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Author and Activist Explains the Link Between Vaccination and Eugenic

Aangeleverd door: Ed Vries

Author and Activist Explains the Link Between Vaccination and Eugenic

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer
Waking Times

“The eugenics movement has always been problematic, it has always reflected a desire to have people be in perfect health as a society, not really as individuals, but as a group.” ~Liam Scheff

Eugenics in one form or another has always been a part of human culture, however it has taken a quantum leap since the 1800’s when it was first codified into science by Francis Galton. Now, in the 21st century, eugenics is broadly accepted to be immoral and unethical, yet is disguised in many aspects of our society, namely vaccination.

“We live in a society in which eugenics is prohibited, a society that it doesn’t believe in abortion, we certainly don’t believe in infanticide, but we seem to be killing a lot of children, anyway. We seem to be killing a lot of children slowly.” ~Liam Scheff

Speaking on the connection between eugenics and vaccines, and how families, most notably mothers, are destroyed when a child is vaccine injured, Liam Scheff, anti-vaccine activist and author of Official Stories: Counter-Arguments for a Culture in Need describes how the practice and ritual of vaccinating children qualifies as a eugenics project.

Eugenics is defined as, “the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics.”

According to Scheff:

“Vaccination is a eugenics project. That is it is meant to improve the health of the species before sickness arrives. The eugenics movement has a history of killing and wounding many in the large populations to which the ‘science’ is applied. The vaccine movement, as part of the eugenic movement, is now killing families across the world and the United States.” ~Liam Scheff

A quote from the father of scientific population control, Thomas Malthusian, serves as a reminder of the true intentions of some scientists and social engineering programs:

“Instead of recommending cleanliness to the poor, we should encourage contrary habits. In our towns we should make the streets narrower, crowd more people into the houses, and court the return of the plague.

In the country, we should build our villages near stagnant pools, and particularly encourage settlements in all marshy and unwholesome situations.*12 But above all, we should reprobate specific remedies for ravaging diseases; and those benevolent, but much mistaken men, who have thought they were doing a service to mankind by projecting schemes for the total extirpation of particular disorders.

If by these and similar means the annual mortality were increased from 1 in 36 or 40, to 1 in 18 or 20, we might probably every one of us marry at the age of puberty, and yet few be absolutely starved.” ~Thomas Malthus, An Essay on the Principle of Population, 1826

This mentality is at the root of modern vaccination programs which are sometimes used as a means to sterilize a target population, but are more widely used as part of a larger agenda of a global depopulation slow kill.

“The eugenics movement has more or less been successful in killing a lot of people slowly. It’s dragging the mothers of America who understand this down into a very black hole from which there is no escape. Alone.” ~Liam Scheff

View the presentation by Liam Scheff below:

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Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He is a staff writer for WakingTimes.com and Offgrid Outpost, a provider ofstorable food and emergency kits. Alex is an avid student of Yoga and life.

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IMF De-Cashing: Soft-Selling Financial Enslavement

Aangeleverd door: Ed Vries


IMF De-Cashing: Soft-Selling Financial Enslavement

The IMF (International Monetary Fund) or as I like to call them – International Mafia Federation – is showing its true colors and proving

beyond question this organization is nothing more than street-corner thugs in high-priced suits.

With the release of this latest working paper on how to enslave nations, steal the remaining sovereignty of the people and nations they have

drawn up plans to force a cashless society upon all the people within IMF member nations.




The Extent of Soros Involvement in European Elections Is Far Greater Than Anyone Can Imagine

There are two questions that remain. The first is will there be any legal action taken against George Soros for trying to manipulate

the outcome of foreign elections? The second and most important question, is about whether or not the European Union was working

in cooperation with Open Society.

Consider the reality if they were. This is an institution that claims to be free and democratic, who may have coordinated with a

foreign national to influence supposedly free elections. They want compliant pro-EU people in the EU Parliament and will stop at

nothing to rob the European people of the democratic rights.




