Signs of the End, March Update

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March Update


Signs of the End - OrdersSigns of the End - Orders

March 10, 2018


Some of the elements in this diagram are striking as this looks ahead one week to a possible similar time as before the Flood. Using the hour counts of 2520 and 2554, as in the second diagram to the conjunction of Jupiter and Mars from the Revelation 12 Sign, the phi portion of both ends 21 hours apart on 3-12-18 at 9pm EDT/6pm PDT and on 3-13-18 at 6pm EDT/3pm PDT.


This is the first time 444 days has been documented in this instance and brings the count to 8 such spans if this turns out to be a correct significance.


If only two weeks remain it may not seem too important at this point, but truly there is time to witness and lay down evidence that people looking for answers can find in the days ahead….

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