Germany spends €50,000 a year to look after single ‘child’ refugee

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Germany spends €50,000 a year to look after single ‘child’ refugee

Angela Merkel

One region spent €105.2m in 2017. Official figures show around 43% aren’t children.

It costs around €50,000-a-year to look after a single unaccompanied young refugee in Germany, and just one region spent a total of €105.2m was spent on housing and support for them in 2017, according to reports.

Official figures published by the German government show 43% of unaccompanied child migrants are actually adults, and some are allowed to be cared for by child welfare services until the age of 27.

The city of Kiel spent €58,600 per refugee – of the 1795 unaccompanied minors, 775 are now adults, according to Die Welt.

In Saxony and Lower Saxony the cost was around €54,000, Thuringia €49,000 and Brandenburg €40,000.

Despite the fact that it cost the Schleswig-Holstein region €105m to care for their ‘child’ refugees, the federal government has only given them about €11m, according to German media.

The true cost of the refugee crisis in Germany is absolutely mind blowing. German regions are being hung out to dry thanks to Angela Merkel’s botched open door policy.

Comment: Breitbart reports more on the advantages that come to grown men who pretend they’re ‘child refugees’:

Many asylum seekers have claimed to be underage because it is much harder for the German government to deport underage asylum seekers and many get preferential treatment.

According to Afghan asylum seeker Hussein K., the suspected murderer of German student Maria Ladenburger, he lied about his age to receive better benefits saying, “if you’re a minor, the situation in Germany is better.”

Germany is not the only country facing a large number of asylum seekers lying about their age. In Austria last year, authorities found almost 1,000 asylum seekers had lied about being under eighteen. An Austrian policeman commented on the issue at the time, saying: “It is absurd for us to see grown men with beards and greying hair that claim to be 17 years of age.”

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