Dagelijkse archieven: 7 augustus 2017

Een alverzoener oordeelt niet zomaar over een ander. Door Cor van Ruitenbeek

Een alverzoener oordeelt niet zomaar over een ander. 

Het bovenstaande was een reactie op het volgende artikel:

Luchtbel van de Joyce Meyer’s en Joel Osteen’s 


Voor alle duidelijkheid ik ben geen alverzoener.


GOD is de alverzoener:

Hij maakt van vijanden vrienden. 


Kunnen de twee onderstaande teksten naast elkaar staan?

2 Corinthiërs 5: 16

16 Zo kennen wij dan van nu aan niemand naar het vlees. 

Indien wij al Christus naar het vlees gekend hebben, thans niet meer.


Nu de volgende tekst:

Efeziërs 5: 11 t/m 13

11 En neemt geen deel aan de onvruchtbare werken
der duisternis, maar ontmaskert ze veeleer,
12 want het is zelfs schandelijk om te noemen, wat
heimelijk door hen wordt verricht;
13 maar als dat alles door het licht ontmaskerd
wordt, komt het aan de dag; want al wat aan de dag komt is licht.


De bovenstaande 3 verzen hebben het over de onvruchtbare werken en niet over personen.


We kunnen Efeziërs 5: 11 t/m 13 aanhalen en nog de persoon in kwestie zien als niet meer dan een persoon in het vlees.


Maar als de leer is dat GOD het kwaad nodig heeft voor de zwarte achtergrond dan hoeven we het ook niet meer te ontmaskeren.

In de bovenstaande leer schuilt het volgende gevaar:

Veeg de onvruchtbare werken der duisternis maar onder het tapijt of kijk er maar van weg

We gaan naar een tekst waar het woordje ‘duisternis’ ook in voorkomt.

1 Johannes 1: 5

5 En dit is de verkondiging, die wij van Hem gehoord hebben en u verkondigen: God is licht en in Hem is in het geheel geen duisternis.


Het is onvoorstelbaar hoe sommigen beweren dat GOD het kwaad nodig heeft voor die zwarte achtergrond.


Er is één die het kwaad nodig heeft en dat is satan, die zich vervolgens voor doet als de engel des lichts.


Of ben ik nu satan aan het veroordelen? 


Ja, je weet het maar nooit met diegenen die het woord verdraaien.


Er schuilt nog een gevaar in en dat is als we wegkijken van ‘de onvruchtbare werken der duisternis’.


Er is geen bewogenheid, geen meevoelen, want het komt toch allemaal wel goed.


En dat het goed komt dat geloof ik voor de volle 100%. Maar dat ontslaat mij niet van de plicht dat ik de ‘onvruchtbare werken der duisternis’ NIET onder het tapijt veeg. 


Het beste komt nog is ook zo’n kreet. 

Ja, ook daar geloof ik in: dat het beste nog moet komen.


Maar dat houdt ook hier niet in dat we de onvruchtbare werken der duisternis zomaar onder het tapijt kunnen vegen.


Ik moet dan aan de volgende uitspraak denken:

We hebben het écht niet geweten‘.

‘Wir haben es nicht gewußt’.


Nou, geen probleem, dan weet u het nu!


Ik ontmasker de leer ‘dat GOD het kwaad nodig heeft’ voor die zwarte achtergrond.

Ik ontmasker de leer van hel en verdoemenis. 


Kom terug op de bovenstaande verderfelijke leer, breek met de bovenstaande leer!


HET IS VAN DE duivel, satan, die zich voor doet als de engel des lichts.


God is licht en in Hem is in het geheel geen duisternis.


2 Timotheüs 1: 10

10 doch die nu geopenbaard is door de verschijning van onze Heiland, Christus Jezus, die de dood van zijn kracht heeft beroofd en onvergankelijk leven aan het licht gebracht heeft door het evangelie.


Die de dood = duisternis van zijn kracht heeft beroofd en onvergankelijk leven = LICHT aan het licht gebracht heeft door het evangelie. ( HET GOEDE BERICHT )

Johannes 3: 19 t/m 21

19 Dit is het oordeel, dat het licht in de wereld gekomen is en de mensen de duisternis liever gehad hebben dan het licht, want hun werken waren boos.
20 Want een ieder, die kwaad bedrijft, haat het licht, en gaat niet tot het licht, opdat zijn werken niet aan de dag komen;
21 maar wie de waarheid doet, gaat tot het licht, opdat van zijn werken blijke dat zij in God verricht zijn.


Het is de mens die de duisternis ( satan ) liever heeft dan GOD DIE LICHT IS


Het onderstaande slaat op de twee genoemde namen waarmee ik begon.

