UK Government Harbored Terrorists Linked to Manchester Blast for Decades

UK Government Harbored Terrorists Linked to Manchester Blast for Decades

Tony Cartalucci — Land Destroyer May 24, 2017

Salman Abedi. Click to enlarge

As suspected and as was the case in virtually all recent terror attacks carried out in Europe – including both in France and Belgium – the suspect involved in the recent Manchester blast which killed 22 and injured scores more was previously known to British security and intelligence agencies.

The Telegraph in its article, Salman Abedi named as the Manchester suicide bomber – what we know about him,” would report:

Salman Abedi, 22, who was reportedly known to the security services, is thought to have returned from Libya as recently as this week.

While initial reports attempted to craft a narrative focused on a a “lone wolf” attacker who organized and executed the blast himself, the nature of the improvised explosive device used and the details of the attack revealed what was certainly an operation carried out by someone who either acquired militant experience through direct contact with a terrorist organization, or was directed by a terrorist organization with extensive experience.

A Thriving Terrorist Community in the Midst of Manchester 

The same Telegraph article would also admit (emphasis added):

A group of Gaddafi dissidents, who were members of the outlawed Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), lived within close proximity to Abedi in Whalley Range.

Among them was Abd al-Baset Azzouz, a father-of-four from Manchester, who left Britain to run a terrorist network in Libya overseen by Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden’s successor as leader of al-Qaeda.

Azzouz, 48, an expert bomb-maker, was accused of running an al-Qaeda network in eastern Libya. The Telegraph reported in 2014 that Azzouz had 200 to 300 militants under his control and was an expert in bomb-making. 

Another member of the Libyan community in Manchester, Salah Aboaoba told Channel 4 news in 2011 that he had been fund raising for LIFG while in the city. Aboaoba had claimed he had raised funds at Didsbury mosque, the same mosque attended by Abedi.

Thus, the required experience for the recent Manchester attack exists in abundance within the community’s Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) members.

LIFG is in fact a proscribed terrorist group listed as such by the United Kingdom’s government in 2005, and still appears upon its list of “Proscribed terrorist groups or organisations,” found on the government’s own website.

The accompanying government list (PDF) states explicitly regarding LIFG that:

The LIFG seeks to replace the current Libyan regime with a hard-line Islamic state. The group is also part of the wider global Islamist extremist movement, as inspired by Al Qa’ida. The group has mounted several operations inside Libya, including a 1996 attempt to assassinate Mu’ammar Qadhafi.

Thus, astoundingly, according to the Telegraph, a thriving community of listed terrorists exists knowingly in the midst of the British public, without any intervention by the UK government, security, or intelligence agencies – with members regularly travelling abroad and participating in armed conflict and terrorist activities before apparently returning home – not only without being incarcerated, but apparently also without even being closely monitored.

LIFG also appears on the US State Department’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations. Astoundingly, it appears under a section titled, “Delisted Foreign Terrorist Organizations,” and indicates that it was removed as recently as 2015.

Elsewhere on the US State Department’s website, is a 2012 report where LIFG is described:

On November 3, 2007, [Al Qaeda (AQ)] leader Ayman al-Zawahiri announced a formal merger between AQ and LIFG. However, on July 3, 2009, LIFG members in the United Kingdom released a statement formally disavowing any association with AQ.

The report also makes mention of LIFG’s role in US-led NATO regime change operations in Libya in 2011 (emphasis added):

In early 2011, in the wake of the Libyan revolution and the fall of Qadhafi, LIFG members created the LIFG successor group, the Libyan Islamic Movement for Change (LIMC), and became one of many rebel groups united under the umbrella of the opposition leadership known as the Transitional National Council. Former LIFG emir and LIMC leader Abdel Hakim Bil-Hajj was appointed the Libyan Transitional Council’s Tripoli military commander during the Libyan uprisings and has denied any link between his group and AQ.

Indeed, a literal senior Al Qaeda-affiliate leader would head the regime put into power by US-led military operations – which included British forces.

