BREAKING: Israeli Police Recommend Multiple Indictments Against Prime Minister Netanyahu

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BREAKING: Israeli Police Recommend Multiple Indictments Against Prime Minister Netanyahu

Posted: 13 Feb 2018 11:14 AM PST

It’s been one of the most politically-charged (and politically motivated) investigations in Israeli history and now the results of the investigation are out: Israeli police are seeking Benjamin Netanyahu’s indictment for bribery in two different cases.  The first, over fancy gifts, and the second, for supposedly attempting to manipulate a newspaper.


As it stands now, Netanyahu looks to be firing back and is bringing into question the political motivations of the investigators.  Time will tell how quickly this situation will escalate, but it is conceivable that the Prime Minister will be forced out.  In that case it wouldn’t be surprising to see a special election and even potentially a liberal Zionist Union leader take the reins of powers.  A Zionist Union Prime Minister would no doubt be very quick to capitulate to the two-state solution and very slow to respond to acts of aggression by Russia, Iran, and Syria.

As if this already crazy week in the Middle East could get any crazier, it’s now being reported that an American UAV took out a Russian T-72 in Syria in “self-defense” and in a separate engagement, scores of Russian contract soldiers were killed by U.S. forces.

Just step back and think about that for a moment: there were just two actual armed engagements between Russia and the United States.  I think that’s a first in the Syrian war, and perhaps a first in many, many decades.

For the moment, Russia is trying to downplay the event to save face and avoid a larger confrontation, but this just goes to show that things are definitely not winding down in Syria.  As a matter of fact, last week was one of the bloodiest weeks in the war since it began back in 2011—some 277 civilians were killed last week, alone.  On top of that, a U.N. damage assessment from just two months ago shows that there was a significant increase in both damaged and destroyed areas of eastern and southeastern Damascus in 2017.


American special forces in Syria, near the border with Turkey


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