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Eigen bijdrage ‘zorg’ gaat naar de 400 euro per persoon per jaar.

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Naast alle vaccinaties komen deze kosten er dan ook nog eens bij. Wat is de bedoeling? Dit is geen reële kostenstijging meer!

Het zal voor veel mensen aan de onderkant van de maatschappelijke ( lees: financiële ) ladder absoluut niet meer leefbaar blijven!

‘Eigen risico zorg naar 400 euro’


Laatste update:  3 mei 2012 21:06 info

AMSTERDAM – Het eigen risico in de zorg gaat volgend jaar omhoog van 220 naar 400 euro. De verhoging geldt voor iedereen, maar voor lagere inkomens wordt nog gezocht naar een mogelijke compensatie.

Dat meldt RTL Nieuws donderdag op basis van anonieme bronnen.

Het plan komt uit de koker van de vijf partijen die samen het begrotingsakkoord sloten na het mislukken van het Catshuisoverleg. VVD, CDA, D66, GroenLinks en ChristenUnie willen een miljard bezuinigen op de zorg, maar daar zijn nog weinig details over bekend.

Wel zouden medisch specialisten in loondienst van ziekenhuizen moeten komen en niet meer mogen verdienen dan de Balkenendenorm.

Biologische en chemische experimenten op de burgerbevolking

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(Brasscheck TV) Het is mooi dat CNN op dit moment aandacht besteedt aan een serie van verhalen over “militaire proefkonijnen”. Deze proefkonijnen zijn Amerikaanse soldaten die gebruikt worden voor experimenten met chemische en biologische wapens.

Dit zijn dingen die aan de kaak gesteld moeten worden.

Aangezien ze daar bij CNN hun ding doen is het nu ook een goed moment om naar buiten te brengen dat het niet alleen soldaten waren, maar ook onwetende burgers.

Je hoort het goed inderdaad. Er werden open-lucht experimenten uitgevoerd boven grootstedelijke gebieden, gewoon om te zien wat er zou gebeuren…

Lees verder op:

Marihuana doodt kankercellen – de relatie tussen Marihuana en kanker

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Is dit een van de redenen van het repressieve beleid van de laatste tijd?

Je zou het wel gaan denken gezien de bevindingen van de laatste jaren. Dit artikel staat dan ook allerminst op zichzelf.

Bron: Naturalsociety

Thanks to the available findings of a 2006 study showing that cannabis actually reduces the number of cancer cells, medical marijuana users can now feel even better about the widely abolished pain relief ingredient found in the plant. The relationship between marijuana and cancer has always been up for debate, but with the use of a specially crafted oil made from the buds of the Cannabis Sativa plant, scientists confirmed that the plant’s primary psychoactive chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) destroys any and all malignant cancer cell growths in several patients. Details on the marijuana and cancer prevention connection aren’t exactly known, but further, more extensive testing will reveal exactly what may be causing this seemingly miracle cure.

Shedding Some Light on the Marijuana and Cancer Relationship

Back in 2006, the study was developed by a team of medical researchers at the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Pharmacology and Toxicology department on leukemia patients. The researchers essentially outlined that if taken daily for an extended period of time, cannabis oil actually reverses the growth of cancer and possibly leads to remission in the patient – with zero added side effects. Typically when a leukemia patient enters a hospital for admission and treatment, they are given a very extensive chemotherapy treatment, usually paired with a radiological treatment. Instead of considering any possible treatment involving marijuana and cancer, doctors use these not only ineffective, but also dangerous treatments. Cannabis, on the other hand, as shown in the study, has virtually no side effects. It is  especially safe and effective when administered in a clean, medically sound environment and in the form of oil.

Other studies have been made over the past decades much like this one: Manuel Guzman located in Madrid, Spain discovered that cannabinoids substantially inhibit the growth of tumors in a variety of lab animals. In the study he also found that not one of these tested animals endured any kind of side effects seen in many similar chemotherapy treatments. It is becoming increasingly clear that you can sidestep any of the misery associated with traditional cancer treatments and embrace the potent, effective healing powers of THC – not to forget about the positive attributes surrounding cannabis’ other primary cannabinoid, cannabidiol (CBD).