McCain and Belhaji

The US State Department’s report regarding LIFG ends with information about its “area of operation,” claiming (emphasis added):

Since the late 1990s, many members have fled to southwest Asia, and European countries, particularly the UK.

For the residents of Manchester, the British government appears to have categorically failed to inform them of the threat living openly in their midst. While the British population is divided and distracted with a more general strategy of tension focused on Islam, Muslims, and Islamophobia, the very specific threat of US-UK sanctioned terrorists living and operating within British communities is overlooked by the public.

However – for British security and intelligence agencies – it is unlikely that such an obvious security threat was merely “overlooked.” That extremists thrive within British communities without government intervention indicates complicity, not incompetence.

LIFG Terrorists Are Anglo-America’s Helping Hands

The Guardian in a 2011 article titled, “The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group – from al-Qaida to the Arab spring,” would claim:

British intelligence and security service interest in Libya has focused for 20 years on the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), whether it was opposing Muammar Gaddafi and working with al-Qaida, later renouncing its old jihadi worldview – or taking part in the armed uprising that has now overthrown the regime.

The article in reality is nothing more than an attempt to portray a listed terrorist organization as “reformed” ahead of increased public awareness regarding the true nature of Libya’s US and British-backed “rebels.”

LIFG members would not only assist the US and British governments in the 2011 overthrow of the Libyan government, they would also move on – with Western arms and cash – to NATO-member Turkey where they staged an invasion of northern Syria.

The Telegraph in a November 2011 article titled, “Leading Libyan Islamist met Free Syrian Army opposition group,” would report:

Abdulhakim Belhadj, head of the Tripoli Military Council and the former leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, “met with Free Syrian Army leaders in Istanbul and on the border with Turkey,” said a military official working with Mr Belhadj. “Mustafa Abdul Jalil (the interim Libyan president) sent him there.”

The article would continue by reporting:

The meetings came as a sign of a growing ties between Libya’s fledgling government and the Syrian opposition. The Daily Telegraph on Saturday revealed that the new Libyan authorities had offered money and weapons to the growing insurgency against Bashar al-Assad.

Mr Belhaj also discussed sending Libyan fighters to train troops, the source said. Having ousted one dictator, triumphant young men, still filled with revolutionary fervour, are keen to topple the next. The commanders of armed gangs still roaming Tripoli’s streets said yesterday that “hundreds” of fighters wanted to wage war against the Assad regime. 

Revealed once again is a convenient intersection of terrorist and US-British interests – this time in pursuit of regime change in Syria in the wake of successful US-UK backed regime change in Libya.

Confirming that these plans to send Libyan extremists to fight in Syria were eventually executed is CNN’s 2012 article, “Libya rebels move onto Syrian battlefield,” which reported:

Under the command of one of Libya’s most well known rebel commanders, Al-Mahdi al-Harati, more than 30 Libyan fighters have made their way into Syria to support the Free Syrian Army rebels in their war against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Al Harati’s army of Libyan terrorists would expand to hundreds, possibly thousands of fighters and later merge with other Syrian militant groups including Al Qaeda’s Syrian franchise – Jabhat Al Nusra. In Libya, LIFG fighters have divided themselves among various warring factions, including Al Qaeda and Islamic State affiliates.

Libyan Mahdi al-Harati of the Al Qaeda affiliate LIFG, leading Libyan terrorists in Syria. LIFG terrorists would pass through NATO territory in Turkey on their way to Syria’s border. ISIS “coming to” Libya is simply LIFG terrorists returning from their NATO-backed expeditionary mission. Click to enlarge

As these terrorists filter out of Syria and back home, those hailing from LIFG are mainly returning to the UK where they have been known by US and British security and intelligence agencies for years to exist. With them they will be bringing back the technical knowledge and experience needed to carry out devastating attacks like the recent blast that targeted Manchester.

It is terrorism that follows as a direct result of British foreign and domestic policy – supporting terrorists abroad and deliberately refusing to dismantle their networks at home – all as they feed fighters and resources into the US-UK proxy war still raging in Syria.

