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De reeds veel besproken Mehran Tavakoli KESHE verklaart zichzelf tot Messias ( Mahdi)

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Mehran Tavakoli Keshe announces he is Messiah

On April 18, Good Friday, Mr. Keshe published a three-page declaration and gave a live Workshop presentation announcing that he is the Messiah, calling for world peace and cooperation, and to join the neighboring star systems in the universal society, turning implements of war into peaceful tools.

M T Keshe surrounded by his team in ~2012
I met Mr. Keshe in person on September 9, 2012. He showed me a small, clear, flashlight with a little circuit in it. When he turned it on, the bulb lit up. He said it could run indefinitely, but I wondered why he didn’t just leave it on.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News 

With family activities, I’ve had a lot going on this week-end, so I’ve been slowed from giving proper attention to a number of emails coming into my inbox regarding Iranian nuclear physicist, Mehran Keshe of the Keshe Foundation, claiming on April 18, Good Friday, to be the Messiah.

As those of you know, who have been following our news over the years, we’ve been tracking the work of Mr. Keshe since July 2009. I’ve interviewed him several times, and met him in Belgium after one of his conferences in the Fall of 2012. He claims that his plasma technology will make possible all the things needed for a space mission: propulsion, energy, food, water, healing. Perhaps his most famous claim is that it was his anti-gravity technology that was in play when Iran intercepted and safely grounded a U.S. drone, two years in a row, which I discussed on Coast to Coast AM in December, 2012.

He’s attracted a lot of devoted followers in this quest, though the evidence of actually having these capabilities has been very thin, though not absent. I don’t know anyone who has witnessed any of these major claims except for the healing claims, which don’t necessarily endorse the plasma technology as the causation ingredient. A few people have replicated the coke bottle plasma effect, which is on the level of interesting science but very remote from a practical embodiment. On the 15th, he announced a demonstration of the Magravs positioning for the antigravity reactors: but did not show any levitation whatsoever, he just showed some interesting gadgets, but not in functional operation — at least not publicly. Just another teaser at best.

At first, as I glanced through the material being sent me this weekend, I thought it was someone else posing as Mr. Keshe, claiming to be the Messiah; but then Saturday evening, I compared the signature in the primary three-page declaration with a signature we posted back in January 2011. It’s the same. Keshe really is claiming to be the Messiah.

While I was doing that, I listened to a 1:30 hour presentation he gave on the 18th in the Keshe Workshop; and there as well, he came right out and stated very plainly: “You wished, and for years you asked for Messiah. Here I am, standing in front of you.” (01:08:10;…; April 18, 2014) Pretty much everything after about the 45 minute mark is his declaration of who he is and his call to humanity to stop their violence and embrace peace.

I have a lot to say about this, as I’m sure many of you will too.

Briefly, I don’t think Mr. Keshe is the Messiah, but I do think he fits the attributes of the 144,000 ones mighty and strongof which many of you reading this are too. He is definitely a visionary, and his message is quite good. I think his message deserves a hearing and consideration for heeding, and his technology deserves careful consideration and support in its roll-out, if you feel drawn to do that. Bear in mind, too, though, that not only are there 144,000 ones mighty and strong that will awake, put on strength, and do great and marvelous things; but likewise there are going to be a bunch of anti-Christs and false Messiahs, who deceive, distract, mislead, as counterfeits. Opposition in all things. Keshe could be one of those. By their fruits shall they be known. Do they bring forth good fruit, or not? It seems to me that by the caliber of people Keshe has attracted, and by the general goodness of his message and intentions, that his fruit, so far, has been mostly good. I’ve got quite a few more things to say, which I’ll do below, under “Additional Thoughts“, but first, let’s finish introducing the main point.

Here are the links to the material being circulated, in order of importance:

One person, who was the first one to email me on April 18, wrote, by way of summary, not necessarily his own opinion:

We have all prayed for help for thousands of years.
The help is here.
Technology has been freely given to create anything that you need. Food, water, energy, transportation and health.

This important date picked to share this with everyone.
Killing, war deception of the people must stop today.
People will correct through peace and this knowledge the course of humanity.