If the results don’t appeal to you, then maybe the 2,500 total studied patients throughout these 37 controlled studies will blow the lid on the myth that cannabis is and can only be used as a “dangerous” drug. None of the patients reported any kind of adverse side effects from the use of THC and based medication – further adding to the benefits of medical marijuana and strengthening the positive connection between marijuana and cancer.

The real irony in the situation here? The combined governments of the world are the primary authority behind more than 30 studies like these completed throughout the years – and kept them secret from the general public. It wouldn’t be very conducive for our government if word got out that a schedule 1 narcotic could actually help people.

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  4. Dad Says Marijuana Helped 3-Year-Old Son Beat Cancer
  5. Exposed: Deadly Cancer Drugs Make Cancer Worse and Kill Patients More Quickly
  6. Medical Marijuana Legalized in Delaware, Sixteenth State to Pass Legislation



Knoflook bewezen 100 keer meer effectief dan antibiotica

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Weer een douw voor Big Pharma. Knoflook is echt gezond!

De natuur is zo gek nog niet.


May 3, 2012 – A considerable finding from Washington State University exhibits that garlic is 100 times much more helpful than two common antibiotics at fighting disease leading to bacteria commonly accountable for foodborne illness.

Their work was published just lately in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy a comply with-up to the author’s prior research in Applied and Environmental Microbiology which conclusively demonstrated that garlic concentrate was efficient in inhibiting the growth of C. jejuni bacteria.

Garlic is probably nature’s most potent food. It is one of the factors folks who eat the Mediterranean diet live such extended healthful lives. Garlic is also a strong performer in the research lab.

“This work is very exciting to me because it displays that this compound has the possible to minimize disease-leading to bacteria in the environment and in our food supply,” said Xiaonan Lu, a postdoctoral researcher and lead writer of the paper.

One of the most interesting of the recent findings is that garlic increases the total antioxidant ranges of the physique. Scientifically known as Allium sativa, garlic has been renowned all through background for its capability to fight off viruses and bacteria. Louis Pasteur noted in 1858 that bacteria died when they have been doused with garlic. From the Middle Ages on, garlic has been employed to deal with wounds, being ground or sliced and applied right to wounds to inhibit the spread of infection. The Russians refer to garlic as Russian penicillin.

“This is the first step in creating or considering about new intervention tactics,” saif Michael Konkel, a co-author who has been researching Campylobacter jejuni for 25 years.

“Campylobacter is basically the most common bacterial cause of meals-borne illness in the United States and almost certainly the globe,” Konkel mentioned. Some 2.4 million Americans are impacted every year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with signs and symptoms like diarrhea, cramping, abdominal discomfort and fever.

The bacteria also are responsible for triggering practically one-third of the instances of a unusual paralyzing condition known as Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Diallyl disulfide is an organosulfur compound derived from garlic and a couple of other genus Allium plants. It is made throughout the decomposition of allicin, which is released upon crushing garlic

Lu and his colleagues looked at the capability of diallyl sulfide to kill the bacterium when it is protected by a slimy biofilm that helps make it 1,000 times far more resistant to antibiotics than the free floating bacterial cell. They discovered the compound can simply penetrate the protective biofilm and kill bacterial cells by combining with a sulfur-containing enzyme, subsequently modifying the enzyme’s perform and efficiently shutting down cell metabolism.

The researchers identified the diallyl sulfide was as successful as 100 times as much of the antibiotics erythromycin and ciprofloxacin and typically would work in a fraction of the time.

Sources and more information:

• Garlic Compound Fights Source of Food-Borne Illness Better Than Antibiotics

Researchers at Washington State University have found that a compound in garlic is 100 times more effective than two popular antibiotics at fighting the Campylobacter bacterium, one of the most common causes of intestinal illness. Their work was published recently in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy.

• Better than antibiotics: Garlic compound fights source of food-borne illness

Campylobacter jejuni (Wikipedia photo) PULLMAN, Wash. – Researchers at Washington State University have found that a compound in garlic is 100 times more effective than two popular antibiotics at fighting the Campylobacter bacterium, one of the most common causes of intestinal illness. Their work was published recently in the Journal of…

• Garlic compound fights source of food-borne illness better than antibiotics

• Garlic fights food-poisoning bacteria: US Scientists

• Garlic is Delicious…and Healthy!