Beyond a Failing European Super State


Interview met Maurice Hilleman (heeft 36 vaccins ontwikkeld) komt er voor uit, aids en kanker virus is aan vaccins toegevoegd

Aangeleverd door Sam Jansen

Interview met Maurice Hilleman (heeft 36 vaccins ontwikkeld) komt er voor uit, aids en kanker virus is aan vaccins toegevoegd

Kijk op de (wereld)-politiek door de bril van Ben Jager


Geachte lezer,


Het journaal en RTL nieuws knallen veel nepnieuws op onze schermen; feitenvrije stemmingmakerij, die zij zelf sowieso niet natrekken.


Gifgas ‘aanval’ in Syrië. En dat dan door de gedemoniseerde president, tegen zijn eigen burgers.

Ieder weldenkend mens mist hier de logica; het nep-nieuws rammelt aan alle kanten.

En precies zo, ging het ook met de mediamanipulaties mbt. gifgas in Gouta.


Alle politieke kopstukken met hun bakkes voor de camera; wisten meteen alles al. Wie, wat, waar en waarom. [NOT]

Zouden de leugenaars van destijds dan nu opeens wel oprecht en integer zijn?


Het is oorlog, en ze zijn door de duivel bezeten. Ff een paar dingen nagetrokken, een globaal netwerk  – met vele vertakkingen – ontvouwde zich. Heel kort kon het niet worden samengevat. Veel in de doofpot gehouden openbaringen.

Globalisten bereiden dit al 100 jaar voor.


Niets kan worden weggelaten, het hele plaatje zien – is nodig de ernst en omvang van de duivelse plannen te weten. De hoofdrolspelers, bruikbare idioten, populisten, en de vijfde kolonne van de Policor ‘civil society’.


Alvast enkele passages. Het gaat van Trump, en Nikki Haley via de miljardair-oligarchen die de politiek in de VS domineren, de globalisten achter de schermen en hun aanval op het Westen, onze beschaving en vrijheden, tot de corruptie in de Nederlandse politiek – Kamerbreed.

Niet verbazingwekkend (meer) dat Kamerbreed deze oorlogsmisdaad wordt goedgekeurd, en om meer wordt geroepen (o.a. Koenders, Rutte, Pechtold, Han ten Broeke, Marietje Schaake).

Een mooie case – de ratten komen uit hun holen; nu eenvoudig hun werkelijke drijfveren te observeren. Oorlogsmisdaad goedkeuren, en pleiten voor meer – maakt hen, uiteraard . . . . mee oorlogsmisdadiger.


“Mrs Haleys selection for UN ambassador raised eyebrows.                                    

She has no foreign policy track record to speak of, let alone diplomatic experience.”



The United States is the moral conscience of the world.”


“HALEY: I mean, the Human Rights Council is so corrupt.”                          

[HAAS:] “We don’t have an exit strategy for U.S. forces in Europe because we made the decision that keeping U.S. forces there is an enduring value. http://www.cfr.org/diplomacy-and-statecraft/conversation-nikki-haley/p38970

Haley agreed that the Syrian regime’s actions, backed by Russia, constituted “genocide.”  Nikki Haley breaks with Trump on Russia


Bibi’s Palin               Netanyahu is Israel’s John McCain. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/8259


Trump’s Job is to Prepare America for War” ~ William Engdahl https://opify.net/en_US/video/020/ZARy1IlQHAw/%2522Trump%2527s_Job_is_to_Prepare_America_for_War%2522_%257E_William_Engdahl

FDD launched “The Syria Project” to support dissident efforts in removing the Assad regime.[20]  “Most of the major donors are active philanthropists to ‘pro-Israel’ causes both in the U.S. and internationally. With the disclosure of its donor rolls, it becomes increasingly apparent that FDD’s advocacy of U.S. military intervention in the Middle East, its hawkish stance against Iran, and its defense of right-wing Israeli policy is consistent with its donors’ interests in ‘pro-Israel’ advocacy”. [30] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foundation_for_Defense_of_Democracies

Walid Phares, Donald Trump’s key adviser on terrorism and the Middle East, is also a Senior Fellow of a small very pro-Netanyahu think tank called the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.    

