De gruwelijkheden van de wereld waarin wij heden 2017 leven. De foto’s zijn bewust achter wege gelaten.

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Son Crushes His Father’s Skull And Splatters His Brains On His Jacket And Then Cuts His Genitals Off, He Then Takes Pictures Of The Mutilated Corpse After And Puts Them On Facebook And Says ‘I Silenced The Lambs’


2017-11-29 20:40:12-05

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A man has been arrested after he tortured his father to death in his basement. He crushed his skull and splattered his brains across the wall and cut his genitals off as he murdered him. He then took pictures of his crime, put them on Facebook and said ‘I silenced the lambs” according to a […]


Trump Retweets Videos Of Islamic Violence From British Nationalists, Now The Media Is Going Crazy. This Attention Is Only Going To Help Advance The Nationalist Cause


2017-11-29 22:18:12-05

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By Theodore Shoebat Trump retweeted videos of Islamic violence from British nationalists, now the media is going crazy. But who is this going to benefit? The nationalists. This is the subject of my video:   Were Are About To Enter A New World War, A Blood Bath Is About To Commence As The Empire Of […]


Christian Pastor Reports That On Average Forty Cases Of Persecution Against Christians Are Being Reported Every Month In India. Christian Pastors Are Being Shot, And Christians Are Being Beaten By Hindus


2017-11-30 13:59:15-05

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By Walid Shoebat A Christian pastor has reported that on average, forty cases of Christian persecuted are reported every month in India. He also stated that Christian pastors are shot and Christians are beaten by Hindu nationalists. With all of this idolatry in India, we are reminded of that verse in Isaiah when he talked […]


ISIS Takes Small Boy And Has Him Hack The Arms Off A ‘Spy,’ Then Slit His Throat And Stand On His Decapitated Head


2017-11-30 15:39:08-05

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ISIS has released another video showing a small boy executing a spy. The pictures show as the boy hacks the man’s arms off, then slits his throat, cuts his head off and stands on it: A GRUESOME ISIS video shows a young child no older than ten standing on the decapitated head of an alleged […]


Homosexuals Are Selling ‘Gay Christmas’ Items And Putting Up ‘Gay Nativity’ Scenes To Mock God At Christmastime


2017-11-30 16:30:08-05

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Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birthday, when God out of His great, unfathomable, infinite mercy descended into our humanity to save us from our sins. However, the LGBT has decided to mock Jesus on His birthday by putting up ‘gay nativity’ scenes and selling ‘gay christmas’ items according to a recent report: The Roman […]


Islamic Terrorists Who Beheaded Twenty One Christians Have Just Been Sentenced To Death By The Egyptian Government


2017-11-30 21:11:52-05

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By Walid Shoebat The ISIS terrorists who beheaded 21 Egyptian Christian Copts have just been sentenced to death by an Egyptian court. Here we have two different people, the terrorists and the authorities of justice. The latter of the two are Muslim, but nonetheless are righteous, which means that not all Muslims are violence criminals […]


The Court Has Spoken: The Man Who Was Accused Of Murdering Kate Steinle Is Found Innocent


2017-12-01 00:54:18-05

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By Theodore Shoebat a The court has spoken: the who was accused of murdering Kate Steinle has been found innocent. I did a video on this with some of my thaoughts: We Are About To Enter A New World War, A Blood Bath Is About To Commence As The Empire Of The Antichrist Will Rise Up. […]


Homosexual Rape Squad In Arizona Torments Kids In High School, Rapes Them And Tells Other Teenagers: “We Will Rape You.”


2017-12-01 16:54:19-05

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By Theodore Shoebat I am not even making this up. A sodomite rape gang in a high school Arizona rapes teenagers, and they even threatened another teenager, saying, “We will rape you.” The leader of the group is one Nathaniel Thomas, and is now being investigated by authorities. This is the result of tolerating sodomites […]


ISIS Releases This Message For All Westerners: ‘There Will Be “Christmas Blood” This Holiday Season.’


2017-12-01 17:13:41-05

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By Theodore Shoebat ISIS released a statement stating that there will be “Christmas blood” this holiday season and presented an image of an ISIS vehicle heading towards St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. What else does this mean but that these Islamic terrorists are anti-Christian, and more specifically, anti-Catholic? According to one report, written by […]


Islamic Terrorists Declare ‘We Will Burn The Children Of The Americans And The Europeans With Oil, We Will Slaughter Them In Their Hospitals And Kindergartens’


2017-12-01 17:38:31-05

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A group associated with the Islamic State has declared that in retaliation for airstrikes against ISIS in Syria, they are planning to burn the children of the Americans and Europeans with oil, and slaughter them in their hospitals and kindergartens according to a report: A group affiliated with the Islamic State is calling on lone […]
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