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NEO – America Descends into Madness

NEO – America Descends into Madness

by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor    … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: This is another barn burner from Gordon, an in depth look at the geopolitical train wreck in progress with engineer Trump at the controls until his handlers decide otherwise. America faces a looming danger that most of the country is unaware of, and would not know what to do if they did.

I am not being a meanie for saying that. VT is briefing people all the time, professionals in the field, about what is really going on. But because most everyone in the security business is “stove piped” they don’t really grasp the full picture, nor do they see any way to change anything. And yes, the “slow” ones don’t see any problem at all, because their paychecks never bounce.

Those in charge of protecting us even view themselves as being neutered in terms of doing anything about it. Any potential opposition powers have not only been infinitely fragmented, but set against each other politically-financially via as many wedge issues as possible. The cattle pens of the Chicago slaughter house era comes to mind when I think about it.

This manufactured chaos is stoked by an endless array of political action committees that have hooked up with Google’s profiling of basically everyone online to feed them an endless supply of their respective wedge issue propaganda.

As is Gordon’s style, he is laying out his current views but also doing the dot connecting to show that what is happening is not just due to our dealing with the personality flukes of another sociopathic powerful political leader in the form of  The Donald. The roots go much deeper, so that even if a figurehead falls out of current favor, there is a substantial bull pen from which to push forward a new replacement.

But the powers behind the political straw men never change because the public does not really see them, nor do most even sense they are there. What Gordon is telling us is that we are going to have to up our game considerably to have any chance of turning this god awful situation around.

Look at what is happening to the secular Syrian people, and consider what could happen to us when “they” feel it is time for the US to be Balkanized. And no, I am not kidding, not one bit Jim W. Dean ]

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–  First published  …  May 26,  2017  –

A basic tenet of identifying the driving forces behind American policy is a short examination of the root causes of error. Chief among these, and there are so many, is the continuing insistence that Iran has an active nuclear program when all evidence since 2003 runs to the contrary.

Behind this, two tiresome methodologies appear, one being the hunt for non-existent weapons of mass destruction and the second, America’s love for saving “poor little babies” from imaginary poison gas or hapless equally imaginary prisoners from incineration or mass killings.

Error has become “belief,” and a generation of American military leaders and diplomats have enthralled themselves to a cause defunct of purpose, deficient in reason, bereft of moral imperative. This is the military Donald Trump fell in love with.

It furnished him with leadership of sufficient ethical ambiguity as to implement a soulless agenda without a second thought. These were trained professionals, the generation of Rumsfeld and Cheney, a nation primed for feudal fascism.

This array of deception has for three decades been used against many nations but the prime focus today is Iran. Our point is simple; Trump is in Israel and Saudi Arabia because his corrupt regime is controlled from there. His actions aim at Iran and are based in error in thought and error in execution. He is a fool.

His error also demonstrates something far more sinister, that he is a puppet, a vassal and dreams of being a medieval warlord. His lack of wit, lack of character, his lack of attention, his boorishness and whoredom are wonderfully at home in Saudi Arabia and Israel, where such characteristics have defined leadership for generations.

On May 21, 2017, American President Donald Trump announced that Saudi Arabia has put together a 55-nation force of 34,000 men to fight terrorism in Syria and Iraq. Trump agreed, without consultation or approval of the US government, to participate in that endeavor and agreed to sell Saudi Arabia, over a period, $.5 trillion in advanced arms previously denied to any foreign government.

This, the most corrupt presidency in American history, is flirting with disaster, blending its proclivity for pandering and bullying with ineptitude and more than a tinge of unbridled insanity. Toss in endless Saudi billions and Israel’s “exceptionalism” and a poisonous stew results.

Pushing Trump forward is the lowest rung of what VT co-founder Colonel David Hackworth called the Perfumed Princes of the Pentagon, the strutting neo-feudalists that haunt Washington, its corporate backrooms, engaging in anti-government plots, the peddling of tainted souls, all steeped in debauchery and dishonor.

They dance on and off the Fox Network, or adorn the polemics of the Institute for the Study of War, spouting the thinly veiled Bolshevik slogans promoted by dozens of cash ridden neocon think tanks. This is the real life military power that overshadows the world, Rome under Caligula reborn.

