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Iedereen een wapen is de stelling van Presidentskandidate Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton Says We Need To ‘Rein In The Notion That Anyone Can Have A Gun’

by NTEB News Desk

WASHINGTON — Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday the nation’s gun culture has gotten “way out of balance” and the U.S. needs to rein in the notion that “anybody can have a gun, anywhere, anytime.”


The former secretary of state and potential 2016 Democratic presidential candidate said the idea that anyone can have a gun is not in the “best interest of the vast majority of people.” But she said that approach does not conflict with the rights of people to own firearms.

Clinton waded into the polarizing issue of gun politics during an appearance at the National Council for Behavioral Health conference in Oxon Hill, Maryland, pointing to recent shootings that involved teens who had been playing loud music and chewing gum and a separate incident involving the typing of text messages in a movie theater.

“I think again we’re way out of balance. I think that we’ve got to rein in what has become an almost article of faith that anybody can have a gun anywhere, anytime,” Clinton said. “And I don’t believe that is in the best interest of the vast majority of people. And I think you can say that and still support the right of people to own guns.”

The Democratic-controlled Senate voted against legislation pushed by President Barack Obama last year that would have expanded background checks for firearm purchases to gun shows and online sales. The legislation came in the aftermath of the deadly Sandy Hook elementary school shootings in Connecticut.

If Clinton runs for president, her views on gun control would clash with Republicans, who have largely opposed efforts to tighten gun laws. During a recent National Rifle Association conference in Indianapolis, for example, GOP Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, a potential 2016 candidate, said Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden considered the Second Amendment to be little more than “a phrase from a speech writer.”

Clinton told attendees at the mental health conference that “at the rate we’re going, we’re going to have so many people with guns everywhere, fully licensed, fully validated” in settings like movie theaters where shootings have arisen over seemingly mundane things like loud gum chewing or cellphone use.

“That’s what happens in the countries I’ve visited where there is no rule of law and no self-control and that is something that we cannot just let go without paying attention,” she said.

During a question-and-answer session, Clinton was asked about the 1993 suicide of Clinton White House lawyer Vince Foster. Referring to him as “our friend in the White House,” she said he had been depressed and “filled with anxieties.” Like other men she has known who killed themselves, Clinton said, “they did not want to be seen as weak, they didn’t want to admit their problems.”

Her appearance coincided with the release by Vanity Fair magazine of excerpts from an article by Monica Lewinsky, who as a White House intern had an affair with Clinton’s husband when he was president. The subject of Bill Clinton’s affair with Lewinsky did not arise during Hillary Clinton’s appearance at the mental health summit or at an early childhood education event later Tuesday at the Inter-American Development Bank.

Clinton said she was still considering her political future, telling the Maryland audience she is someone “who has to really mull things over.”

“So stay tuned,” Clinton said. “When I know, you’ll know.” source – Boston Herald

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Een forse beschuldiging, maar de tijd zal het leren

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Barack Hoessein Obama en Hillary Clinton zijn lid van de Moslimbroederschap

by E.J. Bron

(Door: Martien Pennings) Glenn Beck kondigt een item aan over “The Project”. Dat is het project van de Moslimbroederschap om het hele Westen, en vooral Amerika,  onder het Kalifaat en de sharia te brengen. De plannen van de Moslimbroederschap die door de Amerikaanse geheime diensten in een Zwitserse villa zijn gevonden in het kader van […]

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E.J. Bron | 10 February 2013

Wat is er werkelijk met Hillery Clinton aan de hand?

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Hillary’s blood clot quite rare

By on January 1, 2013 in Blog, General

When news broke that Hillary Clinton had been hospitalized with a blood clot in an unspecified location and was being treated with blood thinners, it was widely reported that such treatment indicated the blood clot was likely in one of her legs, that blood thinners are rarely used to treat a clot in the brain that results from a concussion.

It’s now being reported that the blood clot is on Hillary’s brain.

NBC’s Robert Bazell said the following in a news report before the location of the clot was made public:

“The problem is, concussions, when they lead to blood clots, the blood clots are not usually treated with blood thinners, as they say she’s being treated… there may be more to this story that we don’t know.”