• Garlic ‘fights food poisoning bacteria’


Nieuws van het vaccinatiefront

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Belfort – group


De aap komt uit de mouw … !


3 mei 2012


Meer en meer studies tonen aan dat vaccinaties niet alleen geen enkele bijdrage leveren tot het voorkomen van infectieziekten maar ook dat ze meer schade, leed en overlijden veroorzaken dan welke andere vorm ook van medische interventie in de menselijke geschiedenis.

Vooral in de laatste twintig jaar zijn er meer meer boeken en artikelen over de ernstige bijwerkingen verschenen. Het wordt steeds duidelijker dat er gegronde medische redenen zijn, ondersteund door gedegen onderzoek, om het gangbare gebruik van vaccinatie minstens ernstig in vraag te stellen.

Zo kregen we deze wetenschappelijke studie onder ogen ( cfr. bijlage )

Influence of pediatric vaccines on amygdala growth and opioid ligand binding in rhesus macaque infants:

A pilot study

Hewitson L.*1,2, Lopresti B.3, Stott C.4, Mason N.S.3, Tomko J.1 *Email:

1Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA, USA;

2Thoughtful House Center for Children, Austin, TX, USA;

3Department of Radiology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 4Independent Chartered Scientist, Cambridge, UK;

In deze studie worden de effecten van vaccinaties bestudeerd bij jonge Resusaapjes ( de zogenaamde ” makaken ” ) en wordt vooral de vergelijking gemaakt tussen  de groep die wel en niet het vaccinatieprogramma krijgen dat voorzien is voor onze kinderen.  Kort samengevat blijkt overduidelijk dat vaccins negatieve invloed hebben op de ontwikkeling van de hersenen, vooral de amygdalae. Dit zijn twee amandelvormige kernen van neuronen in de temporale kwab van de hersenen, die deel uitmaken van het limbisch systeem. Ze zijn van cruciaal belang voor het ontwikkelen van emoties ( vooral sociale ) . Ze verwerken de aversieve prikkels en reguleren de angst. Ze worden ook in verband gebracht met agressie en seksueel gedrag.

Belangrijk is dat verstoring van de amygdalae in verband gebracht wordt met autisme, cfr. o.a. deze studie ( ) .

Jonge Resus-aapjes worden beschouwd als een relevant diermodel om specifieke milieu-risico’s en hun structureel-functionele impact op de neurologische ontwikkeling te onderzoeken.

Conclusie lijkt dan ook te zijn dat het huidig vaccinatieschema een regelrechte bedreiging vormt voor de ontwikkeling van het menselijk kind, vooral op neurologisch vlak.

De meeste mensen – vooral uit de gezondheidssector zelf ! – kunnen dit moeilijk ‘geloven’ omdat het zo haaks staat op wat ons allemaal als heilige waarheid is ingeprent. Maar de waarheid is wat ze is en hebben we niet met zijn allen de morele plicht deze aan het daglicht te brengen ?

Niemand wil toch voor de aap gehouden worden ?


Peter Vereecke



PS Dit pas binnengekomen persbericht bevestigt het nogmaals : ook al moet men bijna twintig jaar procederen, uiteindelijk moet toegegeven worden dat een vaccinatie heel erge neveneffecten kan hebben en dat finaliter er iemand verantwoordelijk gesteld wordt, helaas zelden het farmaceutisch bedrijf zelf dat beschermd is door de paraplu die de overheid zelf openspant …

Franse Raad van State acht het Pentacoq vaccin verantwoordelijk voor 95% handicap baby van 5 maanden en veroordeelt de staat tot het uitkeren van 3 miljoen euro schadeloosstelling aan slachtoffer

Het Pentacoq vaccin (kinkhoest/hib/difterie/tetanus/polio) is op 22 december 2005 van de markt gehaald en vervangen door een ander.

De 5 maanden oude Inès kreeg in 1995 dit vaccin toegediend in het kader van de verplichte vaccinaties. Een week later werd zij met spoed opgenomen wegens zware neurologische problemen, op zich niet dodelijk, maar wel resulterend in een ernstige handicap (voor 95%).