1Timotheus 6: 10

10 Want de wortel van alle kwaad is de geldzucht. Door daarnaar te haken zijn sommigen van het geloof afgedwaald en hebben zich met vele smarten doorboord.


Zoals een lied ook zegt:

Wat de wereld ook biedt het is schijn.

wat de wereld biedt het is schijn, louter waan.


Ik wens u allen, geliefden en dierbaren, GODS rijke zegen, genade en liefde toe.



Putin – Billionaire & Gangster?

August 7, 2017

A French documentary film claims Putin is richest man in Europe.
Another name for the Illuminati
is the “Jewish Mafia.” 
“What we think of as geopolitics are really gang wars.
Putin’s enlightened foreign policy may really be resistance
to competing gangsters from the West invading his lucrative turf.”
by Henry Makow Ph.D. 
Many of us have conferred sainthood on Vladimir Putin for saving Syria from the clutches of the Zionist-CIA proxy ISIS and for espousing an enlightened foreign policy in the face of insane belligerence from the Zionist-controlled west.


(Putin with Jewish boyhood buddy and billionaire, Arkady Rotenburg) 
Thus, many of you will not be happy to hear about a 27-minute French documentary called “Putin’s Hidden Treasure” made by Nicolas Tonev which claims that Putin’s enlightened leadership is far from altruistic. Indeed, it makes a credible case that Putin may be the richest man in Europe — worth as much as $40 billion–thanks to kickbacks and embezzlement of state property. The documentary is available on Netflix.
The documentary traces Putin’s career back to St. Petersburg where, as the assistant to the Mayor, he engaged in the preferred Russia form of corruption- kickbacks on public works. He moved to Moscow and was a close associate of Jewish oligarch frontman Boris Yeltsin who resigned under a cloud of corruption and virtually ceded his position to Putin.
The documentary shows how Putin and his associates profited from the privatization of state-owned oil giant Rosneft which had revenue of $64 billion in 2016. They also profited from huge kickbacks on a tollroad from Moscow to St Petersburg and from the Sochi Olympics. It appears that Putin’s Jewish boyhood pal, Arkady Rotenburg (see pic) is his financial proxy.


The documentary reveals that Putin has built a Versailles-like mansion complex (left) worth a billion dollars on the Black Sea. It interviews activists who have sought to stop this pattern of corruption. Many have been beaten or murdered.
We may need to modify our image of the Illuminati and see it as a worldwide criminal network like the Mafia. It probably conflates with the Mafia. It engages in a vast range of criminal activities including human and organ trafficking, drug trafficking, as well as depraved rituals like pedophilia and child sacrifice. The point is that everyone in power is part of it including the Clintons, Trump and Putin. What we think of as politics are really gang wars. Putin’s enlightened foreign policy might in fact be resistance to the Western gangsters invading his lucrative turf.
They are all criminals, equally reprehensible. But they fight each other by focusing media attention on the other’s crimes and ignoring their own. Thus we have the Trump “Russian” investigations while the Clinton Foundation crimes which is far more egregious gets no attention.
Like Putin, we love Trump but he is probably a gangster too. When I posted an item about a possible Trump connection with sex trafficking in underage girls, I got a sour reception on Twitter. But given his connections to Miss Universe Contest, Trump Modelling and to Jeffrey Epstein, it is quite possible there is something to it. We may need to prepare ourself for return to the status quo under President Mike Pence.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 7.18.26 AM.png

Trump wasn’t always President. He was a  rich developer in the depraved sexual cesspool that is NYC. He may have dirty laundry which his enemies will use to remove him. We need to be prepared for that. If Trump wasn’t being blackmailed, why did he sign the sanctions bill against Russia which tied his hands?
It is just possible that the plan all along was to impeach Trump for his past sins and thereby discredit him, his “America First” program and his supporters. That would explain why an Obama loyalist like Robert Mueller would be appointed to investigate a “Russia connection.” It might explain why Soros widget H.R. McMaster was appointed National Security Adviser.  Why Jeff Sessions is suspected of being a mole. Why scary Freemason Mike Pence was chosen for VP. 
Trump used Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway to appeal to the average American. At the same time, Hillary Clinton was appealing to minorities and virtually ignoring the vast white working class majority. It was a brilliant stratagem but if the shit hits the fan, Trump needs to confess to past crimes, repent and say he will not let “them” use blackmail to stop him from making America great again. His supporters would forgive his past sins. They would have no choice.
As for Putin-lovers, we must consider that we have fallen for a carefully crafted false-narrative that portrays the Russian leader as defender of Christian values.
Note– Before writing to defend Putin, please watch the documentary. It’s free on Netflix if you sign up for a trial.

