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“Revelation Update” – Mark Correll

Mark Correll is an engaging prophecy teacher who was outspoken about the legitimacy of the Revelation 12 Sign. He gave many presentations and was even featured in “The Sign” documentary. He recently put out a video he called a Revelation Update feature new insights he believes helps us understand how the book of Revelation will unfold in light of recent events. He believes the advancement of certain technologies like AI likely have a huge role to play in the end times and reading passages with this in mind could unlock some of the mystery of the book. I encourage you to watch this video if you haven’t yet and share your thoughts below. Thank you to the multiple people who shared this link with me.

Here is the video (1 hour 9 min):


  1. This is what happens when science fiction has more impact on so called bible teachers than the history of the world of the bible and the bible itself does. When peoples dreams, visions, and “words from the lord” are put on par with the study of the Bible we end up with some of the silliest propositions. I remember back in the 1980s all the talk about a computer in Belgium called the beast. Where is it now? It is people like Mark Correll that make bible prophecy a thing to mock and joke about. Several years ago I heard a bible prophecy teacher postulate the possibility of demons posing as space aliens landing on the white house lawn coming in the name of peace and establishing a new world order. On another occasion I heard a zoologist suggest that the decline of butterflies was a sign of the end because with out them their is no pollination, no food, and thus the famine of revelation 6 would be upon us. He gave less than five years. Back in 1985. What ever happened to the Soviet invasion of Israel? Where is the discernment on these prophecy blogs ?

    One of the greatest minds of the last century was Dr Greg Bahnsen of Covenant Media Foundation. When it came to prophecy he was a preterist which I reject. When it comes to biblical philosophy and apologetics he was the best. He taught ( and I have taken ) a seminary level course on biblical apologetics several years back. It is available on line at the above mentioned foundation. I believe that on about lecture 17 he details the subject of knowledge and what it means to know some thing. How do we know that we know is the question. I would strongly suggest that not only the producer of this blog but all who visit it take the time to educate themselves on biblical reasoning as taught in Bahnsens work.


  2. Funny you are acknowledging “one of the greatest minds of the last century” who is a “preterist”. This pastor is one of a few who is looking at all angles and rightfully so. We are in a spiritual battle like people just don’t even fathom. Science fiction has now becoming fact.

  3. Brad H, sometimes I think you just like to mess with us. First of all, are you positing that the growing A.I. technology is NOT going to be used as a major part of the Beast System?! They have already been granted IRS recognition for the foundation of a church based upon the worship of A.I. as a godhead “for the betterment of society.”
    And secondly, I would not base my Biblical reasoning education on the teachings launched by an already way-off base preterist. If I know the foundation is faulty, I’m staying out of the building, especially in these volatile days we are in. Yes, watchers in the past have misunderstood, but knowledge has increased as the prophetic Word and our understanding have unfolded before us. We didn’t lose our faith because WE were wrong about some misread details along the way. And are we afraid of mockery??
    You must be kidding. That just confirms we are on the right path home. Glory to God for giving us eyes to see, ears to hear, and the hearts to know our Savior is about to remove the Restrainer. I pray to see you on board, Brother:-)

  4. Mr Bahnsen was a man gifted with the gift of knowledge and teaching. He did not have the gift of prophecy. He died in 1990. His biggest contribution to the Christian world was to bring people to the understanding that all gifting and doctrine must be done according to biblical knowledge and a biblical world view. No matter what the may gift be it must comport with the knowledge of God as revealed in the word. Bible prophecy is no exception. It must be held in harmony with all other doctrines. Knowing that evidential apologetics is inconsistently held, Answers in Genesis has completely adopted Bahnsen’s doctrine with regard to this. Ken Ham even used it in his debate with Bill Nigh. I personally spoke to people at AIG regarding this and had a small level of influence in helping them adopt it. Yet AIG promotes a dispensational eschatology. Keep in mind that there was little if any information on the feasts of Israel and even less on astronomy software back in the day. Bahnsen’s preterism was the direct result of the utter failure of dispensationalist to recognize the conflicts the with regard to many things and in particular bible prophecy. Bahnsen took a preterist approach because to him it was the one with the least amount of conflict. None the less he acknowledged the conflict and clearly stated that we must continue in study to either change our thinking or until the Lord reveals thru the word how to reconcile the conflict. Of recent, I have seen some presterist minded people start to come back to dispensational thought as the feasts and astronomy are clearing up much of the conflict. Even the original publisher of what we know of the feasts ( Edershiem 1870 ) who himself was a preterist fully acknowledged that what we he thought concerning prophecy may have to be modified. There is no knowledge of the feasts of Israel and how they practiced them apart from the work of Edershiem. But he was preterist so according to Sheila we should disregard anything he taught. Sheila why do you not go read some of what i suggested on Bahnsen before you open your mouth. AIG did and they adapted some of what was found.

  5. Interesting comments Brad. While I for one agree with you on the AI ‘image of the beast’ perception (which I agree is rubbish but have written about that previously so won’t repeat myself here), I believe that speculation on what deeply difficult prophecy might mean is ok…as long as there is a strong disclaimer that it is largely speculative etc. I think the good thing about this blog are the extreme perspectives that we get to consider in light of biblical truths. Some of the things that would have been considered ‘science fiction’ 1 or 2 hundred years ago, are now engrained as reality (e.g. internet), however those espousing such things would have had their detractors. However – does that mean detractors are bad? Of course not, particularly when it comes to biblical truth, and is one reason why the gifts of wisdom, teaching and discernment have been given to the Church. I personally think some of the comments on these blogs are wayyyy out there (including the CERN cloning Nimrod one and certain bible teachers missing out on their summer vacation having prophetic significance etc), and agree that significantly more discernment needs to be taken prior to making these kinds of comments, however I would give credit to many of the bloggers here that there is much in the way of “i wonder if…”, or “could Ezekiel 29 mean…”. Timely words nonetheless Brad.