Na 17 jaar procederen is de Staat, en met name de minister van Gezondheid, verantwoordelijk voor deze verplichte vaccinatie, veroordeeld tot het betalen van 3 miljoen euro aan dit zwaar getroffen meisje. Daarnaast ontvangen de ouders en het zusje van het slachtoffer een morele schadevergoeding.

Fabrikant Sanofi-Pasteur wordt niets ten laste gelegd.

As vulkaan Popocatépetl bereikt Mexico-Stad

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Laatste update:  3 mei 2012 16:28  Bron:

MEXICO-STAD – De onrustige vulkaan Popocatépetl in Mexico spuwt nu zoveel as uit dat die de hoofdstad Mexico-Stad bereikt, circa 60 kilometer verderop.


Vulkaan Popocatépetl Fotoserie

Na een serie explosies was een aswolk van 2 kilometer hoog ontstaan boven de krater. Door de sterke westenwind dwarrelde het gruis neer in vier wijken van de miljoenenstad, meldde het nationale rampencentrum Cenapred donderdag.

Burgemeester Marcello Ebrard vroeg de bewoners in de getroffen gebieden om de huizen alleen te verlaten met een mondkapje.

De 5400 meter hoge vulkaan Popocatépetl was in april actief geworden. Het rampencentrum houdt rekening met een uitbarsting in de komende tijd. De bewoners in de regio zijn voorbereid op evacuatie.

Let op: De stad Mexico zelf ligt zelf al op een hoogte van 2.200meter boven de zeespiegel.  Dus de berg Popocatépetl is dus aanzienlijk minder hoog dan dat officieel wordt aangegeven. ( red. S.V.)

Saoedi Arabië spreekt voor een derde keer dreigende taal richting Iran.

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Bron: Ha’aretz

Saudi Arabia warns Iran: Will not tolerate threats to Gulf state

The warning comes following Ahmadinejad visit to an Island claimed by both Tehran and UAE. Saudi Prince: Any harm to any of the countries touches us all.

Saudi Arabia repeated on Wednesday that it would not tolerate threats to the Gulf Arab states’ sovereignty, the latest warning to Iran after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit to an island claimed by both Tehran and the United Arab Emirates.

The warning, the third in as many weeks by a member of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), comes amid increased nervousness in the region over Iran.

Shi’ite-led unrest is resurgent in Bahrain a year after the ruling Al Khalifa family brought in Saudi and UAE troops to help suppress an uprising seen by Sunni Muslim Gulf rulers as sectarian in nature and driven by Shi’ite giant Iran.

“Any harm that comes across any of our countries is harm that touches us all,” Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Nayef said in a speech at a meeting of GCC interior ministers in Riyadh.

Nayef also condemned what he called Iran’s “occupation” of the island and its role in events in Bahrain.

“We stress that Saudi Arabia and the rest of the council countries are standing in a unified line with Bahrain and the UAE to protect sovereignty and stability, considering their security a part of the council’s security as a whole.”

Ahmadinejad made a rare visit on April 11 to Abu Musa, one of three Gulf islands also claimed by the UAE and located near oil shipping routes at the mouth of the Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz.

Bahrain’s Formula One race last month drew fresh attention to ongoing clashes between Bahraini security forces and mostly Shi’ite protesters, although the main Shi’ite Islamist Wefaq party denies any links with Iran.

Tensions with Iran have increased since the Gulf Arab countries’ western allies tightened sanctions over Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons program. Tehran says its nuclear activities are entirely peaceful.

Saudi foreign minister Prince Saud al-Faisal said in a speech over the weekend that Gulf Arab states are pushing ahead with plans for a political union that would involve joint foreign and defense policies, an idea floated by Saudi King Abdullah last December.

After Ahmadinejad’s visit to Abu Musa, some 60 km (40 miles) off the UAE coast, the Islamic Republic said its sovereignty over the three islands was not negotiable but it has also called for talks with the UAE to clear up “misunderstandings”.

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi, quoted by the student news agency ISNA, said Iran wanted to “have the best possible relations with the UAE, as our trade and economic relations are significant.”