America’s military establishment has a checkered history fighting terrorism. It lost wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, lest we forget Vietnam and has learned to fight using mercenaries and, as it has operated clandestinely in Iraq and Syria, through the terrorist organizations of ISIS and al Qaeda.

Were it not for the 500,000 Syrian dead, America’s “create the disease, offer the cure and then kill the patient” solutions would be high humor.

On March 2, 2015, former Marine General John Allen explained how he was going to spend $300 million to organize a force against ISIS, trained in Turkey. He said he had 5,500 vetted volunteers, mostly Syrian Christians from the Deir Ezzor region, ready to sign up.

Six months later, the money was spent, 150 mercenaries were trained, most from Morocco and upon deployment, all turned over their weapons and joined al Qaeda. Trump’s plan is to build on this success but he is lying.

He has been bought and paid for by the Saudi prince he bowed to, and vowed to defend to the death, not his death mind you but of others, many others.

Then again we refocus, plots within plots, to one of the interlocking “grand schemes,” the war to Balkanize Islam itself, as with other political, religious or social struggles, when you peel away the veneer, you find only money and greed.

The real money will be made by pushing the war between Sunni and Shia Islam, a key component of Israeli globalist policy. There are over 1.5 billion Muslims in the world with around 150 million, or 10%, Shia. However, that 10% is in Iran, Iraq and Pakistan while some of the largest Sunni populations are far afield in Asia and North Africa.

Backed by Russia, the Shia states of Iran and Iraq, backed by Syria and Hezbollah, overshadow a very divided Sunni world. You see, the primary Sunni military power is Turkey, a constitutional secular state, followed by nuclear armed Pakistan, in eternal military confrontation with India.

Saudi Arabia doesn’t represent Sunni Islam at all but rather an extremist Wahhabist heresy, a bizarre hate filled cult at the root of all the woman hating suicide cults that feed terrorism. The elites of the Sunni world suffer considerable dismay that their holy sites are controlled by “head chopping” Bedouins who rope women together like cattle taken to market.

Why is America and Israel aligned with such a monstrosity? Let’s take a second to look at the huge new arms sale to Saudi Arabia.

The inexorable result will be either Israel or Pakistan using nuclear weapons or Iran eventually tiring of Saudi Arabia and crushing them handily. Tiny Yemen has proven more than a match for the Saudi military, one of the worst in the world, despite the tens of thousands of mercenaries deployed across the kingdom.

The other scenario involves the US moving in but not behind the leadership of the least loved commander in chief in American history, no, there is little chance America will enter a ground war against Iran with a weakened president. Thus, Trump has turned his policy over to others, bowed before a foreign prince, and is trying to recreate the Europe of August 1914, to plunge the world into cataclysm and perhaps avoid criminal prosecution in the process.

Another story, oft told, of the Armageddon death cult called “Dominionism” and its stranglehold on America’s military officer’s corps, is one Trump knows well. As factors weigh in, historical, social and economic, the move toward war plays them all, sign of the “chaos theory factory” written of eloquently by author Jeff Gates in his work, Guilt By Association. The American military has been dominated by Israel for some time with officers “junketed” to Israel where their personal weaknesses, be it cash or sexual deviance is exploited.

They return to Washington, reborn as “neocons” and “patriots” seeking think tank and board room honors. Most, in the end, are tossed aside, a poor investment for their masters, unimaginative mediocrities the public has long tired of.

The agent for this massive arms sale to the Saudis is Trump son-in-law, Israeli-American Jared Kushner, a highly experienced low income property developer from New Jersey from an organized crime family with a long history of cheating investors and bribing public officials. It keeps getting better.

It was Kushner’s wife, Trump’s daughter Ivanka, that decided Syria needed to be punished with a missile attack in retaliation for a “terrorist atrocity” the world later learned was staged by the CIA and actor George Clooney’s Oscar/Nobel Prize winning “White Helmets.”

We then move on to the new “coalition,” an abuse of the term if there ever was one. The members of the coalition, we assume, are all Sunni states, but no one knows exactly who they are. We know Israel isn’t officially a member but sets policy in partnership with Saudi Arabia.