The money trail behind it. It was founded and financed by a group of US billionaires closely tied to Benjamin Netanyahu and his Israeli geopolitical agenda


John Mearsheimer, University of Chicago professor, as “an agent of the Israeli government with a stranglehold on the United States Congress with its power and influence.” Trump was a featured speaker at the March 2016 AIPAC annual meeting.

The ties between Ledeen and Trump NSC director are clearly not casual.    It was titled “Universal Fascism,” and dealt with the applicability of Italian fascism of Mussolini to a global model,               a fascist one world order if you will.


Ambassador’s tweet accidentally reveals that Trump is violating the Constitution  

This is why the emoluments clause is important.     the Constitution’s chief protection against foreign bribes has become one of the primary controversies of his presidency — and on Thursday, a Georgian ambassador inadvertently showed why. https://thinkprogress.org/georgian-ambassador-accidentally-illustrates-trumps-conflicts-of-interest-6a110be0d921


Trump’s far-right base isn’t happy about the Syria strikes    Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Ford Williams / U.S. Navy via AP

The far right broke out on social media to express distaste for Trump’s decision to launch airstrikes in Syria

Here’s what they’re saying:     Read their angry tweets

Media THRILLED that Trump is destroying his presidency.
— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) April 7, 2017

Missiles flying. Rubio’s happy. McCain ecstatic. Hillary’s on board. A complete policy change in 48 hrs.
— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle)

April 7, 2017

I 100% don’t support this.
— Baked Alaska™ (@bakedalaska) April 7, 2017

I guess Trump wasn’t “Putin’s puppet” after all, he was just another deep state/Neo-Con puppet.


Swedish Doctors for Human Rights: White Helmets video, macabre manipulation of dead children and staged chemical weapons attack to justify a ”No-fly Zone“ in Syria ”.


Wie is die Nikki Haley dan wel? Knuffel allochtoon. born Nimrata Randhawa.  Op het schild gehesen door (Likudnik) Sarah Palin, en geprogrammeerd door de globalisten voor de gewenste subversieve activiteiten, c.q. het omvormen van kapitalisme in communisme; soort van de Amerikaanse Jessie Clover, het boegbeeld van nep-GroenLinks:

List of 2011 Young Global Leaders Honourees      As of 20 April 2011           USA    Nikki R. Haley Governor of South Carolina

any information related to the list of participants and participant contact information as strictly confidential and to use it solely to facilitate personal communication among participants of World Economic Forum activities. http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_YGL_Honourees_2011.pdf


We are compelled to take own action’ if UN fails in Syria – US envoy  The US has hinted it may take its own action in Syria unless the UN Security Council takes action to prevent the use of chemical weapons in Syria. https://youtu.be/LgoM5LDKXSA ‘No role for Assad’:Tillerson’s U-turn on Syria regime change – RT http://www.keerzijde.org/2017/04/we-are-compelled-to-take-own-action-if.html

Trump just crossed the Red Line, multiple times: Journalistieke ernst opnieuw ver zoek in kwestie gifgasaanval Syrië  Ludo de Brabander – Opnieuw is er een gifgasaanval net wanneer het westen zeer ontevreden is dat de kaarten voor Syrisch president Assad goed liggen.  Opnieuw verbaast de inschikkelijk meelopende en kritiekloze eenstemmigheid van kwaliteitskranten De Morgen en De Standaard.                      Zonder enig bewijs of onderzoek is de dader ‘bekend’.          Neen, zegt Ludo De Brabander: “We beschikken helemaal niet over feiten die duidelijk maken wie de verantwoordelijken zijn”.

