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UP IN SMOKE: California Hails New Era As First Legal Sales Of Recreational Marijuana Ring In The New Year

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Klik:>UP IN SMOKE: California Hails New Era As First Legal Sales Of Recreational Marijuana Ring In The New Year

by Geoffrey Grider

Before sunrise on New Year’s Day, cashiers welcomed the first legal sales of recreational marijuana in California, launching a new industry expected to bring in billions of dollars while accepting new regulations and taxes.

“Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ;” 1 Peter 1:13 (KJV)

EDITOR’S NOTE: I have no problem with making marijuana legal, to me it’s the smoke equivalent of alcohol. If you make one legal, then it is only fair to make the other legal as well. But the problem that comes in is sobriety. Remember those grainy, old videos of people celebrating the repeal of Prohibition way back in 1933? They were ecstatic to get legal alcohol back again. Then American and the world watched as legal alcohol created legions of alcoholics that grew with each passing decade. Legal pot? If that’s your thing, enjoy it. But the Bible calls us to be sober in these last days, not drunk or high. And you can’t smoke pot and stay sober. 

The day has been long anticipated by cannabis advocates who pushed for voters to pass Proposition 64 in November 2016, largely decriminalizing marijuana and allowing — starting Monday — for the commercial sale of products to adults 21 or older.

In Berkeley, Mayor Jesse Arreguin and Democratic state Sen. Nancy Skinner joined a couple dozen people outside the Berkeley Patients Group for the first sales.

“I’m stoked about this historic moment not just for Berkeley but for the state of California.” Arreguin said. “This is a long time coming.”

The first sale happened at 6 a.m. Chris Conrad and Mikki Norris, longtime marijuana advocates, bought three joints as the crowd cheered “Happy New Year!”  They spent $45.37 on the three joints, weed named after Jack Herer, their friend and now decreased advocate for legalized marijuana.

Some people stayed up all night to get a spot in line. Others went to bed early to get there before 6 a.m.

Anthony Moraga, 28, drove from Merced on Sunday so he could be in line at 4 a.m. — the first customer in line at Berkeley Patients Group. But he was the second to make a purchase. The store had selected longtime activists Conrad and Norris to be first.

He spent $120 on marijuana flowers or buds, and with a $32 tax added on the total came to $152 dollars.

“It’s historic,” he said “it’s the first time we can come out in the public … Paying taxes on our legal purchase.”

Moraga said he felt like it was a huge weight off his shoulders to be a legal recreational buyer. He said it’s time to demonstrate responsible healthy use, “rather than the party crowd we have been demonized as.”

The handful of shops making recreational sales on Monday acquired both local and state licenses. They included Harborside, Purple Heart and Blum in Oakland; Berkeley Patients Group and Cannabis Buyers Club of Berkeley; 7 Stars Holistic Healing Center in Richmond; Mercy Wellness in Cotati; and SPARC and Solful in Sebastopol.

Former federal attorney Henry Wykowski bought one gram of the Neville’s Purple strain from Harborside in Oakland for $20.01 after Harborside founder and longtime cannabis activist Stephen DeAngelo proclaimed, “We’ve been waiting a long time for this.”

The dispensary staff cheered as hundreds stood in line outside the club, waiting to shop and celebrate.

Additional locations are expected to offer recreational marijuana in coming days and weeks, including outlets in San Francisco. But many cities are expected to bar the sales altogether.

At some shops, the coming-out party was expected to feature live music, coffee and doughnuts, prizes for those first in line and speeches from supportive local politicians — a far cry from the days when the cannabis trade operated in the shadows.

Marijuana remains illegal by federal standards. But several states, including Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, and now California, have legalized both medicinal and recreational use.

As of November 2016, California law allows adults 21 or older to possess and transport up to one ounce of cannabis flower, as well as up to eight grams of extract or infused foods. Smoking in public is still prohibited.

Medical marijuana will continue to be available through existing dispensaries to those with a valid I.D. and a doctor’s recommendation.

But as of Monday morning, all customers buying cannabis products will pay a 15 percent state excise tax, which is expected to eventually bring in $1 billion or more a year for marijuana research, addiction prevention and boosted law enforcement, among other things.

Recreational customers must pay sales tax as well, unlike those with a state-authorized medical identification card. In addition, cities can choose to impose local cannabis taxes.