Less well known are the connections between Saudi Arabia’s justified as defensive war against Yemen and other conflicts including the overthrow of Ukraine, the populist or more appropriately neo-Nazi government in Poland, moves against Armenia, not to mention the Syrian issue. This indicates, to the trained observer, that Russia may well be the real target. Toward that end, we will examine how and why Russia might be the target.

We also know that this anti-extremist and anti-terrorist coalition consists of nations who have trafficked jihadists to Iraq and Syria to join rebel groups there. Among those nations are the economic supporters of those groups as well, buying modern weapons for “rebels” and sending in military trainers and planning staff. They are even manning command centers for rebels inside not only Jordan but in Syria and Iraq as well, serving side by side with Israeli forces against the Baghdad and Damascus governments.

Closer examination shows that the rebels supported by this Saudi coalition that the US has joined are primarily ISIS and al Qaeda. Trump’s new force for peace specifically targets the participants of the Astana peace process and, more importantly, has targeted for overthrow the governments of Syria and Iran, Russia’s only allies in the Middle East.

It doesn’t take a genius to see what is going on here. Some weeks ago, New Eastern Outlook, a Russian journal on geopolitical affairs, published an expose on a “regime change factory” called “Google Jigsaw.”

Our new 55 nation force, whose political will well seems to originate with long-term Israeli ambitions amplified through a newfound influence within the Trump regime, is clearly a manifestation of the globalist ambitions expressed by “Jigsaw,” the multi-trillion-dollar purveyor of the special form of democracy that has left much of the world aflame and millions dead, millions more stateless refugees.

It is May 2017 when Donald Trump leaves the United States to seek world peace. Evidence has been submitted that is sufficient for impeachment but as America’s government has been under the control of powerful special interests, criminal interests, for 15 years, it is likely nothing will be done.

The general admission is that America is in free fall with no government at all. The policy changes from the Obama era are all disasters, massive cuts in medical programs, massive increases in waste ridden military expenditures and huge tax giveaways to the rich.

Obama’s foreign policy was always enigmatic. Opposition to Russia and support of NATO, policies not generally rooted in reality, were a keystone. Trump promised to change those and open dialog but his uncertain demeanor and rash judgement clouded things.

As things come into focus, Trump seems to be assembling a cabal to go after Russia the nation. The problem being is that to Trump, Russia isn’t its people or its government, Russia is his “Russia,” those who reached out to him when he was broke, busted, bankrupt, and flooded his failing enterprises with money.

That money was stolen from the Russian people, looted from banks, illegally converted state enterprises, and Trump’s Russia is the Russian Mafia, sometimes called the Kosher Nostra or the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, the list of partners behind the Bayrock Group, all “Russian” but all enemies of the Russian people and in many cases, fugitives from Russian justice as well.

These crime syndicates were the vultures that fed off the chaotic period at the end of the communist era, partnering with the CIA, Mossad and other intelligence agencies, working with corrupt American and Israeli political leaders, money laundering banks, with the intent of building a criminal empire that would be above the law.

These cabals, which Trump represents, enjoy seeing Russia accused of interfering in elections in the United States or mischaracterized as a military dictatorship. Their control of press assets maintains a continual misdirection for the world public, one equally corrupt governments are happy to take part in as well.

When Trump talked of dealing with Russia, he meant dealing with organized crime that, under careful examination, knows no borders. Therefore, every deal thus far over Syria is immediately violated and why, to those of the clandestine world, America’s covert support of world terrorism, has sprung into high gear.

A constant in Obama policy was keeping both Israel and Saudi Arabia at arm’s length. The failure, of course, was in American participation in Yemen, part of Saudi Arabia’s war on Syria and Shia Islam in general, ran directly contrary to Obama policy with Iran.

Obama pushed the 5+1 nuclear agreement through and ended the Iran sanctions, a huge blow to both Israel and Saudi Arabia. Obama also restricted arms sales to Saudi Arabia, something Trump has just “undone.”

What is less known is that, to keep Israel in line, Obama also crippled Israel’s missile defense system by removing its AEGIS component. The vaunted “Iron Dome” is “hot air.”

