Dit is pas een ècht alarmerend bericht!

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Dit is pas een ècht alarmerend bericht!


Melanie Vritschan is een Targetted Individual en leeft al jaren met een gruwelijk implantaat in haar keel dat op afstand bediend kan worden. Een experimentje zullen we maar zeggen….
Zoals Melanie zijn er veel meer mensen die expliciet aangeven een target te zijn.
Dokter Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde was ook één van de T.I.’s zoals ze kortweg genoemd worden.
De T.I.’s kunnen op afstand tot zwijgen gebracht worden of ziek gemaakt, elektronisch of met frequenties.

Dit is helaas wereldwijd gaande.

Uiteindelijk zullen wij allemaal elektronisch of met frequenties aangestuurd of uitgeschakeld kunnen worden. Absoluut geen fraai toekomstbeeld en toch moeten we onze ogen en oren er niet voor sluiten.


Melanie Vritschan is iemand die haar verhaal al vele jaren verteld in interviews (inde radioshow van Désirée Röver o.a.)
en ze is mede-oprichtster van EUCACH. European Coalition Against Covert Harrasment: https://eucach.wordpress.com/
Op YouTube vindt je sprekers van de Conferenties die inmiddels gehouden zijn in o.a. Berlijn. Toets het woord EUCACH in bij Google en je vindt er allerlei links naar videos en informatie over de Targetted Individuals en de Electronic Crimes that are done to Humanity.
Laten we massaal gaan bellen met het ziekenhuis in Brussel…

Melanie Vritschan’s Newborn Baby Medically Kidnapped by Brussels Hospital
Under False Psychiatric Charges

For the protection of the baby, Amethyst Vritschan, and for the restoration of the baby to her talented and celebrated mother, Melanie Vritschan, journalists, human rights advocates, and concerned citizens are urged to take immediate action to request the hospital to release the child to the mother’s care immediately and drop all fraudulent charges of delusions and mental health issues.

Please telephone Erasme Hospital – Psychiatric Ward: 0032 2 555 35 97

Brussels Belgium

Hoe lastig insekten ook mogen zijn, ze zijn wél nodig vooor ons bestaan en juist nu dreigt de mensheid het slachtoffer te worden van een gigantische afname van diezelfde insekten.

Planetary food web now collapsing: Scientists sound alarm as insect biomass plummets

Humanity has broken the planet.

The mass chemical pollution with agricultural chemicals has caused insect populations to plummet to shocking new lows.

Pollinators are disappearing and the food web is now beginning to fall apart, scientists warn in a shocking 27-year study.

Find the full details here, and you’ll understand why humanity’s time remaining on this planet may be very short.

Humans and Machines Could Merge Within 20 Years

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Humans and Machines Could Merge Within 20 Years

Humans and Machines Could Merge Within 20 Years

Humans and machines could be merging within 20 years through artificially intelligent nano-machines, injected into people to repair and improve muscles, cells, and bones, or to help us send signals to other machines. That’s the forecast from IBM senior inventor John McNamara who offered his prediction to the Artificial Intelligence Committee in British Parliament. He believes the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will lead to super-tiny devices that would be inserted into human bodies.

They would then allow people to control things around them – like their homes – simply by thoughts or gestures. “We see the creation of technology that can meld the biological with the technological, and so be able to enhance human cognitive capability directly,” McNamara says. “Using this technology, embedded in ourselves and in our surroundings, we will begin to be able to control our environment with thought and gestures alone,” he says. READ MORE

Dr. Moss drops a bombshell to Senators regarding the vaccine-autism debate

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Dr. Moss drops a bombshell to Senators regarding the vaccine-autism debate

Earlier this year, Dr. Alvin H. Moss, a physician and professor in the Centre for Health Ethics & Law Department at West Virginia University, testified at the West Virginia Senate Education Committee on the topic of childhood vaccinations.

As most of you reading this probably already know, multiple countries and communities around the world are now implementing mandatory vaccination policies, which ensure that if a child has not received the full amount of recommended immunizations, they cannot attend public school. This is primarily due to the belief that if the majority of a population can become “immune” to a disease via vaccination, diseases will either be eradicated or at least kept under control. It’s called “herd immunity,” and refers to a pattern of immunity that should protect a population against invasion of a new infection. It’s the backbone of pro-vaccine arguments, despite the fact that there is no science behind it, which is why it remains a theory. Measles is one example where the theory has shown to be false. Measles vaccine failures have been documented for a quarter of a century around the world, showing that we’re not really looking at a failure to vaccinate, but rather a failing vaccine.

