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Israel wants the United States to attack Russia

Israeli officials continue to tell the West that they are not willing to abide by the moral and political at all.

…by Jonas E. Alexis


On September 5th, which is just a few days ago, The Jerusalem Post published an article entitled, “Why Israel needs to prepare America for the upcoming conflict in Syria,” in which it stated very specifically:

“For the next 10 days Israel will be simulating war conditions with Hezbollah, in its largest military exercise in over 20 years. Although the exercise is based upon a Lebanese battlefield, the Syrian frontier is equally problematic, with Hezbollah and Iran embedded within Syrian regime positions.

“After listening and speaking to some of Israel’s most trusted analysts on security and intelligence, visiting the Lebanese and Syrian borders, and speaking with active and reserve officers in the field, I am confident that Israel is deadly serious about challenging a permanent Iranian presence in Syria, Hezbollah aggression, and Iranian missile bases in Russian-protected areas.”[1]

The Jerusalem Post even suggested that the Syrian war is obviously in favor of Assad, and Israel is mad, sad, and wants to be bad again. Israeli officials in particular are trying to come up with a crazy excuse in order to incite another war. Listen very carefully to Gen. (ret.) Yossi Kuperwasser, former head of research in the IDF Military Intelligence division and director general of the Strategic Affairs Ministry:

“Iran almost assuredly wants to turn Syria into an Iranian military base… so that instead of threatening Israel from 1,300 kilometers away, the Iranian forces could sit on Israel’s doorstep. This would bring about a dramatic change in the nature of the threat Israel is facing.”[2]

Total nonsense. Iran has always acted in concert with Russia in the region, and if there is a military power in Syria that seeks to obliterate ISIS, which by the way is Israel’s most devoted ally, it is Russia. Kuperwasser’s statement doesn’t add up at all. But that’s just the beginning. Kuperwasser gets even crazier.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Kuperwasser “also believes that Iran may also be considering moving nuclear development into the unmonitored Syrian frontier to avoid IAEA detection of violations in Iran.”[3] The evidence for this nonsense?

Well, Kuperwasser presented none. It came out of his head, and he expects everyone to accept it. He also expect the United States to follow through his thinking, which may results into a bloody conflict with Russia and Iran. The Jerusalem Post continued to say:

“An Israeli tipping point may have been reached, forcing Israel to either be resigned to a permanent Iranian presence in Syria or significantly increase its operations in Syria, potentially escalating into a wider regional war.

“According to Yediot Aharonot, ‘Russia has reportedly stationed its advanced S-400 anti-missile defense system near an Iranian arms factory in Syria, which allegedly manufactures long-range guided missiles for Hezbollah.’

“When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu complained to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Pravda reported that Putin’s response to Netanyahu’s complaints was ‘Iran is Russia’s strategic ally in the Middle East.’

“So will Russia use its S-400 anti-aircraft system against an IAF attack on its Shi’ite allies? A successful Israeli attack would require Israel to knock out any S-400 system defending the target.

How would the Russians respond to the deaths of Russian soldiers manning the S-400? Can anyone predict how Trump and co. would respond to an Israeli attack killing Russian soldiers? A regional conflict now becomes a possibility.”[4]

Israel knows that it won’t survive if it wages a bloody war against Russia, therefore the regime in Tel Aviv is trying to con US officials to join them. This is one reason why they don’t want America to make peace with Russia. This is one reason why political prostitutes like Nikki Haley continues to say crazy things about Russia.


Israeli officials continue to tell the West that they are not willing to abide by the moral and political at all. Former head of the National Security Council Yaakov Amidror declared unapologetically:

“At the end of the day it is our responsibility, not the responsibility of the Americans, or the Russians, to guarantee ourselves, and we will take all the measures that are needed for that.”[5]

Well, what if Assad says the same thing? Would it be an unpardonable sin? What we are seeing again and again is that the Israeli position is existentially unlivable, but Israeli officials are hopelessly trying to force that position upon us all. Well, we have bad news for them: it ain’t gonna happen. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn put it quite succinctly:

“And therein we find, neglected by us, the simplest, the most accessible key to our liberation: a personal nonparticipation in lies! Even if all is covered by lies, even if all is under their rule, let us resist in the smallest way: Let their rule hold not through me!”[6]

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The Best Solution? — Ronald Bernard’s Bank of Joy

