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‘US military can no longer plead ‘collateral damage’ when it’s been happening for 17 years’

‘US military can no longer plead ‘collateral damage’ when it’s been happening for 17 years’

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‘US military can no longer plead ‘collateral damage’ when it’s been happening for 17 years’
The US has portrayed itself as having the most sophisticated drone program in the world. Yet it seems unable to detect when children, women and civilians are in an area where it wants to bomb, Tighe Barry, anti-war activist with Code Pink, told RT.

The US military has reportedly caused civilian casualties in an airstrike carried out on Thursday in the Sangin District of Helmand province in southern Afghanistan, according to Afghan media.

Media sources reported up to 20 people were killed in the strike.

The UN mission for Afghanistan tweeted that it will look into the reports.

This is not the first time US airstrikes have hit the wrong target, causing massive collateral damage.

Just this month, the Pentagon confirmed that almost 200 civilians had been killed since the start of its anti-terrorist campaign in Syria and Iraq.

NATO confirmed to RT that it carried out airstrikes in that area though denied that any civilian casualties had occurred.

RT: If there were civilian casualties, will the US admit it?

Tighe Barry: I very much doubt it. The US has been very diligent in not portraying the deaths of civilians. The things that happen to the civilians in all these drone strikes as well as, for example, the mishap that took place where the US military invaded on the ground in Yemen last week and killed up to 40 civilians. The US will never take responsibility for its actions in any war zone at all and they claim that it is their right. And we all that under international law this is not the right of the US or any other country to take civilian lives when you don’t need to.

RT: Assuming there were civilian casualties, will anyone be held to account?

TB: It is up to the world community, it has always been up to the world community. The US has been involved in several invasions of foreign countries not at the request of those foreign countries. Afghanistan didn’t invite us in. And neither did Iraq or Pakistan or Yemen, or any of those other countries. We are an invading force, the United States, and they are outside of the norms of international law. They are required to if they are going to invade and occupy – such as in Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen, for example – they are required to keep safe the civilian people and not steal natural resources and as we know this what the US has been doing for the last fifteen years at least, if not more. And it is up to the world community to stand up and say it is not going to take it anymore. Because any country that sits idly by, let’s take Jordan, for example, thinks that the US might not invade their country some day or any other country – Egypt, or anywhere else in the world. They are sadly mistaken; this is an imperial power and it is going to use its might wherever it decides to use it.

RT: America has been guilty of collateral damage in the past. Why does it keep happening?

TB: You can’t call it ‘collateral damage’ when you have been doing it for 17 years. It is no longer collateral damage; you are an invading and occupying force, and you are required under international law to take care of the civilian population. We all know that the US has portrayed itself as having the most incredible drone surveillance program in the world. Yet it seems unable to detect when children and women and civilians are in an area where it wants to bomb.

They can have it one of two ways: either it is surgical strikes and they are laser-perfect or they are just bombing people. And I think it is the latter. I think that the US doesn’t have control on its weaponry; it goes where it wants to go. I don’t think there is a chain of command there, I think people down the line of the chain of command are calling the shots and the people up on top are just saying: ‘Hey, whatever happens, happens, and it is not our responsibility.’

The US is always very quick to kind of throw the blame, or throw other countries under the bus when it comes to collateral damage, when civilians are involved, but when it comes to their own airstrikes and their own intelligence then no one is allowed to hold them accountable for anything…There is never transparency and never accountability when it comes to US military intervention, whether it is in Afghanistan or other places in the world. 

In Afghanistan… people are quite fed up with the fact that it is ok for foreign troops to come in and just bomb away. They don’t really care about what happens to the family of the victims or whether people are actually being killed or whether even the intelligence was relevant to the airstrike or whether it is actually helping towards countering the rise or the return of the Taliban or any form of other radical militants in the country. That’s an issue. – Catherine Shakdam, from the Shafaana Institute of Middle Eastern Studies

RT: Moving to Syria and Iraq, the US Central Command confirms that almost 200 civilians were killed in its anti-terrorist campaign in those countries. Do you think that figure reflects the truth?

TB: It is totally laughable. There are independent organizations that have said that this is incorrect. We all know that for the last 17 years the US has been killing indiscriminately around the world.