Sputnik: Hoe de rol in de wereld van het Chinese militaire apparaat verandert

Sputnik: How Global Role of Chinese Military Transforms

Soldiers of China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) get ready for the military parade to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the army at Zhurihe military training base in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China, July 30, 2017

On August 1, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), known as the world’s largest military force, celebrated its 90th anniversary. According to Russian military expert Vasily Kashin, the global role of the Chinese military has significantly increased in recent years.

China held a massive military parade Monday at the Zhurihe military base in Inner Mongolia dedicated to the anniversary, involving some 12,000 servicemen, 129 aircraft and 571 military vehicles.Speaking at the parade, Chinese President Xi Jinping said, “The Chinese military is able to defeat any aggressor and is determined to defend the national sovereignty, security and the interests of the country.”

At the same time, the Chinese leader added that the PLA’s main responsibility is to ensure that people can live in peace.

In recent years, Beijing has been actively engaged in military diplomacy efforts, including taking part in peacekeeping operations and humanitarian missions abroad.

Sputnik China sat down with Vasily Kashin, a military expert and senior research fellow at the Institute for Far Eastern Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, to discuss the new global roles of the Chinese armed forces.The expert pointed out that of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, China contributes the largest number of military and civilian personnel to peacekeeping operations.

“China has its largest peacekeeping presence in Afghanistan, usually involving over 2,000 personnel. Such efforts give the Chinese military the experience of operating in foreign regions and in complicated situations. Thousands of Chinese personnel have been through this,” Kashin said.

Moreover, according to him, peacekeeping missions contribute to strengthening China’s influence in different parts of the world, especially in Africa.

“In political terms, such activities are very reasonable,” Kashin noted.

The PLA’s Navy has been involved in rescue operations. In addition, Chinese naval ships regularly visit some of the poorest developing countries, bringing medical aid to their people. The Chinese military has also taken part in dealing with the consequences of floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

“All of the above really contributes to building a positive image of the Chinese armed forces in foreign regions. One of the most memorable examples is Chinese efforts in rescue operations in Haiti which involved the People’s Armed Police Force. Those efforts received global acclaim,” Kashin concluded.

The PLA was founded on August 1, 1927, during the Nanchang uprising against the then-ruling Kuomintang. The subsequent civil war resulted in the founding of the People’s Republic of China in mainland China on October 1, 1949.In recent years, the Chinese military has been undergoing large-scale reforms aimed at improving its organizational structure and boosting its defense capabilities.

According to media reports, China’s military spending is constantly increasing and the country’s defense budget is the world’s second-largest after that of the United States, according to media reports.

Al-Saud draagt schuld van doden in Jemen door cholera en hersenvliesontsteking

Al-Saud guilty of cholera, meningitis death in Yemen

Al-Saud guilty of cholera, meningitis death in Yemen

A specialist at MSF presented an impressive testimony to what she saw as she watched the cholera news in Yemen, where the stressful work and the outbreaks at Abbass for measles, whooping cough and malaria were confirmed in her report: We treated war-wounded and cholera as our last concern.

“All factors leading to the spread of cholera are present in Yemen in general and in particular, where the health system and doctors are wasting their wages, resources are limited and the poor people have minimal water and food,” expert Ruth Kunde said in a special report.

“In the beginning, cholera was intermittent in Abes. We had a limited number of patients who all came from the same area. However, it was clear to us at MSF that we had to work quickly so we conducted exploratory campaigns and established networks in We donated medical equipment and trained medical staff in health centers and facilities in the area to ensure that at least moderate cases were treated in remote areas.

In May, however, the situation exploded. We are receiving 20 to 30 patients per day, and further away. We sounded alarm bells and felt the situation was getting out of hand. We have doubled our efforts and established a cholera treatment center in a neighboring school. In addition, the hospital currently has 100 beds and we have recruited 100 additional health workers.

The international expert added that Abes is not the only one to have cholera in it, but the area where the disease spread as quickly as possible. The disease has killed more than 1,600 patients and infected more than 269,000 people. At the end of June we received an average of 400 potential patients With cholera every day.

“I have a feeling that the situation would have been catastrophic if MSF had not worked in Abes if we had not returned to this needy area in Yemen a few months after the hospital was bombed and concluded that Nabil and Yemen needed much greater effort and much better coordination With the humanitarian community. Time is in the tens of thousands of people. In fact, cholera is a warning call that will continue to resonate even after the last patient is treated.

The Guardian newspaper published a report highlighting the seriousness of the health situation in Yemen in light of the spread of the cholera epidemic. Yemen’s targeting of civilians and infrastructure directly is one of the reasons behind the outbreak of the epidemic. The report said that in the past four months Yemen has seen a cholera epidemic in its wake in what the United Nations described as the worst in the world in Fiumia is discovered seven thousand cases The total number of injured at the end of April was 436,625, more than 1,900 of whom died.

