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Het kankergezwel van de bankiers



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Het kankergezwel van de bankiers





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Wat velen zich niet realiseren inzake Egyptenaren en Joden


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What you don’t know about Egyptians and Jews

By Babu G. Ranganathan

What you don't know about Egyptians and Jews. 49253.jpeg

It’s important to understand that “Jew” is not a race but a religion. Anyone of any race can be a Jew. Yes, God did begin with a specific family, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but God did not limit being a Jew to that family. For example, Ruth and Rahab of the Old Testament, both Gentiles, became Jews. Ruth was a Moabite and Rahab was a Canaanite and both were in the human ancestry of Christ.

During ancient times, a Roman historian, Tactitus, recorded that the Jews were black and looked Ethiopian. No doubt, this was because Jews had mixed with black Egyptians in Egypt during hundreds of years of slavery.

Contrary to popular belief, European Jews are not descended from the original Jews of Jesus’ day. Talk to any Jewish Rabbi. European Jews are descended from Gentiles of Europe who converted to Judaism during the Middle Ages. European Jews are of Ashkenazi descent and are known as Ashkenazi Jews.

In the New Testament Christians, Jew and Gentile believers in Christ, are referred to spiritually as Jews. The Apostle Paul, in the New Testament, refers to the Christian church as the “Israel of God.”

According to the Bible the ancient Egyptians were descended from Ham through the line of Mizraim. Ham had four sons: Cush, Mizraim, Phut, and Canaan (Genesis 10:6). The name “Mizraim” is the original name given for Egypt in the Hebrew Old Testament. Many Bibles will have a footnote next to the name “Mizraim” explaining that it means “Egypt.” The name “Egypt” itself actually comes to us from the Greeks who gave the Land that name (i.e. “Aegyptos” from the Greek). The name “Ham” means “black,” or “burnt.” Thus, Ham, who was one of the three sons of Noah, was black. The Bible, in the Old Testament, repeatedly refers to Egypt as the “Land of Ham” (i.e., Psalms 105:23, 27; 106:22). The ancient Egyptians in their writings used their word for “black” to describe themselves.

Ham was named “black one” by his father Noah from birth. In other words, black skin was not a curse because Ham was born black, long before Noah placed any curse. In fact, contrary to popular belief there was never a “curse of Ham” because it wasn’t Ham who was cursed. The curse for Ham’s sin against Noah fell on Ham’s son Canaan and not on Ham himself. Canaan was one of the four sons of Ham. Ham had other sons who were not cursed. Noah foresaw that Canaan would follow in the immoral steps and behavior of his father Ham and, as a consequence, Noah declared Canaan to be cursed. The curse was ultimately fulfilled in the total destruction of the Canaanites (Phoenicians) as a nation by the Roman Empire.

Today Egypt is referred to as an Arab nation, but this is only because the Arabs conquered Egypt centuries ago and imposed upon the original people their Arab language, culture and Muslim religion. Many in Egypt today are really the descendants of Arab, Persian, Greek, and other non-African peoples that entered and conquered Egypt over the centuries. Cleopatra who ruled Egypt, for example, was of Greek descent.

The original Egyptians, however, who had built ancient Egyptian civilization (i.e. Pyramids, etc.) long before any Europeans and Asians conquered Egypt were of black descent, and this is still mostly true of the bulk of Egypt’s rural population, especially in the south where historically Egyptian civilization originated. Even in urban areas and cities, many Egyptians have substantial black ancestry mixed with European or Arab.

Long before the Arabs invaded and conquered Egypt the famous and ancient Greek historian Herodotus (who is known as the Father of History) visited Egypt and wrote concerning the Egyptians: “They have burnt skin, flat noses, thick lips, and wooly hair” (Herodotus, Book II, p. 100, translated by George Rawlinson, New York: Tudor, 1928).  It’s been discovered that the embalming process straightened and, in some cases, changed the color of hair found among the entombed pharaohs.

Just as there were primitive and advanced white societies in Europe, there also existed primitive and advanced black societies in Africa. And, just as white nations had fought and went to war with each other for supremacy (i.e. England and France), so, too, did black nations (i.e. Egypt and Cush). Egypt and its southern fellow black neighbor Cush (Ethiopia) frequently competed and went to war with each other. This is why we read in Scripture that the Jews, who were slaves in Egypt, looked down on Moses for marrying a Cushite woman.

Since the Bible teaches that all humanity descended from Noah and his family then Noah and his family must have carried the genes for producing all the “races” or varieties of humans. Genetically, it was possible for Noah and his family to carry the genes for producing different races just as it is genetically possible today for a white couple having black hair to carry the genes for producing children with different color hair. The principle is the same. Although you and I today may not possess genes for producing different races of people, Noah and his family did possess such genes.

Nowhere in the Bible does it teach that black skin is a curse from God. Black skin protects from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light from the Sun. In fact, all human skin color is really brown. The pigment that gives skin its color is melanin and melanin is brown. Whites have the least amount of melanin in their skin and that’s why they appear to be “white.” Only albinos (those born with no melanin because of a genetic defect and mutation) are pure white and are in most danger from the harmful effects of the Sun’s rays. Instead of black skin being a curse it is a healthful blessing for those living in year round hot climates.

To have a deeper understanding of what the Christian Scriptures actually teach concerning prophecy, please read the author’s Internet article, “Second Coming of Christ Misunderstood” (7the edition).

*The author, Babu G. Ranganathan, has his bachelor’s degree with concentrations in theology and biology and has been recognized in the 24th edition of Marquis “Who’s Who In The East” for his writings on religion and science.