As we all know, the US has not taken the responsibility for the civilian casualties even under the most obvious of circumstances. We aided a family from Yemen and from Pakistan to come to the US Congress and they had perfect evidence. Even congressional representatives were saying, ‘Yes, the United States is responsible for the deaths of these civilians, yet the US government as a whole is incapable. They don’t want to take responsibility for their actions… Other countries will now say, ‘If the US doesn’t have to take responsibility for its actions, we don’t either…’

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Klik:>Angela Merkel Now Forced To Pay Muslims Migrants Millions To Leave Germany Voluntarily

by Geoffrey Grider

Chancellor Angela Merkel is setting aside €90m (£76m) in taxpayers’ money to create a fund which will pay migrants to withdraw their asylum applications and leave Germany voluntarily.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Angela Merkel thought it was a great idea to throw their borders wide open, and let a million, unvetted Muslim migrants come in. Then the attacks on the street started, then the rapes started, and the streets filled with piles of garbage 30 feet high. The Germany people are revolting, as the prospect of her re-election grows dimmer by the hour. Observe her very desperate attempt to solve the problem by throwing money at it. Will it work? Only if the German people are as stupid as she seems to believe they are, but they’re not. 

The handouts will form part of a 16-point plan to speed up the removal of rejected asylum seekers, after Tunisian migrant Anis Amri murdered a Polish lorry driver, hijacked his vehicle and drove it into a Christmas market in Berlin while awaiting deportation.

U.S. president Donald Trump told The Times that Merkel made a “catastrophic mistake” when she opened the doors to an unlimited number of migrants in 2015. Her vice-chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel, later admitted that his superior had underestimated how difficult it would be to integrate migrants on such a grand scale, and that Germany had been plunged into a kulturkampf, or “cultural war”, as a result.

16 y/o German girl talks about muslim immigration, destruction of her own country

Germany rejected 170,000 asylum claims in 2016 but, according to the Mail, just 26,000 were repatriated. 55,000 more decided to leave voluntarily – apparently leaving 81,000 bogus applicants unaccounted for.

“We rely heavily on voluntary departures,” admitted Chancellor Merkel, who was announcing the package after falling behind the Social Democrats in polls for Germany’s upcoming elections.

Martin Schulz, the former President of the European Parliament who has been nominated as the Social Democrat challenger to Merkel, said he backed the proposals to speed up deportations.

Schulz has previously insisted that “the people who are arriving [in Europe] are refugees who have been threatened [and] we should welcome them” – a statement which is at odds with the Vice-President of the European Commission’s admission that at least 60 per cent are economic migrants.

As a leading figure in the European Union, Schulz was a strong supporter of the compulsory migrant quotas. These were forced through by the bloc despite strong opposition from central and eastern European member-states, which did not agree with Germany’s unilateral decision to throw open the borders.

Schulz hit out strongly at these countries in 2015, accusing them of “national egotism in its purest form”. Polish interior minister Mariusz Blaszczak described at Schulz’s words as “an example of German arrogance”. source


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Reactie van Nico Talma

Korte reactie op het stukje van Silvia.


Het is inderdaad zo dat zij die behoren tot het lichaam van Christus van mening met elkaar kunnen verschillen en kunnen er hierdoor zelfs conflicten ontstaan. Wat uiteraard de bedoeling van de ons o zo bekende dooreenwerper is. Wat wij nooit moeten vergeten dat God de plaatser is en dat Hij met ieder van ons Zijn weg gaat, Hij heeft dat in het verleden gedaan en dat zal Hij ook nu nog steeds doen. Gods wegen zijn ondoorgrondelijk en eens zal ons het allemaal duidelijk worden, waarom Hij juist die weg met ons gegaan is. Wij hebben nogal eens gauw de neiging om Gods almacht te onderschatten. Hij heeft een plan ontworpen en daarvan weet Hij het begin en het einde van en komt met een ieder die Hij ooit geschapen heeft tot Zijn doel en laat daarbij niemand verloren gaan. Waar we maar weinig over horen is Genade, nee geen vergeving want daar kun je op terug komen. Genade is gratis en voor niets en daar kunnen wij niets tegenover stellen. Het is inderdaad moeilijk voor een mens om dit te accepteren want die wil er wat tegenover stellen. Zij die deze boodschap geloven behoren tot het lichaam van Christus, maar ook hier moet ik bij vermelden dat God je hart hiervoor openen moet en dat is ook weer genade. Dan volgt er een leerproces, want het is niet zo dat je dan alles in eens begrijpt want ook hierin gaat God Zijn weg met jou. En dit leer proces kan voor een ieder verschillen, want alleen God kent ieders hart en kijkt niet naar de buitenkant. Daarom kunnen wij als mens de gedachten gang van sommige mensen niet begrijpen, ook al behoren ze tot het lichaam van Christus maar God gaat met een ieder Zijn weg die Hij nodig acht om te groeien tot een volwassene in het geloof en steeds ontdekken we weer nieuwere dingen. Nee geen Bijbelteksten maar gewoon een korte reactie hoe ik het zie. Maar het woord GENADE moet er uit springen, want uiteindelijk heeft De Zoon het Volbracht en heeft de zonde van deze wereld weggenomen.


Hartelijke Groeten Nico.=