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Een groter gevaar voor Europa dan Noord Korea = Iran!

Iranian general warns that missiles could strike Europe

November 30, 2017

Iranian general warns that missiles could strike Europesaeediex / Shutterstock.com

Just after North Korea’s successful intercontinental ballistic missile test demonstrated the communist nation’s ability to strike anywhere in the U.S., the Islamic Republic of Iran wants the world to know that its own military limitations are purely self-imposed.

According to the senior deputy of Iran’s hardline Revolutionary Guards, Europe is only safe from the range of Iran’s ballistic missiles because their Supreme Leader does not regard these countries as a threat — for now. Brigadier Gen. Hossein Salami cautioned that Iran’s self-containment could change on a whim, inviting the West to test Iran’s resolve.

“So far we have felt that Europe is not a threat, so we did not increase the range of our missiles,” Salami said. “But if Europe wants to turn into a threat, we will increase the range of our missiles.”

Cautionary tale

The general’s provocative rhetoric came in response to French calls for an “uncompromising” dialogue with the Islamic Republic in regards to its expanding ballistic missile program. Paris has suggested separate negotiations outside of the widely criticized 2015 nuclear agreement between world powers and Iran, as well as renewed sanctions against Tehran for violating the spirit of the nuclear pact.

French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Agnes Romatet-Espagne told reporters:

France is concerned about the continued pace of the Iranian missile program, which does not conform with [U.N.] Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 2231 and which is a source of destabilization and insecurity for the region.

UNSCR 2231 is the foundation upon which the nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), rests. Before Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia, and the United States would sign off on the JCPOA, they demanded that Iran abstain from developing weapons with the potential to deliver nuclear material.

The European Union (EU), unwilling to scrap their hard-won nuclear deal with Tehran, disagrees with France’s response, and EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini has dismissed calls for additional sanctions to induce compliance from Iran.

Iran insists that its missile development is for defensive purposes, despite insinuating that the Islamic Republic could engineer ballistic missiles with a range exceeding 2,000 kilometers. Salami warned, “If we have kept the range of our missiles to 2000 kilometers, it’s not due to lack of technology – we are following a strategic doctrine.”

Regional superpower

Discussing the strategic potential of Iran’s missile program, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari boasted of his country’s ability to strike at U.S. assets in the Middle East. Jafari contends that the 2,000-kilometer range can target “most of American interest and forces” in the region.

Jafari also made it clear that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the head of Iran’s armed forces, makes all decisions regarding the country’s weapons development. The Shiite-majority nation already possesses precision-guided missiles with the potential to strike at Israel.

This is disconcerting because the Ayatollah has called the Israel a “barbaric” Jewish state that “has no cure but to be annihilated.” He even announced a nine-point plan to assure Israel’s destruction in the future.

Besides hating their Jewish neighbors, Iran has its fingers in several proxy wars which have bedeviled U.S. and European interests in the region. Tehran has armed Houthi rebels fighting in Yemen, supplied and trained Shiite militias operating in Iraq and Syria and the Islamic Republic remains the sponsor of Lebanon’s most dangerous terrorist organization — Hezbollah.

Yet, Iran’s ambitions in the region coupled with their complete disregard for the JCPOA has not convinced many European nations that the threat is worthy of action. At least U.S. President Donald Trump took the unilateral action of decertifying Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal.

The rest of Western civilization, however, is pursuing a policy of appeasement, coaxed into acquiescence by their undying commitment to avoiding confrontation.

We hebben de afgelopen maanden al veel data voorbij zien komen van mensen die reikhalzend uitkeken en nog uitkijken naar de wegrukking.

Dit onderstaand artikel, weggeplukt van Face Book moet o.i. toch wel menigeen opnieuw, hoop, kracht en moed geven. In ieder geval is het stof om over na te denken. En het is, o.i. Bijbels onderbouwd.



We’ve seen so many dates come and go.Now Hannukkah seems to be the next trend (and I’ve seen some good work on it, admitted!) and I’m sure the Feast for the Trees and Purim will be next. Then the spring feasts again, and so on. But everytime I notice I get less certain about the Jewish feast days. Except one.


Yes, I know.. We’ve had a bit of a row with the hard core of pentecostal rapture believers (Gary Stearman of Prophecy watchers has written a lot about this and of course Chuck Missler has said that this could be a good candidate for the rapture. But I didn’t find their reasoning very conclusive. Because in my mind, the next feast to be fulfilled would be Yom Teruah. But then I stumbled upon a Bible study of Chuck about Acts 2. He wasn’t really talking about the rapture, but hinted at something about pentecost being a pregancy. And suddenly a spark ignited in my head. That’s it!