Here is a report from CBS New York after it was learned Hillary’s clot was on her brain:

Clinton’s complication “certainly isn’t the most common thing to happen after a concussion” and is one of the few types of blood clots in the skull or head that are treated with blood thinners, said Dr. Larry Goldstein, a neurologist who is director of Duke University’s stroke center.

The area where Clinton’s clot developed is “a drainage channel, the equivalent of a big vein inside the skull – it’s how the blood gets back to the heart,” Goldstein said.

Blood thinners usually are enough to treat the clot and it should have no long-term consequences if her doctors are saying she has suffered no neurological damage from it, Goldstein said.

This would seem to indicate that Hillary has a rare type of blood clot

VS overwegen meer te doen in Syrië

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Gaat Syrië nu eenzelfde behandeling krijgen van de V.S. als dat ze met buurland Irak hebben gedaan?

Wat gaat er dan van komen voor de toch nog grote groepen Christenen die in Syrië woonachtig zijn?

Hebben deze mensen dan zo dadelijk  dezelfde optie als hun Iraakse geloofsgenoten? Gedood worden of vluchten?


 De Verenigde Staten overwegen zich op directere wijze in het Syrische conflict te mengen.

Foto:  AFP

Dat heeft de Amerikaanse minister van buitenlandse zaken Hillary Clinton donderdag gezegd.

De Syrische oppositie zou er dan wel eerst in moeten slagen een veilige zone in te stellen. Volgens Clinton is een dergelijke ontwikkeling een kwestie van tijd.

Tot dusver hebben de VS gezegd dat ze geen wapens willen leveren aan strijders van de oppositie en ook geen no-fly zone willen instellen boven Syrië, zoals vorig jaar in Libië werd gedaan.

Lees meer over de onrust in het Midden-Oosten in ons dossier


De nieuwe islamitische wereldorde van Obama

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Obama’s New Islamic World Order

By Daniel Greenfield on Jul 25th, 2012

Bron en credits: Frontpage Magazine

Three years after Obama appeared in Cairo to praise Islam, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Mohammed Morsi, the country’s new Islamist president, and urged the army to turn over power to him.

In three years Egypt had gone from a stabilizing influence and a regional ally to a blossoming Sunni Iran. If Egypt’s transformation had been an isolated incident, it would still have been a foreign policy disaster, but it was actually part of a chain of such transformations with Islamists coming to power in Tunisia, Islamist thugs sweeping across Mali to enforce Sharia law and the Muslim Brotherhood emerging as the dominant force in Syria’s rebel council and likely transitional government under the auspices of Turkey’s AKP Islamist rulers.

Al-Azhar University, which Obama described in his Cairo speech as “a beacon of Islamic learning,” is part of the mechanism by which Coptic Christian women and girls are kidnapped, raped and forced into Islam. It was also this “beacon of Islamic learning” that Dr. Muhammad, the head of its Department of Islamic Preaching and Culture, declared that Jews are the source of all evil.

This is the beacon of the new Islamic world order that Obama’s disastrous pandering enabled. But it began even earlier.

Obama’s first visit outside the hemisphere, after a few obligatory European summits, was to Turkey where he addressed a parliament dominated by Islamists. When Obama arrived in Istanbul, the AKP was working to eliminate Turkish secularism and replace it with its own brand of Islamism. Its attack on the Turkish Constitution was still controversial and many Turkish patriots continued to speak out against it.

Obama assured Turkey’s Islamist leadership that America was not a Christian or Jewish nation, even while hypocritically endorsing Islamist leaders working to transform Turkey into a strictly Muslim nation. His embrace of Prime Minister Erdogan, President Abdullah Gul and the AKP parliament provided the Islamists, who had ties to Al-Qaeda and had formed into a coalition a month before the attacks of September 11, with a show of support at a crucial time.

At the Grand National Assembly, Obama praised the AKP’s “reforms,” conveyed his “deep appreciation of the Islamic Faith” and vowed that “our focus will be on what we can do, in partnership with people across the Muslim world, to advance our common hopes and our common dreams.” Those common hopes and dreams would be fulfilled with the Arab Spring.

At a joint conference with Islamist thug Abdullah Gul, Obama went so far as to describe Turkey as a model for the partnership between the United States and the rest of the region. Within a year that model was bearing fruit as “democracy” was being used to advance the Islamist agenda and transform former allies in the region into that same model partnership between American leftists and Middle Eastern Islamists.

