JD’s Prophecy Update on Ezekiel 38

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JD’s Prophecy Update on Ezekiel 38

As you know, JD Faraq is one of the most trusted resources on Middle East prophecy for many of us. He was born an Arab and knows the dynamics of the countries over there well. As a Christian Pastor and Prophecy enthusiast (he avoids the term expert) he has a deep understanding of the future prophecies written about that region. He also tries very hard to avoid being sensationalistic and over hyping events. Those factors combined give me great excitement when he emphasized the following words:

“If this is not Ezekiel 38, I don’t know what is.” – JD Faraq

Listen to his latest (38 minutes) update in the video below (38 minutes) on what is happening with Russia, Syria, Iran, etc… and how it could soon play out according to the Bible. Obviously, the sooner this comes together the soon we go home. His excitement is contagious as he discusses the frequency of signs…

If you listen to JD in the video above, you will hear him tell a story about a series of road signs and how assuring they can be when signs for your destination become more frequent. This little story reminded me of something Skip Heitzig had written about regarding Bible prophecy a while back. Here is an excerpt and a link to that article:

If you ever travel to South Dakota, there’s a little town there known as Wall, and there is a drug store called Wall Drug. When Ted Hustead started the store back in the 1930s, he knew it would not get much traffic from his small town, so he put up signs–everywhere. He decided that everyone should know about his store. So he put a sign in all 50 states that tells the distance from that state to Wall Drug, S.D.

In Memphis, the sign reads: “Wall Drug: 1,192 miles.” In Paris, France, it says: “Wall Drug: 5,961 miles.” At the South Pole: “Wall Drug: 9,333 miles.” There’s a sign in Moscow and Kenya. There’s one outside the Taj Mahal in Agra, India. But if you’re driving on Interstate 90 and you’re 45 miles outside of Wall, you can count 53 signs in that 45-mile stretch leading into the little town. The signs get bigger and brighter. So, just seeing a sign for Wall Drug isn’t necessarily an indication that you’re close,but when those signs become more frequent and more intense, you know you’re almost there. Jesus gave a whole list of signs, or time indicators, so that already we can say, “I’m noticing the world shaping up toward His coming.”

Here is a link to the full article: