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Turkey Declares Victory in Northern Syria After Being Outmaneuvered on Every Front

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Bron: Russia Insider

Turkey Declares Victory in Northern Syria After Being Outmaneuvered on Every Front

Turkey is isolated and outmaneuvered in Syria. Mission accomplished?

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A military operation launched by the Turkish military in northern Syria to “secure Turkey’s borders” has been successfully completed, the country’s top security board has said.

According to the BBC:

Turkey says it has “successfully” ended its seven-month Euphrates Shield military campaign in northern Syria.

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim made the announcement at a meeting of the country’s security council.

He did not rule out new military operations and did not say whether Turkish troops would now leave Syria.

Turkey launched the offensive last August to push Islamic State militants away from its border and also to stop the advance of local Kurdish fighters.

“Operation Euphrates Shield has been successful and is finished. Any operation following this one will have a different name,” Mr Yildirim said on Wednesday.

“Any operation following this one will have a different name.” That sounds reassuring.Turkey isn’t going anywhere. This is pure political posturing.

Rex Tillerson is arriving in Ankara today, for what will be the “highest-level meeting between Turkish and American officials since President Donald Trump moved in to the White House in January.”

Erdogan is also behind in the polls for an upcoming referendum, which, if passed, would give him “effective control over the judiciary, executive and legislative powers under the 18-article constitutional draft.”

And there’s nothing like “success” on the battlefield to drum up populist support.

One could argue that Turkey has succeeded in at least splintering the Kurdish cantons, but let’s be honest: Erdogan now finds himself without any reliable allies in northern Syria, and his proxy armies are weak and marginalized.Even Turkey’s diplomatic role in the conflict seems to have waned. According to the Middle East Eye:

Turkey, Russia and Iran remain the three guarantor powers for the ceasefire in Syria, but when the third round of negotiations was held in the Kazakh capital Astana on 15 March, the Syrian opposition whom Turkey backs stayed away. Though the final communique at Astana suggested that the talks had been constructive and useful, Syria blamed Turkey for the opposition boycott.  

Turkey’s allies, the various factions in the Free Syria Army, are discontented with a settlement framework which is highly unfavourable to them. But since they have failed to do what the YPG has so strikingly done, i.e. coalesce into a strong modern fighting army, the groups inside the FSA are getting little or no international attention.

“Vriendschappelijke bombardementen”

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Bron: RT

‘Wherever we went, we got bombed’: Mosul refugees slam Iraqi & US anti-ISIS offensive

Exploring the destroyed parts of Mosul, RT has been able to gather more evidence in support of Amnesty International’s report which accuses the US-led coalition and Iraqi government of indiscriminately bombing houses with civilians inside along with ISIS targets.

The debris of destroyed houses, schools and hospitals have turned Iraq’s second largest city into an urban graveyard after the US-led coalition and Iraqi government forces launched the offensive in October to liberate the city.

With explosions and gunfire heard in the distance, RT’s crew saw US-led coalition jets heading to and from Mosul every 5–10 minutes on Tuesday night. They also witnessed an Iraqi helicopter launching missiles at IS targets on Wednesday and heard chilling stories of how Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists continue to use civilians as human shields during airstrikes.

READ MORE: ‘Credibility’ probe into US-led coalition airstrike in Mosul raised to formal investigation

But instead of organizing humanitarian corridors for civilian to leave the city, the Iraqi government, as noted in the Amnesty International report earlier this week, has been urging Mosul residents to stay inside. Unfortunately for many of them, the perceived safety of their homes became their graves, as Iraqi and US forces continue to target their houses.

“Hundreds of civilians have been killed by airstrikes inside their homes or in places where they sought refuge after following Iraqi government advice not to leave during the offensive to recapture the city of Mosul from the armed group calling itself Islamic State (IS),” Amnesty said Tuesday in their detailed report based on witness’ testimonies.

The city itself and the refugee camp near Mosul are full of people whose houses were hit or destroyed just after they ran away ignoring government advice.

“When we were in our home, it was hit by a shell. We went to my parent’s house, and it was hit by a rocket. Wherever we went, we’d be bombed. I heard an airstrike destroyed our home,” one woman with a child told RT.

“Why is there no precision here? Air strikes are hitting us and Daesh is a small mouse, why are they bombing the city? The city is gone,” Mosul resident Abu Sayif told RT’s Ruptly video agency. “Have no mercy, no mercy, airstrikes are very bad.”

“This is the bombing, they are destroying everything,” local resident named Akram told Ruptly.

Others on the ground in Mosul have complained to RT that IS continue to use civilians as human shields during daily airstrikes, terrorizing residents and preventing anyone from leaving the western Mosul.

“IS hurt us a lot, they starved us; there is no water to drink, there is no gas, there is no food,” said Abdlrazaq Abdalkarem Qasim a Mosul resident.

“There are 4 or 5 families that can’t come out, the fighting is weakened. These guys [the Iraqi army] keep fighting, they can´t beat them but they [Daesh] are using a lot of snipers,” said Basim Muhammad Jasim, another local of Mosul.

READ MORE: ‘US airstrikes that kill civilians in Mosul allow ISIS to thrive’

“We are concerned about the pattern of civilian casualties which has been happening since the start of the operation [on October 17],” Donatella Rovera, AI’s senior crisis response adviser who carried out field investigations in Mosul, told RT. “Amnesty International is concerned that there is disproportionate use of force and this could constitute war crimes.”

Rovera told RT that the US coalition is failing to undertake “all possible and feasible precautions to minimize civilian casualties,” especially when it comes to cases where civilian structures are destroyed.

“The use of munitions and tactics at times are causing civilian casualties — notably in situations where ISIS fighters are on the roof of houses — large munitions have been used which have destroyed those houses and killed the civilians in the house,” Rovera explained on Tuesday.

Following Amnesty’s report, the Pentagon admitted that its air campaign in Mosul “probably had a role” in the mounting civilian death toll in the city.

“If these innocents were killed by the coalition, it was an unintentional accident of war,” Lieutenant General Steve Townsend the commander of the Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve said Tuesday, as the UN Human Rights chief announced that at least 307 people have been killed and 273 wounded in just over a month in Mosul.

The US insists that no more than 200 civilians have been killed in coalition airstrikes in Mosul, but the UK-based monitoring group Airwars says the number could be more than 10 times higher.

Some 400,000 civilians are still trapped in the Old City of Mosul, which is held by IS militants. They are facing food and electricity shortages, a representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Iraq earlier told Reuters, adding that between 8,000 and 12,000 people flee the city daily.

Nog even terugkomend op het ‘hebben’ van een dubbele nationaliteit.

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Nog steeds relevant..


Een interview uit 2007 met Twan Tak (1942), hoogleraar staatsrecht aan de Universiteit Maastricht.


Een dubbele nationaliteit is logisch net zo onmogelijk als een dubbele sekse of een dubbele religie.

En wat onmogelijk is, moet je niet per decreet alsnog voor mogelijk verklaren. Het is belachelijke onzin.

Want laten we niet vergeten: het hebben van een nationaliteit betekent dat je onderdaan bent van één

bepaalde, soevereine staat. Die binding tussen overheid en onderdaan is iets unieks.

Bij iemand die een dubbele nationaliteit heeft, staat niet vast van welke soevereine staat hij onderdaan is,

en dat kan niet.

Dat er zoiets als een ‘dubbele nationaliteit’ is gekomen, is alleen maar het gevolg van tekortschietende

regelgeving, nationaal en internationaal. Dat deze onduidelijkheid tot problemen en schade zou leiden,

is al lang voorzienbaar geweest, en ze komt nu ineens aan het licht, nu de politieke pleister van het

probleem af is getrokken.


Het hele interview op:



An Update from Dr. Caroline Leaf

An Update from Dr. Caroline Leaf

The Elephant in the Dining Room: Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are disorders, not diseases. Change in these life-threatening patterns of food consumption comes with choosing to change based on an awareness of the fundamental need to change.

The concept of a brain disease is very limiting and almost always gives a sense of hopelessness: the view that you are what your brain does, and there is really nothing you alone can do about it. A brain disorder, on the other hand, brings hope in the sense that although there have been significant biological changes in the brain, the brain can change (neuroplasticity). The mind is more powerful than the brain: it directs the change. Choosing to change and quit a toxic thinking pattern can in fact result in brain regrowth. A number of psychologists and neuroscientists have found that adult brain volume, which can be reduced by anorexia nervosa and other eating disorders, can also be regained through changing thinking patterns or mindsets!

By choosing to change the way you think, you can literally regain gray matter in the brain! When God said his plans for you are full of hope, he truly meant it (Jer. 29: 11)!

Dr. Leaf show on eating disorders

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