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Russia Building Middle East Alliance

Russian military plane flies to Egypt not long after the Kremlin report of a phone conversation with Egypt’s President of the Arab Republic of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. This was proceded by the Iran Turkish Syrian conference in Sochi. Biblical seen is setting up in the Middle east which way will the tree fall? Russia seems to have a radioactive leak plaguing eastern Europe and Russian citizens, could this cause Russia’s Non GMO wheat to become radioactive?

Ik denk dat dit jullie zal interesseren.

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Ik denk dat dit jullie zal interesseren.

Het is een interview tussen Timothy Alberino (onderzoeker)

en the OneMinutetoMidnight interviewer uit Nieuw Zeeland.

Timothy vertelt over opgravingen in Sardinië en véél véélmeer.

Buitengewoon interessant om te beluisteren en de verbanden te ontdekken.

Hieronder de Engelstalige uitleg bij de link

In Episode 154 of the A Minute To Midnite Show we see Tim Alberino join Tony for a blockbuster discussion. The information shared in this interview is amazing. There is a conspiracy to cover up the truth about ancient giants, aliens, fallen angels and the nature of the Elite’s plans for Earth’s future. Who or what will the “Beast” or antichrist be? What will it have in common with ancient civilisation? How does God view what is going to occur in the future, as the Beast begins to reign? The information contained in this episode will startle many – but it needs to be shared, and the truth needs to be told!

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Heavy rains cause havoc flood in Saudi Arabia 2017

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Heavy rains cause havoc flood in Saudi Arabia 2017


heavy rain and flood in Saudi




Heavy rains and flood in Saudi, schools and colleges closed


Schools and universities will remain closed today due to the expected inclement weather conditions, education administrations and governorates of the Kingdom…

The Illuminati Documentary – Luciferian Conspiracy – Full Movie

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Vanaf 45 minuten word het interessant, over aliens-fallen angels.

Helaas matige kwaliteit beeld.





The Illuminati Documentary – Luciferian Conspiracy – Full Movie


ALIENS ARE JUST DEMONS!!!….The remake of the original “Conspiritus – The Satanic Illuminati Conspiracy” – Everyone is recommended to use this version …