September 12, 2017

Ronald Bernard has not just
running the world, he is taking 
positive steps to reform banking. 
The Bank of Joy is a Dutch initiative to eventually issue an alternative currency and to run a bank that works without charging interest, 
and that does not loan out money unless they have it.
Description of The Bank of Joy 
“Who are we?  B of Joy is a sustainable, cooperative, fair-trade, savings and investment bank. The initiative is of, for and by the people. We ourselves are the change. B of Joy helps with the positive growth of both awareness and the economy, and puts the citizens and society first. Its goals are a just society and a healthy economy. Our starting point is abundance instead of shortages.
What do we stand for?
Unlike the current banks we do not, as a full reserve bank, lend out more money than we have received. Next to financial returns, B of Joy also gives Ecological, Emotional and Social (F.E.E.S) returns. We invest in local economies, in innovation and in small and medium enterprises.  The B of Joy doesn’t only stand for bank. It stands also for Awareness, Citizen and Movement.
As soon as the Movement is big enough, we will instigate referenda, so that citizens can determine policies themselves. For example: in Switzerland all citizens can vote on important issues. B of Joy doesn’t work with bonuses, interest and speculation. B of Joy guarantees sustainable development and a stable economy. We will turn money back into a means of transaction so that it will serve us again.
How will that work in practice?
With our new form of mortgage one will save in 30 years, on a house costing 230.000 euro, an average of 100.000 euro on interest. By eliminating interest we will become the first truly sustainable financial initiative in the Netherlands.
Through the Bail-free saving- and investment program we protect deposits amounting to 100.000 euro or more against the greedy hands of politicians, the EU and banks. The assets will serve society and will be inflation-proof, because we will compensate for inflationary effects on the euro.
B of Joy members will have access to a fixed value currency (URA), a members marketplace, business guide and collective purchasing power. This will promote connections, save on costs and improve turnover. Every member is part-owner, has a say in the cooperative through 1 vote and a right to share in the returns. How can you take part in the realization of this bank?
For 25 euro or more, you can become a supporter of the initiative and, if you want, a member for the first year free of charge. For 100 euro you are a part-owner of the bank and you will receive a member certificate that in the future can give yield. By taking part, you help create a just society based on abundance. For ourselves, for our children and the future of our world. Will you join us?”
———— Bank of Joy Promo
Reaction from Dick Eastman:
The Bank of Joy is affiliated with Ronald Bernard who has exposed the institutionalized anti-morality of the international financial elite.  They formed a clean bank, an honest bank, a bank of virtue and call it the Bank of Joy.   I like it because it lends only money that people with savings have entrusted to it for lending — instead of making loans on the basis of a mere fraction of cash on deposit.   They are right on this.  Banks should only lend what savers give them to lend.
But the Bank of Joy lends without charging interest.  This is not a good solution for a national banking system.  Paying people for the use of their money and that loan having a price is necessary for allocating scarce savings among the many seeking loans for endless uses.  The interest rate is the price of the scare loanable funds in a system where only real money savings are lent out.  Interest rates in such a loanable funds market would be determined by supply and demand and competition among banks for the savers’ money and for the entrepreneurs borrowing business.  Prices regulate.
The whole issue of whether to save money or spend it depends on the money (interest) a saver can earn lending it out through the intermediary of a bank.  Also the issue of whether an undertaking is worthwhile should be determined by the prospects of the venture in terms of supply and market demand and risk as measured against the cost of borrowing.   There should be a return to people who, instead of spending their money, save it so that others may borrow it.  Remember, we are talking about a different system than the one we have now.  I SAY THAT CHARGING INTEREST IN FREE COMPETITION FOR LOANABLE FUNDS IS A GOOD THING as long as the central bank or collusion among banks is not fixing interest rates to exploit the lender. …
Finally, it is great that the Bank of Joy is practicing lending only the savers’ savings to the borrowers.  That is good practice for the future populist system if and when it comes. All banks will be like that in a populist republic.  HOWEVER, IT IS WRONG TO HAVE ALTERNATIVE AND COMPETING CURRENCIES.  That always ends in chaos and it increases costs and risks to all of our economic transacting in the real economy.  When we have to shop around for the best kind of currency to use — that wastes time — and worse than that, it invites speculation among alternative currencies.  A NATION IS A NATION IN PART BECAUSE IT SHARES ONE AND ONLY ONE CURRENCY — THIS IS THE POWER OF THE STATE AND THE IDENTITY OF THE NATION AS A NATION. …
I’ve put out a few dozen or more articles  about banking in the past two weeks — but no one wants to discuss them.  I wish I could talk with Ronald Bernard and the Bank of Joy people about what they are doing — but, even if I could break the language barrier, I doubt they would listen to a suggestion when they have gotten so far with their own design for their Bank of Joy.
The Bank of Joy is a good credit union for members, for the stream of new families that keeps looking to buy a home.  But it does not work so well for financing businesses, for determining which entrepreneur should get a loan and which should not.  A system of competition and competing interest rates — kept low by REAL COMPETITION AMONG LENDERS — is, in my opinion, the answer.  Maybe you think otherwise.  Wouldn’t it be great if people actually discussed this question, giving thought to the kind of banking system that would be best for all of us?
Monetary reformer Anthony Migchels comments –
Bernard’s Bank of Joy is interest-free, but he has not shown how he is going to attract capital, which in his scheme is necessary, and which will not be easy without giving depositors some sort of return. I think he’s actually intending some sort of Islamic Banking, which is based on ‘shared risk’ and ‘return on investment’, which sounds better than usury, but ultimately costs about the same.
About Dick’s take: I’ve had endless discussions with him about this stuff.
Dick is wise on the deflationary impacts of Usury: the very rich take in the Usury, much more than they can spend back into circulation. This has major deflationary results, and the real economy has to take on more debt, to replace the liquidity lost to the Plutocrats. His proposals solve this problem.
However, he refuses to admit that Usury will always favor the very rich, because they have money to lend and will continue to suck up this unearned income.
There simply is no need for Usury. There ARE ways of attracting capital interest-free, and what is even more important: we can use the power of money creation to provide loans without interest, it’s as simple as that: just do what the banks do, at cost price, instead of constant reallocation of wealth to the very richest people.
Having said that, I sure agree with Dick’s conclusion: it would indeed be nice if we had a good discussion about this, beyond this minute circle of initiates that obsesses with this stuff.
It is, after all, only the most pressing issue there is. But the cognitive dissonance remains in the Alternative Media: everybody is lambasting the bankers, nobody is talking about monetary reform.

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