The British government is directly responsible for the recent Manchester blast. It had foreknowledge of LIFG’s existence and likely its activities within British territory and not only failed to act, but appears to have actively harbored this community of extremists for its own geopolitical and domestic agenda.

The recent blast will only reinforce the unsophisticated “tolerance versus bigotry” narrative that has gripped British society, entirely sidestepping the reality of government sanctioned terrorism wielded both abroad and against its own people – not for ideological or religious purposes – but purely in pursuit of geopolitical hegemony.

That the US and UK are using terrorists to expedite their respective geopolitical objectives should come as no surprise – particularly in regards to LIFG – since the organization itself branched out of Washington’s mercenary fighters used against the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

What is surprising is that the Western public continues to react emotionally to each terrorist attack individually rather than rationally, seeing the much larger picture and pattern. And until the Western public sees that bigger picture and pattern, fear, injustice, murder, and mayhem will continue to dominate their lives and futures.



Prikbord nr. 629 door Columnist Leo J.J. Dorrestijn

Prikbord nr. 629



De groene religie betreffende energieopwekking en biomassa lijkt bij Staatsbosbeheer vooral met extra inkomsten samen te vallen. Dit maakt verklaarbaar waarom enerzijds wordt beleden de natuur zijn gang te laten gaan en bossen zo ontoegankelijk mogelijk te maken, terwijl anderzijds bos wordt gekapt voor de biomassaverbranding. Dus niet uitgedund, maar vele hectaren kaalslag die kennelijk verborgen moeten blijven voor toevallige passanten. Is dit een van de vele leugens over milieubescherming en de functie van bossen, of past het in de aanval op kolencentrales en gasverwarming? Want voor (stads)verwarming met houtsnippers zullen nog heel wat bossen gekapt moeten worden, net als in de middeleeuwen.



Als er dan toch door de FBI een onderzoek naar het lekken (door de inlichtingendienst?) van vertrouwelijke informatie wordt gedaan, dan zouden de computers van The New York Times en de Britse ambassade in Washington niet mogen worden overgeslagen. Want de nalatigheid van hoge functionarissen is soms verbijsterend, zoals uit de e-mails van Hillary Clinton en minister Kamp bleek. En zelfs het Pentagon lijkt niet helemaal ‘waterdicht’.



Bij de kandidaten voor het Oostenrijkse presidentschap lijkt de publieke voorkeur vooral gebaseerd op het uiterlijk in plaats van de capaciteiten. Bij commentaren op Obama, Koninklijke hoogheden, Jesse Klaver en Macron was dit vaak niet anders.

Is dit werkelijk het niveau van bepaalde kiezers of is deze onbenulligheid kenmerkend voor het niveau van de media?



Natuurlijk is het onbescheiden als onbelangrijke personen zoals Koenders zich opvallend in de media – vooral voor de camera – presenteren. Het is zelfs onbescheiden voor een president van de VS om vooraan te willen staan op de groepsfoto, maar dat Trump daarbij tijdens zijn bezoek aan de NAVO de plek opeiste van de premier van Montenegro, was terecht. Het land is pas enkele maanden lid van de NAVO, maar heeft daar in feite niets te zoeken. Tenzij we ooit in een nieuwe Balkan-oorlog verstrikt willen raken of in schandalen zoals met Turkije en Griekenland. Risico’s die ook gelden voor een toekomstig lidmaatschap van Oekraïne.



De vele bewijsstukken van een veelomvattend oplichtingsdossier ruim 5 jaar bewaard.

Bij navraag beweerde het OM eerst het dossier niet te kennen. Dit klopte ook, want vervolgens bleek het te zijn geseponeerd. Kennelijk wegens ‘verjaring’ van de aangiftes. Zo heeft het weinig zin om nog aangifte te doen.



Uitbuiting van buitenlandse arbeidskrachten achten we verwerpelijk, maar hoe zit het met de uitbuiting van kleine ondernemers? In de winkelcentra van vele steden staan steeds meer bedrijfspanden leeg. De huren zijn te hoog, net als allerlei absurde boetes, en de concurrentie is te groot, omdat zgn. ‘centrummanagers’ kennelijk geen invloed hebben op het vestigingsbeleid. Intussen int de gemeentelijke overheid ook nog eens een fors bedrag aan precariorecht etc.  In Waalwijk bestaat zelfs een reclamebelasting van ruim € 600 per jaar. Daar moet een kapper 100 klanten voor knippen – dus een week werken – om dit netto over te houden! Welk VVD-raadslid schaamt zich hiervoor?



