Sexual Harassment OverKill

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December 10, 2017

xmas-party.png(A chill falls over heterosexuals)

Much as I enjoy seeing so many liberal hacks flame out, a distinction should be made
between predators like Harvey Weinstein/Kevin Spacey, and the merely uncouth like Al Franken/Charlie Rose. Only the former should lose their jobs. The latter should be put on notice by employers. 
This latest campaign is part of an orchestrated program to make heterosexuality a pathology.
Heterosexual union is based on women entrusting their power to a man. 
This requires that a man earns her trust through courtship. The focus on bad behavior by so
many prominent men undermines women’s trust. It reminds me of a feminist workshop where a mannequin of a Korean comfort woman described the indignities she suffered from Japanese soldiers. I could feel a frigid pall descend on the audience of impressionable young women who crossed their legs. This is how lesbians are made.
Many women trade on their sex appeal, especially in show business. They are not blameless.   Below, Dave Daubenmire presents a realistic and un-PC vision of recent focus on harassment. 
by Dave Daubenmire
I have to confess that all of this talk about sexual harassment of women is driving me a bit crazy.  I also know that it is getting more and more risky to speak out against the established narrative as presented to us by the national thought police…


(Self-described “nasty woman” i.e. man hater featured by TIME)  
In all of the cackling about equality, and equal rights I find it amusing that we allow the fall-back position of so many “strong” women to be “he harassed me.”  Sex was designed to be a participatory exercise and in a nation that now declares all “genders” equal how are women able to get away with playing the role of the helpless, weaker victim in this charade of sexual victimization?
Whoa Nelly.  Before you start accusing me of being soft on rape, please understand that I think I know what rape looks like and agree with the Biblical standard of rape being a death penalty crime.  But “sexual harassment” is not rape…so spare me the moralizing, please.
Sex in the workplace is nothing new.  In fact, it has for decades destroyed more marriages than Hustler Magazine. Satan himself was the first single guy in recorded history to hit on another man’s wife and his philandering led to the downfall of the entire human race.
Yes, my friends, all adultery begins with flirtation and, like it or not, many a romance began with a pat on the rump or the twist of a tongue.  If Adam had simply manned up and defended his wife’s honor perhaps Matt Lauer would still have a job.  In sexually liberated America fornication has replaced bobbing for apples as the activity of choice of most unmarried couples.
I wonder how many of the “strong” women that Lauer “victimized” took his bait in hopes of trading a little affection for a possible career boost.  Sex is often about power and you will never convince me that modern professional women are not aware of the power that lies a few inches below their belly button.  For every woman that was appalled by Lauer’s advances there were probably ten who swallowed the hook.


Puhleeze…spare me the “he took advantage of me” sob stories. I was in attendance at the Million Woman March in Washington and I saw a boo-coo number of signs extolling “P-ssy Power.”  (Those were their words not\mine.)  So evidently our feline friends understand a bit more than they let on about the concealed weapon they carry in their pantsuits.
Look folks, as much as we would like to we cannot have it both ways.  We can’t have our cake and eat it too.  How in the world can the “liberated” American female cry inequality while holding the power of sex like the sword of Damocles over their male co-workers?  Sorry to be so pig-headed, but I think men deserve better treatment than that.
It takes two to tango and a woman can say “no” just as easily as a man can.  One can only imagine the number of men in the work place who have been jerked around by some pretty thing batting her eyes and swinging her hips only to receive a face-palm when they “misread” the bread crumbs that she dropped as she walked by.
Let me drop\another truth crumb and then you are free to hurl your epithets my way.  Modesty is a thing of the past in America.   When fornication has become nothing more than another social activity it is apparent that women are not always offended by WHAT a man says to her in the workplace, but rather WHO the man is that says it.  If she likes the dude it is flirting.  If she doesn’t, it is harassment.
I recently saw a statistic that explained that nearly 70% of men under the age of 30 are not married.  As the old saying goes, “why pay for the cow when you can get the milk for free?”  In this age of “P-ssy Power” the charge of sexual exploitation begins to ring hollow.  Are we to believe that ALL American women are virtuous?
We are going to have to make a decision here in the good ole US of A?  Are men and women equal or not?  This selective outrage regarding pre-fornication dialogue is not going to end well.
Why do you think the girls loved to hang around Al Franken?  Remember, the old commercial, “membership has its privileges?”   How does one defend himself from sex charges when all he was doing was putting some bait in the traps?
Makow comment–  The Illuminati do not give a damn about human rights, women’s rights or gay rights. They are out to destabilize society by destroying heterosexuality, i.e. gender,  marriage and family. Satanists are waging a war on us disguised as progress and justice. The love between man and women is one of the best things in life. That’s why it must be destroyed.
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