We mention these issues in passing as they present an earlier policy, though never openly embraced, to preserve some American leverage in world events. Trumps real failure is making deals when the real deal is in leaving the table, particularly when at the wrong table.

Inept as Trump may well be, among the Likudists in Israel or the Bedouin princes in Saudi Arabia, he may well be what intellect, grace and talent is at the table. Trump is the clown bear in the nest of vipers.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”


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State And Local Pension Plans Are Underfunded……

State And Local Pension Plans Are Underfunded To The Point Of Becoming A Political And Governments Confronted With The Resulting Set Of Unpalatable Options, Are Surrendering Without Admitting It.



by John Rubino

Doing the right thing is hard for both individuals and their governments. Name the goal – maintaining a healthy weight, paying off high-interest credit cards, keeping debt-to-GDP at reasonable levels, whatever – and with each missed deadline or broken promise success recedes further into the distance. And the temptation grows to just give up and pretend that the goal never really mattered.

This is happening everywhere. In the US, state and local pension plans are underfunded to the point of becoming a political (not just a long-term financial) issue. And governments, confronted with the resulting set of unpalatable options, are surrendering without admitting it. In California, for instance, the governor is proposing to fund part of its several hundred billion dollar pension liability by, believe it or not, borrowing more money:

California Proposes $6 Billion Boost to CalPERS

(Chief Investment Officer) – California Gov. Jerry Brown’s revised state budget proposes a $6 billion supplemental payment to The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS), which he says will save the state $11 billion over the next two decades.The supplemental payment effectively doubles the state’s annual payment. It is intended to ease the effect of increasing pension contributions due to the state’s unfunded liabilities and the CalPERS Board’s recent decision to lower its assumed investment rate of return to 7% from 7.5%.

California currently has $282 billion in long?term costs, debts, and liabilities; $279 billion are related to retirement costs of state and University of California employees, according to the revised budget.

“These retirement liabilities have grown by $51 billion in the last year alone due to poor investment returns, and the adoption of more realistic assumptions about future earnings,” said Brown in his budget.

The funding for the supplemental payment will be paid through a loan from the Surplus Money Investment Fund.

Borrowing to make a pension payment is known as a “pension bond,” and is analogous to funding your kid’s private school tuition with credit cards. It gets you through the year but at the cost of potentially-big trouble down the road. In California’s case, the assumption that the pension fund will generate a higher return on its investments than the state has to pay to borrow requires a continued bull market in stocks and bonds to work out. In a bear market – which based on history is seriously overdue, pension assets will depreciate, while the state’s debt will not. Result: An even bigger mess, very possibly resulting in some form of bankruptcy on the part of the pension funds or even the state. For a glimpse of where the pension bond mindset can lead, see Fear of junk bond ratings hangs over Illinois budget crisis.

Japan, meanwhile, is like one big, grossly-underfunded pension plan. Its government debt is the world’s highest relative to GDP and it has been trying, without success, to get its fiscal house in order for decades. Recently it came up with an excuse to stop trying:

Free education gives Abe cover for delaying debt reduction

(Nikkei Asia) – Japanese leader may be wavering on achieving a primary surplus by fiscal 2020Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is mulling a constitutional change to guarantee free education.

TOKYO — As Japan debates its core economic policy for this year, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is seizing on a proposal for free college education as a way to stimulate spending and possibly push back the debt reduction deadline.

“Higher education must be truly available to all citizens,” Abe said in a policy speech on Jan. 20, signaling his support for amending the constitution to eliminate tuition for kindergartens through colleges. But he did not once mention achieving a primary balance — matching government spending excluding debt-servicing costs with revenues — even though it was frequently brought up in previous statements.

Abe seems to be responding to a proposal by opposition party Nippon Ishin no Kai, which wants to revise the constitution to guarantee free education. In a meeting with party chief Ichiro Matsui and legal adviser Toru Hashimoto on Dec. 24, the prime minister stressed that he needed the party’s cooperation and political expertise in achieving the agenda.