According to Dr. Lucija Tomljenovik, a post-doctoral research fellow in the Department of Opthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of British Colombia,

“The statement that high levels of vaccination prevent disease outbreaks is not as accurate as infectious diseases do in fact occur even in fully vaccinated populations as well as individuals.”

We recently published an article regarding herd immunity, which is a completely separate topic from this article. If interested, you can click on the title below to read the article: Why Unvaccinated Children Are Not A Threat To Vaccinated Children & Seniors

The recent proposed and accepted bills to implement a mandatory vaccine schedule for children has created even more controversy within an already divisive issue.

The Hearing

During the hearing, Senator Mike Romano asked Dr. Moss, “Are you aware of a reputable peer-reviewed study that links childhood autism with immunizations?”

Dr. Moss replies “the answer is yes” and then goes on to state that he could lay his hands on over 100 that directly and indirectly look at this issue.

After that, Moss emphasizes a very important point: “If we really wanted to do justice to that issue, it would take us well over an hour, perhaps several days.”

The Senator then goes on to ask again, “Has there been a statistically valid peer-reviewed study that links autism to childhood immunization?”

Dr. Moss states once more, “I believe the answer is yes.”

The Senator then asks the same question, after trying to understand the difference between published peer-reviewed “medical articles” and studies.

Dr. Moss then drops a bombshell that was, and still is virtually unknown, by a large majority of the population:

I think we need to be fair, we need to talk about the article that is quoted most widely to say there is no relationship between autism and vaccines, that’s an article that was in the 2004 issue of the journal Paediatrics, highly respected journal. The first author was Frank DeStefano, he was from the CDC, and the author in charge of the statistics for that study is William Thompson. You may or may not recall, it did make national news a couple of years ago, William Thompson is a senior at the CDC, he came out and he said “we committed fraud” with the publication of that article.

Senator Romano then deflects the point, which is hard to believe given the bombshell of a point Dr. Moss had just made regarding Dr. Thompson. It goes to show, despite the fact that the current science (much of which is still unknown to medical professionals and the population in general) is strong enough and speaks for itself to show that the science has, in fact, not settled the link between vaccines and autism, that there is a tremendous amount of scientific fraud that surrounds the approval of various “medicines,” which, unfortunately, include vaccines. The ironic part about this is that they’ve been marketed to be life saving, as tools for the eradication of certain diseases. The mainstream media narrative has made people feel inferior or crazy for even questioning the efficacy of vaccines, and that includes most medical professionals, who themselves aren’t really educated on the topic of vaccinations. They are simply given the science the pharmaceutical industry has paid for.

The autism question comes in towards the end of the hearing.

As the current Editor-In-Chief of the New England Medical Journal, Richard Horton, recently shared, because of conflicts of interest and industry ties, “more than half the (medical) literature could be false.”

This story has been circling around since it emerged a few years ago. For example, below is another clip where Congressman Bill Posey also shares this story. The CDC scientists actually forwarded off their information to a number of people who could do something with it, since it was getting virtually no attention within the mainstream.

Posey read off the letter he received from Thompson:

“The [CDC] co-authors scheduled a meeting to destroy documents related to the [MMR vaccine] study. The remaining four co-authors all met and brought a big garbage can into the meeting room and reviewed and went through all the hard copy documents that we had thought we should discard and put them in a huge garbage can.”

The study he and his co-author published in 2004 was, as mentioned above by Dr. Moss, the most commonly cited study used by the scientific community to debunk the controversy surrounding the MMR vaccine/autism link. (Destefano, et al. 2004)

The study concluded that “the evidence is now convincing that the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine does not cause autism or any particular subtypes of autism spectrum disorder.”

Dr. Thompson admitted it was “the lowest point” in his career when he “went along with that paper.” He went on to say that he and the other authors “didn’t report significant findings” and that he is “completely ashamed” of what he did, that he was “complicit and went along with this,” and regrets that he has “been a part of the problem.” (source)(source)(source)

Quite remarkable, isn’t it?

You would think this would receive mass media attention, but it didn’t, and the story is still trying to make its way into the mainstream. It just goes to show how much power the elite truly has. If they want to silence a fact, it can be done with ease, regardless of how impactful or important it might be.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get stories like the ones above out to the public, as Facebook has teamed up with other corporations, like Disney, to decide for us what is “fake news” and what isn’t.

Why don’t they just let us think for ourselves?

I think the answer is obvious.