Syrian army and Hezbollah report missile attacks overnight

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Syrian army and Hezbollah report missile attacks overnight

Missile attacks reported on Shayrat and Dumair military airport; Syrian army claims missile defense systems prevented attacks.



Both Syria and Hezbollah reported that missiles were fired at a military base and airport overnight.

The Syrian army reported that its air defenses responded to a missile attack near Homs targeting its Shayrat airbase. It claimed that “Our heroic air defenses have responded to an aggression with missiles that targeted the Shayrat air base in the Homs countryside and shot them down.” Soon after, Hezbollah media reported an attempted strike on the Dumair military airport northeast of Damascus.

The reports did not give specifics on the number of missiles or how many it intercepted. The Shayrat base was targeted and hit last year by the US military after an Assad regime chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun.

The United States denied any involvement, the Pentagon confirming “There is no US military activity in that area at this time. We do not have additional details to provide.”

The missile attacks follow confirmation from an IDF official that Israel targeted the Syrian T-4 base on April 9. The mission occurred after IDF downed an Iranian drone in February that was armed with explosives for a terror attack on Israel.

They recently confirmed that “An analysis of the flight path and operational and intelligence research performed on parts of the Iranian UAV that entered our territory on February 10 shows it carried explosive material and its mission was to carry out a destructive operation.”

The IDF official spoke to the New York Time’s Thomas Friedman, who reported the official as having stated “It was the first time we attacked live Iranian targets, both facilities and people… This is the first time we saw Iran do something against Israel directly, not by proxy. This opened a new period.”

Israel has refused, as always, to confirm, refute or discuss these reports.

Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed Assad’s regime in relation to the Jewish state on Sunday, reiterating Israel’s full support for President Trump’s strikes in Syria. He warned that “the main element that is subverting the Middle East more than any other is Iran, and that President Assad must understand that when he allows Iran and its proxies to establish a military presence in Syria, he is endangering both Syria and the stability of the entire region.”


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