Oorlog is propaganda
De Morgen kopt op 5 april 2017 ‘Assad gebruikt gifgas, het Westen kijkt toe’.        De Belgische media gaan nog maar eens in voorbarige overdrive met een dubbele vooringenomen suggestie in één titel: … Lees meer . http://www.keerzijde.org/2017 /

Arts die gifgasaanval in Syrië vastlegde eerder beschuldigd van terrorisme en ontvoering Jeroen Oerlemans


Donald Trump Is An International Law Breaker

  1. The United States was fully briefed on the fact that there was a target in Idlib and that the Russians believed it was a weapons/explosives depot for Islamic rebels.
  2. The Syrian Air Force hit the target with conventional weapons. All involved expected to see a massive secondary explosion. That did not happen. Instead, smoke, chemical smoke, began billowing from the site. It turns out that the Islamic rebels used that site to store chemicals, not sarin, that were deadly. The chemicals included organic phosphates and chlorine and they followed the wind and killed civilians.       There are members of the U.S. military who were aware that this strike would occur and it was recorded. There is a film record. At least the Defense Intelligence Agency knows that this was not a chemical weapon attack. In fact, Syrian military chemical weapons were destroyed with the help of Russia.

This is Gulf of Tonkin 2. How ironic. Donald Trump correctly castigated George W. Bush for launching an unprovoked, unjustified attack on Iraq in 2003.

. The Russians and Syrians were informed, or at least were aware, that the [cruise missile] attack was coming. They were able to remove a large number of their assets. The base the United States hit was something of a backwater. Donald Trump gets to pretend that he is a tough guy. He is not. He is a fool.


This attack was violation of international law. Donald Trump authorized an unjustified attack on a sovereign country.  Colonel W. Patrick Lang is a retired senior officer of U.S. Military Intelligence and U.S. Army Special Forces (The Green Berets).   http://www.globalresearch.ca/donald-trump-is-an-international-law-breaker/5584052?utm_campaign=magnet&utm_source=article_page&utm_medium=related_articles


Trump’s pledge to separate his business from the presidency lasted two days
With his kids running his company and transition team, there will be no wall between the Trump administration and Trump…    https://thinkprogress.org/trump-spokeswoman-says-americans-should-ignore-conflicts-of-interest-focus-on-trumps-sacrifice-b914533b77a1   


Turkey, a key NATO member and purported ally of the West in the fight against ISIS, has now become an open safe haven for jihadists: “ISIS has a large logistical support base in Gaziantep. For example, all of its uniforms are tailored in Gaziantep, maybe over 60,000 of them over the last two years.”

This is not entirely surprising, given that Gazientep was previously the main logistical support base for TH, and later al-Qaeda in Turkey.

“There are dome like buildings in Gazientep where jihadists are living — both ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra [a former al-Qaeda affiliate rebranded as Jabhat Fateh al-Sham],” said Ahmet Yayla. “These are huge apartments filled with jihadists.

US fighter jets provide air support to ISIS in Syria. The masks have now come off http://theduran.com/us-fighter-jets-provide-air-support-isis-syria-masks-now-come-off/  

Dit was duidelijk de grote schrik van de VS, en de nazi NAVO:

ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) is now so fragile that its so-called Caliphate could be wiped out in a matter of HOURS, a top terror expert said today.

By Nick Gutteridge, EXCLUSIVE PUBLISHED: 06:00, Mon, Oct 5, 2015 UPDATED: 08:10, Mon,Oct  http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/609680/Islamic-State-ISIS-Russian-bombing-terror-Syria-Caliphate-defeat


USA, Turkey and Israel Act As Air Force for ISIS

Posted on August 3, 2015 by WashingtonsBlog

no comment:

“De verschrikkingen van de Holocaust verplichten Israël om de door gas getroffen Syriërs te helpen, zegt president Rivlin van Israël” [Gemakshalve de ongemakkelijke waarheid zelf hardnekkig blijven verzwijgen]: https://christenenvoorisrael.nl/2017/04/president-rivlin-gifgasaanval-syrie-zwijgen/

David Criekemans, professor internationale politiek aan de Universiteit van Antwerpen, vreest dat vooral IS zal profiteren van de Amerikaanse aanvallen.           Dat was ook wat er gebeurde in Libië en Irak

Die groepen krijgen de de steun van het Turkije van Erdogan en van het fundamentalistische Saudi-Arabië.                                                                           Beide landen hebben – samen met Israël – de aanval van Trump al toegejuicht.         