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Nayef arrives at King Fahad Stadium in Riyadh February 10, 2012 Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Nayef arrives for the Saudi Crown Prince Cup final soccer match between Al-Hilal and Al-Ettifaq at King Fahad Stadium in Riyadh February 10, 2012.
Photo by: Reuters

Vrijheid van meningsuiting en religie en zeker de islamitische religie staan tegenover elkaar als water en vuur

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PA onderdrukt vrijheid van meningsuiting op de West Bank


Het onderstaande artikel gaat over de toenemende onderdrukking van de persvrijheid en de vrijheid van meningsuiting in de door de PA gecontroleerde gebieden op de West Bank.

Het meest recente voorbeeld daarvan is een rechtszaak tegen het Palestijnse TV station Al-Wattan.

Het Britse blad The Guardian berichtte deze week dat al-Wattan door de PA wordt aangepakt vanwege een gepubliceerd onderzoek naar corruptie door PA officials.

 Al-Wattan had gerapporteerd dat de zoon van een hooggeplaatste PA official  was toegelaten tot een Palestijnse universiteit terwijl hij niet aan de toelatingseisen voldeed.

Tussen 1996 en 2002 sloot de PA de kantoren van  al-Wattan TV al vijf keer.

Muamar Orabi de directeur van al-Wattan zei tegen The Guardian dat ‘journalisten in de PA de slechtste periode ooit meemaken’ en dat dit een ‘zeer gevaarlijke situatie’ is.

Al Wattan kwam in februari ook al in het nieuws toen de IDF de zender uit de lucht haalde vanwege illegale uitzendingen, die onder andere het vliegverkeer op de Israëlische nationale luchthaven Ben Gurion hinderden.

De EU veroordeelde indertijd de IDF actie in scherpe bewoordingen. Catherine Ashton, de EU commissaris voor Buitenlands beleid,  sprak zelfs ten onrechte van een schending van de Oslo akkoorden.

Nu al-Wattan wordt aangepakt door de PA blijft het echter stil vanuit Brussel.

Ook is er nog geen Europese reactie gekomen op de PA campagne die erop is gericht om een einde te maken aan de vrijheid van meningsuiting in de gebieden onder Palestijns bestuur.

Lees hier verder:


Let op deze naam: “Keshe Foundation” vanwege ongekende technologiën

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Transfer of Keshe Foundation Know-how to world governments

On the 21st of the April 2012 in the first international presentation at the Keshe Foundation centre in Belgium, the Foundation did start the full transfer of technologies to world governments.


The Keshe Foundation through its ethos of world equality did organise and executed the first of its series of presentations of all its technologies for world governments.

In this first meeting the Keshe Foundation explained and demonstrated and systems were shown and physically given to their government representatives to the ambassadors and the representative of the attending nations to handle and test.

In this meeting full operation of systems for all technologies developed by the Foundation were fully explained and most systems were demonstrated for their operation.

In this invitation all the nations on the United nation charter who could be contacted have been contacted and were invited.

For this presentation world space organisations the Like of European space agency and NASA were directly spoken to and invited.

Therefore from 21.4.2012 the Space technology and all Know-how’s of the Keshe Foundation are directly offered and are made available freely for transfer to world governments.

From this point on it is the responsibility of the nations to bring the space, health, food and the energy discoveries and technologies developed by the Keshe Foundation to their citizens.

The copy of the invitation letter to world ambassadors in Belgium is attached below and information in the invitation clearly states that our technologies are, will and have been transferred free of charge and without any ties to all nations.

We invited the ambassadors of the United State of America, ambassadors of the smallest islands nations in carbines to ambassadors of the poorest nations in Africa. Thus we have started the full transfer of technology to all nations irrespective of their size, colour, belief, financial strength and political orientation.

The second round of the presentation for the nations whom could not attend for whatever reasons will be organised and to be held at the Keshe Foundation centre in September of the 2012.

Our technology from this point on is in the hand of your nation and from the Holly day of the 21.04.2012 our knowledge has become your nations knowledge and assets.

We hope that the world nations will use this new knowledge for its peaceful development for the advancement of human race.

Yours faithfully
M T Keshe

The founder of the Keshe Foundation.

Below is the Copy of the invitation to the representatives of the governments

Subject: Invitation for His/Her Excellency the AmbassadorYour are cordially invited

Keshe Foundation kindly invites His/Her Excellency the Ambassador and your scientific representatives or specialists in the fields of space, energy and health to attend the first international space gravitational plasma technology presentation by the Stichting the Keshe Foundation for governments and their officials in Belgium.