Van een buitenlandcorrespondent

De linkse anti-Trump, Anti Conservatives, anti-alles-wat-Rechts-is campagne is – zoals bijna alles in Amerika – een aantal niveaus verder dan hier in Europa.

Maar maak je geen zorgen. Het komt hier ook! Later.

Smeer en laster! Het houdt niet op met iemand voor xenofoob, homofoob, christen, extreem-rechts, racist, fascist en tenslotte Hitler uit te maken. Het uiteindelijke doel is om alles wat Rechts is monddood te maken. Te verbieden in het openbaar hun mening te ventileren of kritiek op Links te uiten. Hen niet langer uit te nodigen in TV-programma’s. Ze te verbannen uit de radio. Hun boeken te negeren. Uiteraard iets waarmee bepaalde zelfbenoemde kwaliteitskranten ook al geruime tijd bezig zijn.

Sean Hannity is het beu. Hij huurt een groep met advocaten in om achter dit soort activiteiten – gericht tegen zijn persoon – aan te gaan.

Denk niet dat het zo maar enkele individuen zijn, die dergelijke smeer en laster ventileren. Het heeft er alles weg van dat er in Amerika sprake is van een goed gecoördineerde en gefinancierde campagne!

Luister maar eens hoe ver het daar is gekomen.

Berkeley University  heeft publiciste Ann Coulter verboden een spreekbeurt daar te houden. Daarna mocht het ineens weer wel, maar op een andere dag & moment. Toevallig kon Coulter niet op die dag/dat moment………Dit was tevoren bekend.

“Toevallig”. Berkeley wist dat dit moment een no go was. Voorafgaande aan een dergelijke happening bespreken partijen uiteraard data, tijdstippen, duur etc. etc. Dus Berkeley wist welke dag(en) Coulter niet uitkwam(en)…….


Wie wast nu de handen in onschuld, want Wie kon niet komen op deze plotseling unilateraal opnieuw vastgestelde dag?

Adelson Talks to Police, Netanyahu Indictment on Gifts Scandal Looms

Adelson Talks to Police, Netanyahu Indictment on Gifts Scandal Looms

Will an early election be called by Prime Minister Netanyahu and/or will he be indicted? Is that why Netanyahu was working on campaign ads earlier in May? – Ann

The Jerusalem Post reports that “US billionaire Sheldon Adelson provided testimony to Israel Police on Thursday in the ongoing investigation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding alleged collusion by the premier and a newspaper publisher.

“Adelson and his wife Miriam, who are not suspects in the investigation, arrived at Lahav 433 headquarters in Lod to give their testimony. The testimony was first reported by Hebrew media and confirmed with a police source by The Jerusalem Post.

“The investigation, termed Case 2000, revolves around recordings of Netanyahu and Yediot Aharonot publisher Arnon Mozes in which the two men allegedly sought to weaken the Adelson-funded Israel Hayom newspaper. Israel Hayom is a free daily newspaper generally seen as pro-Netanyahu, which has undercut Yediot’s advertising revenue.

“The prime minister is also being investigated over suspicions that he accepted illegal gifts from businessmen totaling in the tens of thousands of shekels. Channel 2 reported earlier that police are going to recommend to indict Netanyahu for the gifts case, however, the final decision to indict is made by Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit.”


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Jordan’s Devasting Move In The War on Syria

Jordan’s Devasting Move on the War on Syria will not end well.
Jordan has been prophesied to become a desolation and the latest move by King Abdullah II to join US and British forces to remove Assad from power may have devasting consequences for Jordan. Syria as well will be destroyed in this war if we consider the prophet Zephaniah’s words. But there never is a winner in war. Join us as we examine the Prophetic Impact of the Missle East wars.