Next month, before visiting Cairo and meeting Mubarak, Obama visited Saudi Arabia to pay tribute to King Abdullah. The visit to the Saudi Kingdom before a high profile speech to the Muslim world sent a clear message, just as the visit to Turkey had. Before speaking to the Muslim world, Obama showed off his Islamist influences by paying court to two Islamist regimes.

As Obama bowed his head, the Saudi monarch hung the Order of Abdul Aziz al Saud around his neck. The golden chain of the order that was placed around Obama’s neck was decorated with the crossed swords representing the House of Saud and the House of Wahhab. On the order were the words, “Pioneer of Islamic Solidarity.”The swords of Islamic solidarity in the region were the Islamist parties that Obama began empowering as he moved from Turkey to Egypt. Erdogan ordered Egyptian leader Mubarak to step down and dutifully that day Obama followed suit. Erdogan gathered up the Syrian National Council in Istanbul, dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, and Obama endorsed the SNC and ordered the CIA to assist its weapons smuggling operation.

When the Islamist Al-Nahda Party took power in Tunisia, replacing a formerly moderate and pro-American government, Obama phoned to congratulate Hamadi Jebali and expressed his support for Tunisia’s “inclusive transition.” A month earlier Jebali had proclaimed at a victory rally, “My brothers, you are at a historic moment in a new cycle of civilization, Allah willing. We are the Sixth Caliphate.”

Hamadi Jebali then declared that the liberation of Jerusalem would begin from Tunisia and claimed to be a righteous Caliph guided by signs from Allah. (If Obama congratulated him on this latter feat there is no mention of it in the White House readout.)

Tunisia, like Turkey and Egypt, had gone from being moderate and pro-Western to a Jihadist state run by Islamists drunk on apocalyptic visions of empire. And all of it had happened with Obama’s support and approval. Where the mobs didn’t do their job, Obama did it for them.

Obama did it for them in Libya, as discussed in my pamphlet, “The Great Betrayal” and his next target is Syria. The unification of Egypt and Syria was an old objective for both countries and had already taken place before on a temporary basis. Now that the Muslim Brotherhood has Egypt, it also must have Syria to recreate an Islamic version of the United Arab Republic. If the Brotherhood succeeds in overthrowing the Jordanian monarchy, there will be a golden Sunni Islamist chain stretching from North Africa down to the Persian Gulf and up to Turkey.

Obama’s backing for the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria will mean the fall of the last major non-Islamist regional power. With Iran and Iraq governed by Shiite Islamists, and Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia ruled by Sunni Islamists–Syria is the last great prize. Its conventional and unconventional weapons and its territory offer great rewards for either the Sunni Islamists, who will be able to push toward Iran, or the Shiite Islamists who will push toward Turkey.

This deadly tug of war is a crucial point in the rise of an Islamic regional order, and it is a tug of war in which Obama intends to play the definitive role. Obama paid tribute to Islamist tyrants in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, he helped orchestrate the fall of Egypt and now as the election approaches, the last missing piece in Jebali’s Sixth Caliphate of the new Islamic world order is almost within his grasp.

“The Great Betrayal” demonstrated the disastrous consequences of Obama’s wars; but his betrayal of American national security, regional minorities and women to Islamists through diplomatic pandering and appeasement is even worse than his wars.


We kennen hem nauwelijks maar het is één van de gruwelijkste islamitische dictators die er zijn:

april 26, 2012 By: silviavideler Category: Eindtijd ontwikkelingen

Met dank aan: Shirley van der Tuijn


KAMIROV een der grofste en gruwelijkste dictators in de islamitische wereld.

Om geboortecijfers landelijk te kunnen controleren, dwingt de dictator van Oezbekistan artsen om baarmoeders van vrouwen te verwijderen, zonder dat die daarvan op de hoogte zijn of toestemming hebben gegeven. Dit is een vuil en bloederig misdrijf tegen vrouwen, georganiseerd door de weerzinwekkende leider van het land. Het is nu tijd om hier een einde aan te maken.