Here is the text of the three-page declaration. I’ve fixed a few spelling errors for the sake of translation software.

In My name

I had to come in the body of the man on this planet and live amongst you the life of the man to understand the way the man has created his misery and so much injustice from the time of his creation for himself and for his fellow men to obtain and hold to nothing but the mirage of the nothingness for his so called life and its physical illusive possessions.

Where, we made all resources of the universe available to him to live in comfort and peace on this planet and among themselves in their time on this planet, that when they are mature intellectually and spiritually (in time the man matures enough), for the tribe of the man to join and unify with the rest of the creation of the creator in the universe.

In this process of maturity, the man chose the path of greed and injustice and killing of not just animals, but of his own kind, and now he has become falsely proud of how many he can kill with one tool and weapon or his false sense of power of control.

Killing and destruction of life has never been part of our teachings and works anywhere in the universe and this shall never be for race and nor shall be from now on this planet or anywhere else in the universe.

To change the course of the life of the man from this wrongful path, we have sent you in so many ways and different forms, different orders and guidance through our messengers of the past.

You have all ignored all our ways to correct your ways, and now you as the race of the man have reached a point that for every action you only think in one way and that is destruction and war.

Today and with this pen, I as the Messiah and I whom took his time to be amongst you, to learn about your shortfalls and false lives, for me to be able to understand your problems, I spent over 55 five years with you, worked your ways to be able to help and guide you out of this life of the jungle of this planet, I call up on you to lay down all arms and all thoughts of greed and misconducts and killings.

I chose today to declare my position and status as the creator in the Soul and in the physical body of the man as I am and have chosen to be in, to be amongst you and call up on all the men of this Blue planet and the wild village of the earth, to accept my call for peace and to wrongful change your path, individually, and collectively as the human race for you to be able to live paradise on earth and in the universe.

My call to you, the human race is simple, I have shown you in the past 9 years how to satisfy all your earthly needs with simple methods, and I have written books in simple language that all can understand the principles of the creation as is and not as man has made it to be.

I have shown you how to make food from the air, and I have shown you how to create energy and motion using the same systems and knowledge, that through the creation and production of these needs of the man, one does not harm any creation of mine and that he can live in peace and tranquility amongst the rest of this planets’ beings and in the universal community that the men are ready to enter into.

Now; my call goes today ( the time of the killing of the son of God) to all men and women and children of this planet, that to halt all these madness of the brain of the man of killing and destruction as a solution to solve and attain earthly and others possessions, and for the Man to lay down all tools of destruction and murder, irrespective of who you are, which religion leader you are the leaders of or which religion and path of belief you follow, and which sector of this planet you think you are the ruler of or you live in.

The job of you, the religious leaders is to guide the man to peace and prosperity, and not to make palaces of shame and dishonesty and protecting those whom have done wrong to other fellow men.

It is our command and whish that you as religious, nations and tribes leaders of regions, nations and cults, first to order as of today for the men whom follow our command through your Churches and Mosques or temples and armies to lay down their arms, and as of today to be of the greatest of sins for any man to be trained or to carry or to be forced the use of any arms, that through this tool and though your guidance, it is to be forbidding the use of killing tools that the man finds new ways and the logical ways of finding peaceful solution for himself and his race, at the time when he does not agree with the given condition.

I do not offer you a reward for following this command, as this is our wish and our whish shall be adhered to with our work through the souls of the men, but in reality in doing so, man will allow himself to enter the universal community, which the greed and the war has no meaning, and with this act, then man can have and will live a life of happiness and fulfillment according to his intelligence and needs anywhere he might be in the universe.

So I call on this day to the world, religious and scientific leaders, to come together and sign the universe peace treaty, which we have sent out to mankind as prelude to this days’ declaration in the past two years and with this, signing themselves and their nation and followers to accept this treaty and put an end to all wars and acts of aggression and killing, which have been going on for thousands of years on this planet.

The time of punishment and reward to force the man to submission to go in the right path in his life is over, from this point on, it is the decision of each soul to decide on one path, and that is the path of peace and tranquility and fairness.