Nippon Ishin no Kai’s plan will cost Japan an estimated 5 trillion yen ($44 billion) a year. While it is almost impossible to secure such a large sum through the regular budgetary process, the government may legally be required to do so if the constitution explicitly guarantees free education.

Free tuition would be a boon to Abe’s own agenda as well. If it frees up the 5 trillion yen Japanese households spend yearly to send their children to school, they can use the cash elsewhere to help Japan overcome deflation. The government will be able to address deflation and change the constitution at the same time, while also coming up with an excuse for postponing its goal to achieve a primary surplus.

Abe found further support at an economic policy meeting on March 14. His guest, Nobel Prize-winning American economist Joseph Stiglitz, stressed the importance of investing in education while asserting that the Japanese debt load is not as grave as people thought. The Columbia University professor argued that the Bank of Japan should work with the government to cancel debt.

“Professor Stiglitz articulated what I have always wanted to say,” Abe said, welcoming the statement. He also echoed Stiglitz’s assessment that Japan’s fiscal situation did not call for much concern.

There it is: The goal was never that important, and now we have a new goal – free education – that takes precedence. So put a pin in the fiscal responsibility thing and we’ll revisit it later.

This is pure — and depressingly familiar — rationalization. Behaving with discipline turned out to be hard, so never mind. The consequences of which are the same as for a grossly overweight person who gives up trying to get in shape: a stroke, heart attack or some other catastrophe somewhere down the road. In financial terms this translates into massive cuts in public services, higher taxes, declining standards of living and eventually a financial crisis that starts in the mis-managed periphery and spreads to the core of the system.

What Would Happen if Ukraine Attacked Russia?

What Would Happen if Ukraine Attacked Russia?

“the Ukrainian army would be completely destroyed by air strikes, and communication would be disrupted.”

1 hour ago | 569 4

This appeared recently on Quora, the world’s largest question and answer site.

“What would happen if Ukraine attacked Russia?”

This is a pretty silly question.

I left the Ukrainian military in December 2012, with an officer rank. Of course, many things have changed since then but I am still very well informed by my friends; many of my friends are currently on the front lines.

I assume you are asking about the military aspect, like what would happen?

Probably this:

Within a few hours, Russia would conduct a series of strikes on the air-defense systems. Probably, they would use the system “Caliber” which they have used in Syria. They also have plenty of systems like the C-10 “Granat”,

The Ukrainian army is full of Russian intelligence informants and Russia is very well-informed about our air and missile defenses, so it is very unlikely that Ukraine would be able to conceal any Surface-Air systems to prevent air strikes.

The same would happen with airfields, communication and supply lines. Once Russia wipes out the anti-air systems, they would start a massive aerial strike on the Ukrainian armored and motorized units.

After one day, it would look like this:

By that point, the Ukrainian army would panic and make a chaotic retreat.

Most likely, Russia would then launch a counter-attack from 4 directions:

Northern- Through the highway between Chernigov and Kiev

Eastern – Donbass and Lugansk area

Southern – From Crimea

South-West – From the Transnistria republic.

I would assume that the only serious resistance that the Ukrainian army could do would be in an urban area, but that would lead to thousands of civilian casualties and Russia wouldn’t do that; I doubt that the Russian population would support that. Despite the Russian-Ukrainian conflict for the last few years, almost every family from Russia has relatives in Ukraine.

So, to cut a long story short: the Ukrainian army would be completely destroyed by air strikes, and communication would be disrupted.

If I was still in the Ukrainian army, I would refuse to attack Russia; it would be better to face jail than to die or order your platoon/company to execute a mission with a guaranteed failure. I wouldn’t do that.


P.S: Several fellow Ukrainians are calling me a traitor. I am not surprised to hear that, because currently, everyone who has an opinion different from the current government ends up being called a traitor and getting jailed. That’s what we were fighting for, right? For European standards and freedom of speech?

Unlike you guys, I was on “Maidan” and participated in the Coup against the previous government, and did many other things during 2014 and 2015. The only difference is that I was able to step back, resign from my duties in the organization I was in (I don’t want to mention its name) and come to a conclusion that war is not a solution and only the ability to forgive, ask for forgiveness and negotiate can lead to peace and prosperity.