Karimov is één van de grofste dictators ter wereld – hij draait er zijn hand niet voor om activisten van de oppositie levend te koken. Toch betaalt de VS hem miljoenen dollars, voor toegang van militair transport. Met zijn laatste brute acties tegen de vrouwen van zijn land heeft dit monster zichzelf in de internationale spotlights geplaatst. Laten we dit verschrikkelijke moment gebruiken om zijn belangrijkste steunpilaar over te halen hem niet langer te steunen.

De Amerikaanse minister van Buitenlandse Zaken Hillary Clinton kan de militaire sancties weer terug instellen, en er bij de VS en andere machtige landen op aandringen om alle steun te eindigen. Ze heeft Karimov al publiekelijk veroordeeld voor het schenden van mensenrechten, en deze nieuwste aanval op vrouwenrechten — een onderwerp dat haar aan het hart gaat! — vergroot de noodzaak alleen maar. Teken onderstaande petitie en roep Clinton op Karimov’s schrikbewind te beëindigen en het brute misbruik van vrouwen te stoppen:

Activisten schatten dat er tien- of zelfs honderdduizenden vrouwen in het geheim zijn gesteriliseerd tijdens een verblijf in het ziekenhuis voor een routinecontrole of bevalling. Ontwakend uit de narcose hebben ze geen idee dat hun baarmoeder zojuist is verwijderd. Eén Oezbeekse gynaecoloog gaf toe dat “elke dokter te horen krijgt hoeveel vrouwen er gesteriliseerd moeten worden. Mijn quotum is vier vrouwen per maand. Willekeurige arrestaties en marteling komen zo vaak voor dat vrouwen zich uit angst voor vergelding niet durven uit te spreken. En buitenlandse journalisten en mensenrechtenactivisten worden routinematig het land uitgegooid.

Het kan ook anders gaan — De VS kan Karimov hard aanpakken, die voor zijn luxueuze levensstijl afhankelijk is van de vaste geldstroom voor transport naar Afghanistan. De mensenrechten-horrorshow in Oezbekistan bleef lang ongezien, maar met het rapport van de BBC hebben we nu een goede kans om te stilte te doorbreken. We kunnen ons achter de dappere Oezbeekse vrouwen scharen die het ondanks het risico op zware onderdrukking aangedurfd hebben hun verhaal te vertellen.

Sluit je aan bij onze oproep voor een overwinning van rechtvaardigheid en mensenrechten in deze oorlog tegen vrouwen – klik hieronder om de petitie aan Clinton te ondertekenen:

Leden van Avaaz zijn keer op keer opgekomen voor vrouwenrechten wereldwijd. Laten we weer samenkomen en de VS eraan helpen herinneren dat kiezen tussen mensenrechten of nationale belangen een valse keuze is, en dat we onze strijd voor vrouwenrechten voorzetten daar waar ze worden bedreigd.

Met hoop en vastberadenheid,

Stephanie, Pedro, Morgan, David, Emma, Ricken, Lisa, Wissam en de rest van het Avaaz-team.

Extra informatie:

‘Oezbekistan steriliseert vrouwen tegen hun wil en zonder dat ze het weten’, Volkskrant

(In het Engels)

Karimov, één van de ergste dictators van de wereld:

Het beleid van Oezbekistan om vrouwen stiekem te steriliseren, BBC:

Activisten worden levend gekookt, Guardian:

Clinton hecht waarde aan vrouwenrechten, Washington Post:

Geweld tegen activisten in Oezbekistan verergert, Human Rights Watch:

US stelt einde aan militaire steun aan Oezbekistan uit

Clinton uit kritiek op mensenrechtensituatie in Oezbekistan, CNN:

Steun de Avaaz gemeenschap!
We worden volledig gefinancierd door schenkingen en ontvangen geen geld van regeringen of bedrijven. Ons toegewijd team zorgt er voor dat zelfs de kleinste bijdragen veel helpen:

Hillary Clinton’s geduld dreigt op te raken met Iran

april 05, 2012 By: silviavideler Category: Eindtijd ontwikkelingen

Bron: Arutz Sheva

Clinton: Iranian Diplomatic Window Not ‘Infinite’

US secretary of state Hillary Clinton says the diplomatic track with Iran isn’t ‘infinite’ as Iran continues to hem-and-haw over talks.
By Gabe Kahn

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday said the diplomatic track for dealing with Iran’s nuclear program is not “infinite”.