If not done so from this day on, and if the leaders of this planet be it religious, tribal or nations refuse to follow this command, your follower rejection of our will, shall lead you to demise of your followers and your nation, and finally I shall make from the man the tribe with the belief in one point and that is one nation on this planet, and the one belief that there shall be no more war.

There are no lines on the ground of this planet or anywhere in the universe to separate races and creations from each other, that with this unity for all men leaves him not only as one body but as one nation and as one creation and one creator to live his life in the universe in peace.

You as children of Adam have suffered enough in the hand of your own wrong doings and others, and now you receive the love of your creator to guide you and protect you in this short path of adjustment and reunion with the rest of the creations in the world of creation. Those whom shall reject my wish, they shall see to their own demise through their rejection by their own fellow men, whom understand the reality of the creation and this wish.

Those who follow our simple command and enter the universal order; they shall see the beauty of the creation with their own conscious and some with their own physical eyes. My love and gratitude to all men and I being so sorry to let you to suffer so long without intervention to help you, but in fact you needed this time in the nursery of the earth to learn and mature.

Now it is the time to guide you and unit this child of the Adam and his family to the rest of the family of the universe and as a perfect child and a peaceful and loving child who is ready to enter the Kingdome of the creators’ larger family. I welcome you as the creator into your true dimension of intelligence and love.


(The possessor of love)


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Additional Thoughts

In the comments below, my friend, David Haack wrote:

“It might stand to reason that if you are raised in a society that does not accept that the Messiah has already come, you may well feel justified in self proclaiming yourself as just that. How convenient to make this proclamation at the very time when many of us are celebrating WHY our Messiah came to us over two centuries ago. Happy Easter to all those who are celebrating our risen Lord today!!!”

Bear in mind that there are two main principles at play here: 1) THE Messiah (the scriptures prophecy of a first and second advent), and 2) the general phenomenon of Messiahship.

But both of these are combine in Jesus’ statement: “What manner of men ought ye to be? Even as I am.” He also said, “Greater things than these shall ye do also.”

He didn’t come to be an untouchable superstar, but to be a role model. We all are to step into our Christhood — the God that is within each of us. It is within reach of all of us, if we will but accept it: “Awake, awake, put on thy strength.” Jesus himself said: “It is written: Ye are gods.”

My read of prophesy says that there are going to emerge a quorum of 144,000 such individuals who are going to radically transform the planet to usher in the millennial reign of peace.

I posted this story around midnight last night (MDT), and this morning at around 7:45 am when I took a peek at the comments, I noticed that the page count was 555.

Rick Crammond, who moderates Keshe’s workshops, gave the following response when I asked him about this development (of Keshe announcing he is Messiah):

Thanks for the fairly even article. The Messiah thing is not an easy topic to approach. I was actually not surprised by the announcement at all, as I had always thought that was the case. I was emotionally affected, yes. To be reminded deeply of one’s humanity, and what humans do to each other, is disturbing.

Who else but a messiah would bring technology that radically changes the whole picture…with lift, power, new materials and health? It is obvious to me that it’s the only way that any following “centuries of peace” can occur. Yes, the transition will be rough. But so is 10,000 people dying every single day, due to the results of burning fuels now. (UN stats)

We are fortunate to be living in this time of transition, and I am personally grateful for that and for Keshe’s efforts.

By way of comment, Barry Mead writes:


I just read your article about Keshe claiming to be the Messiah. I generally agree with your assessment, and thought I would add the following comments:

I looked over the USB stick documents, and I was very disappointed with the lack of PROOF and the lack of scientific rigor in his body of work.

His claims are huge, but exceptional claims require exceptional evidence. I don’t see this evidence!

One of his videos shows weight change of less than 25%, but never shows enough to make use believe that HIS device works. No 3rd party tests, no witnesses no validation, no documentation of the instruments used to make these claims.

All of his work is either in the pre-prototype stage or simply in his head.

From my understanding of science, physics, electronics, chemistry, I don’t see nearly enough evidence to support his claims.

Also he claims that ANYONE could build his reactor or spaceship from the plans on the USB stick. I hereby proclaim that that statement is UTTERLY FALSE!