In this presentation the new space gravitational plasma technology developed by the Keshe Foundation will be offered and the know-how and the full technology will be available for transfer to your government.

The new space gravitational plasma technology will allow your nation to have access immediately, directly and without much expense to the space program, energy production system and medical system technologies, which have been developed for space exploration by the Foundation over past forty years, where these new discoveries can create promptly new jobs and give access to new and energy resources for your nation.

This presentation will include:

The explanation of the first non-propulsion and the use of new gravitational positioning space plasma system, which has been developed by the Keshe Foundation. This allowing the space to be opened to every nation without delay rather than waiting for tens of years for other nations hand-downs of such a technology.

Where, from now on the human- race will work and develop the space technology as collective unit and not as separate space programs of different nations:

The medical application of the new space gravitational plasma technology, which has been tested and being developed by the Keshe Foundation can be read and seen in more detail at:

The energy production capabilities of the new space technology can be seen at:

According to the ethos of the Keshe Foundation our knowledge belongs to your nation and we transfer it as a whole and as a gift and free of any charges and without any ties attached the full know-how and all our discoveries to your nation, and we hope that your government will use this new knowledge for further improving the life of your nationals and bringing them in-line with the rest of the prosperous nations of today and in one collaborated move into space program of the 21st century.

The new space gravitational plasma technology works through principle of burning no fuel as the space propulsion and energy industries are accustom to at the present. The new technology uses the universal laws of physics and its principles are in-line with the creation of motion and energy as is attained in the universe by all celestial objects without burning of any fuel in the universe.

As we say in the Keshe Foundation “We do not observe any wings or jest engines and power stations attached to the earth, but earth has been in motion and creating its own energy and keeping its distance from other celestial objects in the solar system through universal principle of creation and positioning of its magnetic fields for millions of years using the interaction and positioning of it magnetic fields as is done by all dynamic celestial objects in the universe.

Hence the mans knowledge from this point on with this new technology has reached the point that we have finished with mans habit of burning of matters to achieve motion and creation of electric power and we use the universal principle of positioning of magnetic fields in our developed systems for creation of motion, energy and in the health-care.

What your government will do and how it will implement this new technology, which we transfer to your nation for advancement of your nationals, is your government’s decision.

You can read more about this new scientific development on the Website of the Keshe Foundation.<>

It will be kind of you if you could provide us with the name of the officials and in the capacity that they will be representing your nation in this presentation that we can deliver their personal invitation to your embassy for their attendance.

Please confirm the acceptance that representative(s) from your nation will be attending this presentation by e-mail to
———————————————————– no later than 20.04.2012

For this presentation governments official and international diplomatic-core from all nations are invited.

We have foreseen maximum three to five representative per nation for the first presentation as the auditorium of the Foundation has one hundred seats capacity.

The space gravitational plasma technology presentation is arranged for 6 pm on 21.4.2012 at Keshe Foundation centre in Ninove, Near Brussels.

Yours faithfully
M T Keshe
The director of the Keshe Foundation
Space Technology at the service of humanity

The Keshe Foundation
Ring Oost 14
9400 Ninove
Telephone contact number: Mr M T Keshe on ============

The presentation will be in English
Please advise of the address for the delivery of the invitations
Buffet dinner will be provided.

Nieuwsflitsen verzameld door: Jeroen Adema

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ISRAËL MOBILISEERT ZIJN RESERVISTEN:Dit vanwege de dreiging uit Syrië en Egypte


Rusland sluit een preventieve aanval op Europa niet uit:  Dit vanwege het Amerikaanse raketschild in Oost Europa.


Het rating agentschap S&P heeft Turkije afgewaardeerd.


Een derde van de Italiaanse jeugd is werkloos


Er is weer een nieuwe vulkaanuitbarsting gemeld:

Mount Asphyxia op de Sandwich-eilanden is uitgebarsten. Dit is de 52ste vulkaanuitbarsting dit jaar!


En volgens 1 op de 7 is het Einde der Tijden nabij.


Vriendelijke groeten

Kind regards

Jeroen Adema