[zie boven] http://solidair.org/artikels/syrie-gevaarlijke-escalatie-na-chemische-horror

Wereldwijd werd het script van de diarree van propaganda nog dezelfde dag uitgebraakt, alle Westerse volksmenners met hun bakkes voor de camera, en allemaal dezelfde retoriek, nepfeiten cq. leugens en U-bocht over Syrië – niet IS uitroeien (integendeel; sparen en realloceren naar de EU voor de noodzakelijke terreurdaden met o.a. racende vrachtauto’s in Europese steden, maar Assad – Putin erbij. Ook de huurterrorist in Stockholm bleek al goed bekend bij de nationale politie).

Dit alles bewijst dat al die volksmenners voorkennis hadden, en waarschijnlijk dus ook medeplichting aan deze oorlogsmisdaad – waarvan akte.


 following US aggression on Syria’s Shayrat airbase, ISIS and al-Nusra terrorists launched a major offensive on government forces.

Trump accomplished his objective. Endless conflict continues.                         America and its rogue allies want war, not resolution.                                 Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

 N.B.: 100 jaar geleden, tijdens de Eerste Wereldoorlog. De Amerikaanse president Wilson vraagt om oorlog tegen Duitsland, de nieuwe Russische regering erkent onafhankelijkheid Polen   http://deredactie.be/cm/vrtnieuws/14-18/1.2935935                              De Yanks doen het zo weer – alleen nu dan omgekeerd. Ter vernietiging van soevereine staten/democratie, welke in de VS al werd gekaapt met de moorden op de presidenten Mc. Kinley,Garfield, Lincoln, JFK.


Ook onze regering steunt deze oorlogsmisdaad volop, (feiten doen er niet toe):     “Het Nederlandse kabinet heeft begrip voor de raketaanval, laat demissionair minister van Buitenlandse Zaken Bert Koenders weten.” [hier]

Voorspelbaar domme reactie van Han ten Broeke (VVD-kereltje), oelewapper #1, papagaait klakkeloos na wat de propaganda inschiet bij de corrupte VVD:

VVD-kamerlid Han ten Broeke complimenteert Donald Trump met de aanval:Net als Trump, en het boegbeeld van de afsplitsing,  dom Tweeten; ze schamen zich nergens voor;


kijk hoe blijkt dat Han geen benul heeft van wat het oog niet ziet, en de media verzwijgen/censureren, wat voor vuil spel het oorlogsbedrijf werkelijk is, en speelt ten koste van onschuldige burgers en soldaten in Syrië; aldoende IS juist aan versterking en terreinwinst helpt, en voorkomt dat IS geheel wordt verslagen in Syrië:  Han ten Broeke‏ @HanTenBroeke 7 apr.

nb.: lariekoek!; een U-bocht van Trump mbt. Syrië, heel het M.O., en IS.       De VS lapt alle internationale regels, VN-verdrag, de Geneefse Conventie, alsmede het handvest van de NAVO aan z`n laars. Derhalve is hier sprake van een oorlogsmisdaad.                    Han ten Broeke derhalve zelf mee oorlogsmisdadiger

De stemming zal bij de oelewappers van de overige (nazi) Bilderberg partijen, hun afsplitsingen en nep oppositie,  niet anders zijn.

Gezien de feitenvrije stemmingmakerij per Tweet door Ten Broeke lijkt het onwaarschijnlijk dat hij dat allemaal zelf heeft bedacht. Wat blijkt? Idd., hij is een kontenkusser, zit in de politiek de `stille`  lobbyist uit te hangen:

Het politieke netwerk van het CIDI manifesteert zich met name in regeringspartij VVD.   bron: NRC van aug. 2015;  


100 jaar verder, niks ervan geleerd. (behalve; doen wat de autoriteiten opleggen, en zwijgen – in dezelfde val trappen.).


mvgr. Ben Jager