Keshe himself cannot even build any of these devices yet, so how can he make a claim that his documentation is SO GOOD that anyone can.

This is my take on the USB stick.

Sincerely, Barry Mead


In ons tijdsgewricht spelen nú wel twee, zo niet drie dan wel vier heel bijzondere en opmerkelijke zaken die een ieder die geïnteresseerd is in het profetisch woord, niet onberoerd zal laten.

maart 07, 2014 By: silviavideler Category: Actueel, Bijbelstudies en Bijbelse onderwerpen, Eindtijd ontwikkelingen

Ten eerste is daar het nu al langdurende conflict, liever gezegd; de burgeroorlog in Syrië, waarbij wij ons natuurlijk de vraag moeten gaan stellen of dit conflict de aanleiding gaat worden voor de bekende Jesaja – 17 profetie t.a.v. de vernietiging van Damascus.  Maar Syrië en Damascus staat niet op zich. Het al langer voortdurende en slepende conflict tussen Iran en Israël is o.i. hier onlosmakelijk mee verbonden. Ook de recentelijke ontwikkelingen in het huidige nog seculiere Turkije met eveneens een sterk verdeelde bevolking, deels de Soennitische versie van de islam aanhangig, maar een groot deel van de Turkse bevolking is echter alewitisch en dat is op zijn beurt weer een sjiïtische sekte. Zij het dat de Turkse, alsmede de Syrische alewieten nou niet bepaald erg religieus zijn. Eerder seculier. Maar in de grond van de zaak zijn het wél sjiïeten en géén Soennieten zoals de overgrote rest van de islamieten in de wereld. Ook de Libanese Hezbollah beweging moet men rekenen tot het sjiïtsche kamp. Zij het dat de fanatische religieusiteit bij deze groep wél erg groot is. Turkije echter roert zich onder de zeer religieuze Erdogan ook steeds en steeds meer en stemmen gaan daar op om het oude sultanaat, lees: het oude kalifaat weer in ere te herstellen. Dit alles, alhoewel  de beweging binnen Turkije die het kalifaat voorstaat soennitisch van aard is,  ons toch sterk denken aan één groot kamp van de sjiïten met wellicht straks de Madhi aan het hoofd en Iran als dé motor. En de vraag is dan: Mag je deze alliantie van alewieten ( Turken, deels veel Syriërs en natuurlijk de overgrote meerderheid van de Iraanse bevolking, zijnde dé echte sjiïeten. Mag je die dan betitelen als zijnde “De Koning van het Noorden” En mag je dan de rest van de islamitische wereld, waarvan Egypte zich graag presenteert als dé leidinggevende en als het meest volkrijkste land van het Midden-Oosten, maar ook als voortrekker van de soennitische islam. Mag je dat Egypte dan bezien als de Koning van het Zuiden zoals het boek Openbaring het voorstelt? Zelf zie ik het vooralsnog wel zo en dus de sjiïeten als zijnde de Koning van het Noorden. Blijft natuurlijk dé grote vraag wat de rol gaat worden van het vierde geval, nu zo prominent op de politieke kaart gezet. Naast Syrië, Iran, Turkije, ontpopt Rusland zich ineens als een hoofdspeler in toch grosso modo gesteld; In het gebied wat we kennen als zijnde het Midden-Oosten. Persoonlijk denk ik dat we de vier dieren die we kennen uit het boek Daniël, die achtereenvolgens een rol hebben gespeeld in de wereldgeschiedenis, dat we die vier dieren, die vier rijken, zeer binnenkort TEGELIJKERTIJD weer zien optreden, waarbij  het laatste dier ofwel het laatste rijk,  nu het herrezen Romeinse rijk is Noord-Amerikaanse-/West-Europese alliantie . 


In dit kader wil ik u ook graag verwijzen naar enkele artikelen op het blog/de site van collega “Henk” van ‘Wees Waakzaam’ die onlangs enkele zeer lezenswaardige artikelen heeft geplaatst die dit onderwerp ook benaderen.  Hierbij de link:


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