The newspaper said that the epidemic is one of the manifestations of the humanitarian disaster in which Yemen lives. In fact, two-thirds of the population needs urgent intervention at a time when food production is declining significantly and a large number of children and pregnant women suffer from malnutrition.

Cholera is spread through water contaminated with human waste for infected people. It is usually possible to prevent and treat this disease easily, especially in light of the development of living conditions in our time and provide the means of hygiene and safe drinking water in addition to access to drugs and treatment easily, which led to the reduction of cases of cholera.

Many parties, such as the United Nations agencies and the prestigious media such as the BBC and the New York Times, as well as well-known medical journals such as the Lancet, have all confirmed that the aggression and war Yemen has been living in for two years created the conditions for a cholera epidemic And spread.

The newspaper said that these statements are realistic and include part of the truth, but these did not address the whole truth as to who bears responsibility. The guilty party has been overlooked more than others.

Saudi Arabia has been leading an Arab alliance since March 2015 to bring Hadi’s government back to power. The Riyadh-led coalition relies on air strikes, as well as imposing an air and sea blockade on Yemen as well as deploying troops on the ground. Britain and the United States have provided logistical support and military equipment to fight this aggression.

The newspaper said that the Saudi warplanes launched several raids without distinguishing between the military and civilian targets, which led to the occurrence of many of the civilian casualties and targeted the raids infrastructure

Such as hospitals, farms, schools, water supply systems, markets and the main port of Hodeidah. In addition, Saudi Arabia imposed an air and sea blockade on areas under the control of Ansarullah, causing severe shortages of essential items such as food, fuel and medicine.

The newspaper said that no aircraft was allowed to enter the medical supplies to Sanaa only four weeks after the outbreak of the epidemic on the other hand, the government stopped paying the salaries of employees working in areas under the control of Ansarullah. Some 30,000 health workers have been deprived of their salaries for nearly a year. Meanwhile, sanitation workers and water engineers have been on strike in Sanaa for months, leaving garbage dumps on the streets of the city as water is suspended.

The areas under the control of Ansarullah are the most affected by the cholera outbreak. In fact, 80% of these cases were recorded in the provinces controlled by Ansarullah, where 17 of every 1,000 people in Al Mana are infected.

Iran waarschuuwt voor de verspreiding van terrorisme in de Kaukasus

Iran Warns of Spread of Terrorism in Caucasus

[Editor’s note: As the conflict in Syria and Iraq enters it’s final phase, we must look for signs of new conflicts igniting in other regions as the War On Terror has not yet run it’s course – there are still political aims to fulfil and profits to be made, so the war will keep on going.

Afghanistan already appears to have descended back into open warfare, and other parts of the region have shown signs of unrest that may spread into conflict.

Clearly Iran has it’s eyes on the Caucasus as one of these potential hot spots, which is sensible as the region is a tinderbox and foreign powers including Israel, Turkey and the US have very strong influence over governments of Georgia and Azerbaijan and could easily ignite a conflict between the latter nation and it’s Armenian neighbour over the contested Nagorno-Karabakh area.

Armenia enjoys the strong and staunch support of Russia, not least because it provides an Orthodox Christian bulwark in a region dominated by Muslim peoples.

Therefore the potential for yet another regional conflict with the US and Russia supporting the opposite sides clearly exists in the Caucasus and Iran is right to be concerned. Ian]

Iran Warns of Spread of Terrorism in Caucasus

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani cautioned that extremist elements could expand their presence in the Caucasus and Central Asia after being flushed out of Iraq and Syria, calling for concerted action to stem terrorism in the region.

“After suffering a complete defeat in Iraq and Syria, terrorists are likely to try to permeate across the region. Thus, all of us should be wary of such a threat (in the region), as in the Caucasus and Central Asia,” President Rouhani said in a meeting with his Armenian counterpart Serzh Sargsyan in Tehran on Sunday.

It is necessary for all regional countries to coordinate efforts in the fight against terrorism, a challenge that threatens the security of the entire region, Rouhani added.

The Iranian president also reiterated that the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan has only “political solutions.”

The Armenian president, for his part, congratulated Rouhani on taking the office for the second term, voicing his country’s readiness to enhance economic relations with Iran.

Sargsyan called for efforts to raise the level of Tehran-Yerevan trade ties, pointing to the opportunities available for cooperation in the energy industry and transportation.

The Armenian president was among more than 130 foreign dignitaries attending President Rouhani’s inauguration in the Iranian parliament on Saturday.