We think, since Scottie Clarke has done so much for the September 23 sign, that Pentecost was the conception and thus a one time event. And the birth would be the next event. Well, me might have to reconsider all of this, since September 23rd and 30th have passed and we’re still here. Because..

Who says Pentecost is _fully_ fullfilled yet?

A pregnancy is only a pregnancy if it has all these elements: 1. A conception, 2. Growth, and 3. Birth. But still, it is ONE pregancy :)

And so is Pentecost ONE feast. Any good Biblical learned christian knows that the church is actually an intermezzo. A whole new dispensation that is inbetween the rejection of Israel and their final recognition of the Messiah. It’s as if the pause-button has been pressed for 2000 years (40 jubilees, just like the first generation of Jews in the wilderness didn’t believe and had to wait 40 years, so their children would enter). But there’s another reason I think Pentecost can be the only explanation for the rapture.

It’s the only feast that is meant for the gentiles! 😀

All other feasts are for the Jews. They needed to get the leaven (a symbol that represents something gentile or sin – very strange for a Jew!) out of their house on these feasts. Except one feast.

They were actually _instructed_ to make _leavened_ bread! (Leviticus 23:17) This would be very suspicious for a Jew. Therefore it wasn’t so strange that after the conception of the church, finally gentiles could become fellow heirs! (Ephesians 3:6) That was a mystery to Paul before he got this from the Lord.

If you really want to get into this, I invite you to dive into the work Gary Stearman, Jack Langford or Chuck Missler concerning this subject. You can discover very interesting things like the fact that Enoch was a type of the rapture and he was a gentile, but lesser known is that he was raptured on his birthday, which was pentecost. And that’s only one of the many hints I have found to a pentecostal rapture.

But I’ve been digging too, because I wanted to know why next pentecost would be perhaps the best candidate. Well, for starters, it’s technically still the 5778th year for the Jews, the same year as September 23rd 2017. November 1947 was also the same year as May 14th 1948. And so everything in our timelines is still valid till September 11th 2018 (interesting day, not?) We’re still 70 years from Israel being a state (a generation away from the blossoming of the fig tree).

So, Pentecost (Shavuot!!!) 2018 is on the 19th of May that year (mind the difference of the Jewish Shavuot – the REAL Pentecost! – and your gentile agenda). If we count 1290 days from that date onward, we come to Hannukkah 2021! If we read in Daniel 12:11, we can also translate the original words ‘daily’ into ‘continual’ and leave the word ‘sacrifice’ out (because it’s in italics, it wasn’t there originally). A continual thing that is taken away in the end times.. What could that be? Hmm.. A rapture of the gentiles (continually filled with the Holy Spirit)!

So, in essence 1290 days from the rapture.. What’s next? An abomination (or idol, in an alternative translation) that makes desolate (or causes horror). Well, we know that there will be a horrific idol sitting in the temple claiming that he is god (2 Thess. 2).. This is a perfect copycat of Hannukkah, which was the original dedication of the temple. While this antichrist sitting in the temple is more like a defiling of the temple, and not a dedication. I’m still struggling with the 1335 days though, but I’m sure together we can find out. No scripture is for private interpretation.

Then what about the last trump? Well, we know that there is a trump at Pentecost and the trump that sounds in 1 Thess. 4/1 Cor. 15 is the trump of God. I think this could make good sense. I’ll be ready this entire month, with Hanukkah, Purim or you name it. But I have a very big suspicion that the 19th of May 2018 may be our best guess for the rapture to happen :) God bless!


Researchers claim coming super moon could increase risk of major earthquakes or tsunamis

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Researchers claim coming super moon could increase risk of major earthquakes or tsunamis

Researchers claim coming super moon could increase risk of major earthquakes or tsunamis

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Researchers claim the increased gravitational force from the Moon, as it gets closer to Earth, could cause fault lines to trigger catastrophic earthquakes on land or in the ocean.  A supermoon happens when a new or full moon is at or near its closest approach to Earth in any given orbit, making it appear up to 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than normal. The next supermoon will rise in the night sky in the dark afternoon hours of Sunday, December 3. Astrologer Richard Nolle gave the phenomenon, that

happens around four times a year, its name in 1979. And some researchers claim to have unearthed evidence of major quakes happening at or around the time of a supermoon event. In a video about the link between supermoons and earthquakes released last year the Bright Insight channel said: “We are finally just seeing that scientists are acknowledging that there is a positive correlation between supermoons and the effect that it has on Earth tides and tectonic plates. “When we look at the last four supermoons, READ MORE