Just like you, I believed that tanks and soldiers could bring back “Constitutional order”. The people of Eastern Ukraine proved otherwise through blood and pain. We didn’t ask their opinion when we removed the elected President from his seat and we didn’t ask for their opinion when we tried to remove Russian as the regional language. So why blame them?

If you guys think that we are fighting with Russia – you are wrong. Ukrainians are fighting against Ukrainians. One side is supported by Russia, another side by NATO countries. And so you call me a traitor because I realize that it’s civil war and not a “foreign invasion”?

Sorry, but if you want to kill people like you, from the same country – go ahead, visit the nearest recruiting center (VOENKOMAT) and join the military or join the volunteer battalions, so you can make some quick cash at the checkpoints by demanding bribes from drivers who pass through those checkpoints.

Good luck with that.

Quora on What if Ukraine attacks Russia? to answer‘s AntonovVladislav Rea

RAMADAN DAY 1: Islamic Terrorists Slaughter 26 Coptic Christians In Egypt, Mostly Children And Women

Aangeleverd door: It’s Me

New post on Now The End Begins

RAMADAN DAY 1: Islamic Terrorists Slaughter 26 Coptic Christians In Egypt, Mostly Children And Women

by Geoffrey Grider

Masked Islamic militants riding in three SUVs opened fire Friday on a bus packed with Coptic Christians, including many children, south of the Egyptian capital, killing at least 26 and wounding 25, the Interior Ministry said.

“Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority”. Qu’ran 3:151

EDITOR’S NOTE: Well, it’s the first day of Ramadan, and what better way to celebrate it than with the Qu’ran-approved slaughter of the infidels? The religion of peace hits it out of the park on their opening day, so you better prepare for a bloody month. Islamic groups across the world have risen up in unity to condemn this vicious act. Lol, just kidding, they did no such thing. Happy Ramadan, everyone!

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, the fourth to target Christians since December, but it bore the hallmarks of the Islamic State group.

Islamic militants have for years been waging an insurgency mostly centered in the restive northern part of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, although a growing number of attacks have recently also taken place on the mainland.

The assault happened while the bus was traveling on a side road in the desert leading to the remote monastery of Saint Samuel the Confessor in Maghagha, in Minya governorate, about 220 kilometers (140 miles) south of Cairo.

Security officials quoted witnesses as saying they saw between eight and 10 attackers, dressed in military uniforms and wearing masks. The victims were en route from the nearby province of Beni Suef to visit the monastery.

Khaled Mogahed, the Health Ministry spokesman, said the death toll stood at 26 but feared it could rise further. According to Copts United news portal, only three children survived the attack. It was not immediately known if most or all of the victims were children.

Arab TV stations showed images of a badly damaged bus along a roadside, many of its windows shattered. Ambulances were parked around it as bodies lay on the ground, covered with black plastic sheets.

President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi called for a meeting with top aides to discuss the attack.

In April, twin suicide bombings struck two churches north of Cairo on Palm Sunday, and in December, a suicide bombing targeted a Cairo church. The attacks left at least 75 dead and scores wounded. IS claimed responsibility and vowed more attacks.

Late last month, Pope Francis visited Egypt, in part to show his support for Christians in this Muslim majority Arab nation who have been increasingly targeted by Islamic militants. During the trip, Francis paid tribute to the victims of the December bombing at Cairo’s St. Peter’s church, located in close proximity to Cairo’s St. Mark’s cathedral, the seat of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

Following the pope’s visit, IS vowed to escalate attacks against Christians, urging Muslims to steer clear of Christian gatherings and Western embassies, saying they are targets for the group’s followers.

Egypt’s Copts, the Middle East’s largest Christian community, have repeatedly complained of discrimination, as well as outright attacks, at the hands of the country’s majority Muslim population. They account for about 10 percent of Egypt’s 93 million people.

They rallied el-Sissi, a general-turned-president, when he in 2013 ousted his Islamist predecessor Mohammed Morsi, who hails from the Muslim Brotherhood group. Attacks on Christian homes, businesses and churches subsequently surged, especially in the country’s south, the heartland of Egypt’s Christians. source