In Oakland, taxes for most customers will increase from 14.25 percent to 34.25 percent, according to Harborside officials. Bulk buys are not allowed, with state law limiting daily purchases to one ounce of cannabis flower, eight grams of concentrated cannabis, and six immature plants per customer. source



Geoffrey Grider | January 1, 2018 at 2:56 pm | Tags: Proposition 64 | URL: https://wp.me/p1kFP6-dH5

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In 2017, Every Hollywood Movie That Promoted The Phony Science Of Man-Made Climate Changed Bombed

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Klik:>In 2017, Every Hollywood Movie That Promoted The Phony Science Of Man-Made Climate Changed Bombed

by Geoffrey Grider

Climate change got its close-up in 2017. A gaggle of films either name-checked Al Gore’s biggest fear or built their narratives around it.

“But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?” 2 Peter 3:10-12 (KJV)

EDITOR’S NOTE: You can mark down that 2017 was the year that the American buying public got woke and enmasse rejected the Hollywood narrative of man-made-climate change. Every, single movie and documentary released was roundly rejected at the box office. And won’t the Liberals be so upset when God goes ahead and sets the whole thing on fire anyway? 0f course, when that happens at the Great White Throne Judgment, I don’t think that climate change will rank very high on their list of concerns. But the Lake of Fire sure will. 

The timing, in theory, couldn’t be better for Hollywood bean counters: Three major hurricanes. Massive fires in the West. Record-setting chills. Media reports routinely connected the disasters with a warming planet.

Yet audiences stayed away from films influenced by eco-concerns. Far, far away.

Think “Blade Runner 2049,” “Geostorm,” “Downsizing,” “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” and “mother!” They all flopped, some in spectacular fashion.

Mr. Gore’s sequel to his documentary smash “An Inconvenient Truth” paid the most attention to climate change, of course. The 2006 original scored with audiences and Oscar voters, earning best documentary honors. The sequel snared a fraction of the first film’s tally: $3 million versus $24 million. That’s despite massive media attention, mostly fawning reviews and promotion from eco-conscious stars such as Paul McCartney, Bono and Pharrell Williams.

Documentaries rarely make serious coin at the box office, but the drop was massive. source



Geoffrey Grider | January 1, 2018 at 1:21 pm | Tags: An Inconvenient Truth, Geostrorm | Categories: The Big Story | URL: https://wp.me/p1kFP6-dGY

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2018: A New Chapter Begins

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2018: A New Chapter Begins

Happy New Year to all of our wonderful readers.  I have been admittedly quiet the last few weeks, but for good reason: I have welcomed a new child into the world and she has decided to keep me up at night – every night!

We will continue to follow the headlines and present new research in 2018 and there is a lot of ground to cover.  What if 2017 was the last complete Gregorian year before Tribulation events begin to unfold?  All of the incredible numbers, patterns, and signs in 2017 were heralding events that may soon be fulfilled.  The heavenly signs around Jesus’ first coming didn’t happen all at once and what they heralded took time to occur.  There was an announcement, conception, pregnancy, birth, journey of magi, and presentation of the Child in the Temple.  The whole course of events took at least a year and, at least to me, the heavenly signs in 2017 still seem utterly convincing and undeniable.

One of the biggest dates on the near horizon is the actual 70th anniversary of the nation of Israel, which is only mere months away.  Considering the transition from 2017 to 2018, it occurs to me that ‘7’ is the number of spiritual perfection and completion, but ‘8’ is the number of resurrection and new beginnings.  Let’s not forget that all of the incredible “coincidences”last year were God-orchestrated and were reminders that the present age’s clock is ticking.  We will still be in the biblical year that witnessed the Revelation 12 Sign until March or April 2018 and on the Jewish civil calendar (and possibly Jubilee calendar) we are in the same year until next Fall.

At the same time, radical change is unfolding in the Middle East, culminating with Fatah and Hamas reconciliationthe collapse of the ISIS caliphate, the world’s vote to divide JerusalemTrump’s Jerusalem decision in response, the Saudi Arabian regime changerevolution in Iran, and dominoes now starting to fall: after Trump’s embassy announcement Guatemala quickly followed suit and rumor is building that some 10 other nations, including Honduras, are considering making the same move.  This may very well be the build up towards Israeli sovereignty over the Temple Mount in 2018 and what shortly follows next – the Third Temple.


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Repost: Major Russian TV Film, ‘SODOM’, Blasts LGBT

Stephen Engel — Russia Insider Dec 8, 2016

This blockbuster, 1 hour documentary originally aired on Russian prime-time TV in May of 2015, causing a sensation in Russia at the time.

It has never appeared anywhere in English, until now, subtitled or dubbed. This translation is dubbed. It is available exclusively on the Russia Insider Youtube channel.

It had a substantial 6 figure budget, allowing Russian journalists to travel widely – to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Italy, Australia, Germany, and elsewhere, to do ground-breaking, original investigation into the LGBT movement.

Continues …