“We want to see a peaceful resolution of the international community’s concerns, but the time for diplomacy is not infinite and all options remain on the table to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon,” Clinton said/.

“Until Iran comes into compliance with its international obligations and demonstrates the peaceful intent of its nuclear program, they will continue to face strong pressure and isolation,” she said.

“So the sooner that we begin talks, the better it will be,” Clinton advised Terhan, adding that EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton is still consulting with Iran on the time and venues of resumed nuclear dialog with Iran.

Clinton was referring to expected nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 – the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany – which were to be slated for April.

On Saturday, Clinton had said the P5+1 and Iran had agreed on meeting in Turkey’s Istanbul April 13. However, Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali-Akbar Salehi said Wednesday that China and Iraq are also considered by Tehran as the venues for the talks.

The United States, its Western and Gulf Arab allies, and Israel charge that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons – a charge Tehran denies.

The International Atomic Energy Agency, however, has produced two reports in recent months indicating Iran has sought – and continues to seek – nuclear weapons technology with military applications.

It has also cited systemic obstruction of its inspectors at Iranian nuclear facilities in direct contravention of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, to which Tehran is a signatory.

Clinton’s remarks came just days after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said the sanctions and diplomacy approach to Iran’s nuclear program favored by the Obama administration and its European allies was not working.

The prospect of an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear sites has kept international tensions – and tensions between Jerusalem and Washington – at a low boil. But some analysts say only a credible military threat can bring Iran to the table.

In March, a key advisor to Ayatollah Ali Khameni said the West should accept Iran’s “peaceful nuclear program,” sell Iran 20 percent enriched uranium, and provide the customary assistance nuclear nations provide to those building nuclear power plants.

In return for cooperation from the West Iran would offer “full transparency,” Mohammad Javad Larijani said.

Larijani did not say Iran would halt uranium enrichment – a key demand by Jerusalem and Washington to avoid military strikes – but observers say the stipulation that the West provide 20% enriched uranium indicates Iran is open to doing so.


Sommigen spreken zelfs al over oorlog nog vóór Pasen!

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Breaking News!

Gaat Wereldoorlog-3 beginnen na April?

28 Maart 2012 | 12:05:36

Hillary Clinton and Sergei Lavrov

Hillary Clinton waarschuwt Iran, de laatste kans om een oorlog te
voorkomen zijn de gesprekken in April. Ook word vermeld dat de troepen
klaar staan op positie. Mochten de gesprekken niet doorgaan of mislukken
zal Amerika in April of de maanden daarna de aanval op Iran openen
waarmee wereldoorlog 3 van start gaat.

The United States has warned that the six-nation negotiations on Iran’s nuclear

program in April would be the last chance for Tehran to prevent a U.S. attack,

the Kommersant daily said on Wednesday.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked Russian Foreign Minister Serge

Lavrov on the sidelines of a UN Security Council meeting in New York on Monday

to relate this point to the Iranian authorities, the paper said.

Western nations have been putting pressure on Iran over its nuclear program,

accusing the Islamic republic of developing atomic weapons. Tehran has always

strongly denied this, saying the program is for energy purposes only.

A Russian diplomat told Kommersant that the U.S. and Israel might attack Iran before the end of the year.

“Israelis are basically blackmailing Obama,” he said. “He will either have to

support the war, or lose the support [of the influential Jewish lobby].”

Although, the official diplomatic position in Moscow is that the April meeting will

not be the last chance as Washington sees it, Russian authorities have

nevertheless prepared for the possibility of war, the paper said.

“We have counted our actions in case of war with Iran. We have mobilized our

forces,” a Defense Ministry official told Kommersant, speaking on condition of


He expressed concern that if a war breaks out, crowds of refugees would flow

from Iran into neighboring Azerbaijan, which would aggravate the volatile

situation in the Caucasus.

A meeting of the UN Security Council on Monday summoned by Britain to focus

on the Middle East, while condemning violence in Syria, showed that Damascus

should not worry about international intervention as long as there is a threat of

war with Iran.

Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad is facing unprecedented international pressure to

end his crackdown on protesters that has claimed thousands of lives.

“It is important for the U.S. to save face now in the situation with Syria,” a Russian

Foreign Ministry official said. “The Americans understand that Israel will attack

Iran and having two wars in the region is too much,” diplomats in Moscow