  6. Brad Hurst, your comments about Sheila were uncalled for. You do not exemplify at all a christlike demeanor. Overall, your comments have a superiority attitude which is distasteful.

  7. Play hard fight hard or get out . I am sick of buffoons

  8. Time is short friends, so let us not squabble on the minutia when our enemy distracts us away from the love of one another.
    Burdensome is he who finds the right way to edify and lift up our brothers and sisters in Christ when we feel they are in error. But the reward of doing so can only be a reward when we do it with love.
    If we can learn anything from great teachers it is this, “Love one another”. Correction is fine and good, but loving each other when correcting is far more important. It ain’t easy, but it is more important.

  9. Love is in part defined with how Christ addressed and treated his opponents and those promoting a false doctrine. He was not nice on those issues. Even with Peter. To imitate Christ in like manner is to be Christ like. In our modern feminized world were emotions take precedence at the expense of truth people see love as a tear in your eye while holding a warm puppy. Theology is and has primarily been a mans world. There is reason why the bible tells us that woman are to remain silent, not teach or exercise authority over a man.

  10. Dear Brad H. I don’t claim to be a theological genius by any means, but I didn’t come by my Biblical reasoning without years of study and comparing the vastly differing eschatology views. And I will confidently tell you this—my faith in the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ has removed me, (as well as everyone else here who has put their faith in Him, and Him Crucified) from your “Buffoon” ranks. So…ok, I did some homework on your guy. He actually got divorced in 1990 and died at age 42 in 1995 leaving quite a legacy of his Apologetics,
    Theonomy and Postmillenialism
    views behind. I’ve looked at both his praisers and critics.
    Even scanned a few of his articles. But
    there is no evidence of either of those views coming into being in this world system. That said, I do respect the man’s Apologetic devotion to defending the presupposition of The Almighty God, but as you said, Apologetics, not Pre-Trib Prophecy was his forte, so my question is why did you even put this man forth as part of an effort to discredit another man who’s forte is in the Pre-Trib Prophetic field? And none of these Watchmen/women are putting a “Thus saith the LORD” in front of anything they/we are sharing. Only possibilities and you’ve put forth some pretty weird ideas, Brad H. as well, along with some real harsh words for others who are trying to serve the Lord. I am sorry if you were so personally offended by my rejection of Mr. Bahnsen’s theological bent but I do not apologize for my stance on your original comment. And by the way, according to beekeepers, there is currently a huge problem with “bees” dying off, behaving erratically, or just abandoning their hives which could easily lead to a serious issue regarding food crops. But then that acknowledgement might fall under “buffoonery” rather than just another wisely regarded sign of the times?
    Take care in Christ, Brother as we wait and watch.

  11. thank goodness then Brad that this is a blogsite, not a church, nor a venue by which we are able to ‘exercise authority’ over one another. I don’t mind you calling a spade just that, but to deny (by berating) a woman the opportunity to hold a genuine gift of teaching and express that online is unfortunate. If I am not mistaken, it was Mary who always seemed to know who Christ was (sitting at Jesus feet, or pouring the expensive nard on Jesus feet), while the male disciples remained quite ignorant and lacked the courage to stick by Jesus at his greatest time of need. While my wife gives me full authority in our household, she is the one who typically discerns the most when things are not right, and is always the first to ‘hear’ from God regarding things in our lives. Thank Jesus for the faithfulness and wisdom of woman.

  12. First of all with regard to Dr Bahnsens divorce he was completely acquitted of any wrong doing by the full council of his denomination. Mr Bhansen set the standard of how public spoke persons should respond to charges of sin made against them. He submitted himself to the full body of the church at large and vowed to heed what ever recommendation was issued. He publically answered every charge and the full hearing is available for all to read. A full inquiry and trial was held by the presbyters of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church of America. Even his Ex wife and kids vouched for his integrity stating that his wife had an affair with one of the members of the church and no longer wanted to be part of the Christian faith despite efforts on Bahnsen’s part to bring reconciliation and restoration. He did the biblical thing ” if the unbelieving spouse wants to depart let them depart”

    Since you missed it, the point of bringing Bahnsen into the arena is because of his work on biblical reasoning and how we know what we know. It is the nature of truth to be self authenticating and to be held consistently with out conflict to other components of truth. Our eschatology cannot conflict internally nor with other components of theology. The premise of the above article is the suggestion of AI as one of the possible means for antichrist gaining control over the world. But as many would tell us the time of judgment to follow the rapture is a time of tribulation unlike any other time in the world. That would include, the judgements of Egypt, Sodom and Gomorah and the flood. The topography of the planet and the entire infrastructure of the world will collapse and yet some how AI will survive ? Give me a break. A child can see thru this stuff. Bahnsens work in apologetics is not just concerned with answering the critics of Christianity. It goes much further and teaches us how to test the variouse assertions made by people within the church. You cannot hold things in conflict. BTW being a Christian doe not prevent people from being buffoons. The Corinthians celebrated their openness to all by bragging that they even had a person among them who was having sex with his mother in law. Some how with all of your research you missed that and the buffoons of revelation 2-3.