art. Liberals are hypocrites. They only care about sex crimes when they can incriminate an opponent. The Democratic Party elite assaults children on a regular basis.
Pedophilia seems to be the last taboo. That’s good but I expect it is only because the Illuminati use it to worship Satan and to control their rank and file.
I am sanguine because the Internet allows for instant worldwide communication. More Illuminati crimes will be exposed and more deviants will be removed. Women cowered before sexual predators. We all cower before political predators of a worse kind. Maybe they will be exposed in the same way.