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George Soros Anarchy Groups Providing Anti-Trump Script Fueling Phony Town Hall Protests

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George Soros Anarchy Groups Providing Anti-Trump Script Fueling Phony Town Hall Protests

by Geoffrey Grider

An organization partnered with far-left groups that calls itself the Revolutionary Love Project distributed an actual script with anti-Trump talking points for citizens to use when meeting with constituents in town halls, including during last week’s Congressional recess.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The pathetic Far Left of the Democrat Party wants you to believe that the anti-Trump protests popping up all over the country are an “organic grassroots protest movement” representing the “will of the American people”. Poppycock. These phony anti-Trump town hall meetings and riots in the streets are paid for by George Soros to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. Wake up, snowflakes, you’re being played like a cheap violin. 

The script provides word-for-word language suggestions that accuse the Trump administration of “xenophobia, racism, and Islamophobia.”  It asks activists to use the descriptors to petition their representatives to “forcefully condemn” and support legislation opposing President Trump’s immigration and border security agendas.

The script is entitled, “#NoBanNoWallNoRaids Talking Points for Congressional Townhalls.”

It ends with contact information for activists from two groups heavily financed by billionaire George Soros – Avideh Moussavian at the National Immigration Law Center and Deepa Iyer at the Center for Social Inclusion.

Contacted by Breitbart News, Moussavian confirmed his group “contributed” to the script “in response to overwhelming concern and fear stemming from the January 27th executive order that sought to ban the entry of refugees and Muslims and in response to mounting questions from community members about how to express these concerns to policy makers.”

Despite Moussavian’s claims, Trump’s executive order did not seek to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. It temporarily halted the refugee program while the flawed security screening process could be reworked.

Billionaire Soros linked to anti-Trump protests – WikiLeaks

The anti-Trump script for activists is meant to aid a project driven by the George Soros funded group declaring the week of February 18-26  – the first congressional recess of the 115th Congress – to be “Resistance Recess.”

The project called on activists to show up at “elected officials’ events, town halls, and other public appearances to make it clear to those who represent us in Congress, as well as to the media, that tolerance of the Trump Administration’s hurtful policies is intolerable, that indifference or idleness is not acceptable, that complacency is politically toxic.”

A blast email from the Revolutionary Love Project urged supporters to use the talking points “script” to “voice your concern” when meeting last week with constituents during the Congressional recess.

Fox Names George Soros As The Money Behind The Anti-Trump Riots

The actual script recommends that activists say the following in stages:

·         Stage 1: Who You Are. My name is ______ and I’m a resident of _______. Add a description of your connection to the community.

·         Stage 2: Your Concerns. I am particularly concerned about the Administration’s efforts to  target and criminalize immigrants, refugees and people entering our country from Muslim-majority countries. I want you as a representative of our district to understand the impact of Trump’s executive orders and to take action.

The script provides talking points and urges activists to use the language to “buttress your concerns.” The talking points deploy key words like “xenophobia, racism, and Islamophobia” as suggested descriptions of Trump’s temporary refugee halt as well as the administration’s immigration enforcement policies.

Here are some talking points provided:

·         *Trump’s executive orders to deport undocumented immigrants, to punish so-called sanctuary cities for defending the Constitution, to ban people from seven Muslim-majority countries, and to shut the door on refugees all have one thing in common: they are rooted in hate, bigotry and a desire to instill fear rather than promote unity. We call this xenophobia, racism, and Islamophobia.

·         *Each of these executive orders is based on the false premise that immigrants pose a threat to us. They are hateful attacks not only on those newly arriving or seeking entry into the U.S. but to those of us, including U.S. citizens, who have raised families here, paid taxes for years and who have made enormous sacrifices and contributions.

·         *The policy changes called for in the executive orders are extremist, costly and ineffective, and they will not make us safer. They have wreaked havoc and confusion in airports across the globe and at home, in our schools, workplaces, and backyards.

·         *We are witnessing a massive militarization of our deportation force, and a supersizing of interior and border patrol agents. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids are occurring in homes and workplaces, and the climate of fear as a result of rumored and reported raids are paralyzing our communities.

·         *Parents are afraid to send their children to school. Pregnant mothers are afraid to get basic nutrition assistance and prenatal care. We are separating families, hurting our economy and targeting the most vulnerable, without accountability from our federal government that is causing this devastation.

The script asks representatives to “forcefully condemn” Trump’s immigration and border security agendas and to “support legislation in Congress that would block implementation and nullify the effects of these orders and prevent any funding for them.”

The National Immigration Law Center, which is listed on the talking points memo, was party to a lawsuit last month that temporarily blocked Trump’s original executive order. The National Immigration Law Center has received numerous grants from Soros’s Open Society earmarked for general support.

The second group listed on the talking points memo, the Center for Social Inclusion, is also the recipient of numerous Open Society grants.

The Revolutionary Love Project, which distributed the script, is partnered with numerous far-left groups, including T’ruah and Trinity United Church of Christ, which was formerly led by Jeremiah Wright Jr., Barack Obama’s infamous radical pastor for nearly twenty years.

The Project is partnered with the organizers of last month’s Women’s March. Soros reportedly has ties to more than 50 “partners” of that march. Also, this journalist first reported on the march leaders’ close associations with Soros. source

Aaron Klein is Breitbart’s Jerusalem bureau chief and senior investigative reporter. He is a New York Times bestselling author and hosts the popular weekend talk radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio.” Follow him on Twitter @AaronKleinShow. Follow him on Facebook.



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